Shrine in Japan offers solace to those at home


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These prayers are in Sanskrit. How can they provide solace when 99.9% of people haven't a clue what's being said?

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If the thought that something bigger than themselves is on their side, then what's the issue? I mean at least they aren't spouting hate like some of the christian institutions do. If mental health services were widely available in Japan, then maybe they wouldn't turn to religion, but they do. No one gets hurt, some find solace.

The fact that it's in sanskrit means nothing. I have an electric blanket that provides comfort and solace, but I don't have a clue as to how to manufacture an electric blanket, same thing with my microwave oven. Could probably find hundreds of other examples in my daily life. Just because I don't understand them all does not prevent me from finding comfort and/or solace in those things.

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This strategy has been used by churches in North America for decades. Services are broadcast to those who are shut in but find comfort in attending virtually. People find comfort in what they are used to. They didn't have to understand Latin to find solace in Mass.

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Venerates the sun goddess ?! Pure idolatry. There is no sun goddess. The countries 1% of Christians know this.

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Well considering that people are basically at home due to the stay at home orders, I can’t really blame the shrine for doing its prayers virtually. And as some have already said, at least I’m not spewing hate like some religions do, not just Christians that is. And at least they don’t have a hatred for technology like some sects of some religions are, and I think we all know what I mean by that.

and wants to stay at home orders are lifted, people will have an all new appreciation for going out, especially for rituals and prayers like the ones at this Shinto shrine.

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Each to their own. Not religious at all but I do derive some comfort in moments of contemplation in various shrines, temples, mosques, cathedrals, synagogues and other places of worship. And some of the buildings are magnificent, either in their splendid decor or simple modesty.

Venerates the sun goddess ?! Pure idolatry. There is no sun goddess. The countries 1% of Christians know this.

The idea of the sun being a deity is perhaps one of the oldest belief systems known to man. The sun gave life and warmth to ancient man, and was venerated for doing so.

As an atheist, I can still respect other religions, even if I don't believe in them or some of their followers. I'm sure most here would have their comments removed if they said "there is no (insert deity here)".

At times like these, I can kind of understand why people seek solace in religion.

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