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Snowstorm kills roadside rescuer in Hokkaido


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I really feel sorry for this loss. Rescuers are true heroes anywhere in the world

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Should have carry mobile phone. At least can give a call when in trouble.

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One of the most confusingly written articles I've ever read on JT. Rescuer needing to be rescued?

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The fault with this lies with the reporter who was stupid and thoughtless enough to go out in these conditions to hunt deer. The poor man's family should be assisted to mount a law suit for compensation.

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Agreed very confusing.

The 27-year-old NHK reporter was off duty on Thursday when he entered the snow-covered forest road to hunt deer.----Wait a second here. I will go off and search this on my own. But you can hunt deer in Hokkaido?

I am sorry a man had to lose his life. Growing up New England I can understand the dangers of blizzard conditions.

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I had a problem in a typhoon and as a JAF member called them. They arrived and said it was too dangerous to rescue us. They left. Luckily my partner is japanese and found a rescue truck. I love the guy. The landslide had our car hanging halfway over a cliff. He tied cables to his truck and dragged our car over the cliff with me inside and him inside his truck. It was very possible my car would pull his truck down the cliff killing both of us.

I am happy to hear that JAF tried to help. I will only use them for flat batteries etc, but this story about a hero who lost his life trying to help someone killing animals has changed my opinion of them.

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