Street poet uses words to cure ills of abusive religious upbringing

By Tomoka Ishihara

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Good for you! Write it all down, its all that matters!

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The Japanese public should also be reminded that the Japanese state is aware of these groups and their methods yet they seem to be largely uncontrolled….

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I am glad to read about this gentleman and wish him all the best, NOTHING is worse than a child being forced to adhere to a faith or lifestyle of the choose of his or her parents, it is a recipe for FAILURE.

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she said he was "possessed by demons" and "a devil child."

Ha! Being raised and forced into the Catholic religion, I can relate to this guy. They even threw holy water on me once as an adult :D

Even now (two weeks ago), trying to have a normal conversation with them, without having them trying to explain to me that the reason I found a job (or anything in life) was because virgin Mary came down from heaven to put her hand on me.

Heck. Even this one time when I was in the middle of a breakdown, a bit after my friends got massacred at my workplace, they tried explaining the reason I was able to calm down was coz holy mother tucker virgin Mary came down from the heavens and put her mantle over me. Without even trying to ask me what was in my mind.

And don't even get me started with the other part of my family, who are deep into La Virgin Del Pozo and their founder Juan Collado. Those are real (nutty) deal.

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You are doing a bad thing against God."

What's a god? Can it be measured? Is there any evidence for it? No? So what's the difference between no evidence, can't be tested or measured and nonexistent?

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So what's the difference between no evidence, can't be tested or measured and nonexistent?

The problem is, one cannot apply a statistical probability of exact zero to it. All probabilities are greater zero and lower than one. Another illustration or example, the well-known coin toss, when most people would say it’s outcome is 50% head and 50% tails in the long run with an ideal coin. Well it’s true for the very most cases, no doubt. Of course that’s on the other side also quite a bit wrong, both are lower than 50% , because many other things could happen to that coin leading to results of neither head or tail. While the best known exception is, that it lands somehow vertically on the outside, which would be a draw as a result, there are also many other thinkable scenarios. An astronaut could throw it into space, then the coin is still existent but the result not readable. Or a steel plant worker could throw it into the melting pot , then the coin is not even existing anymore and the toss has no result at all. And so on. Therefore you also cannot fully exclude the existence of a god, whatever low near to zero the evidence is.

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The poet  iidabii has a lot of company. Evangelical religions are exploitive and abusive. Child beating over religion should be classified as felony child abuse.

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Physically and emotionally abused as a child by christians speaking here. So I loved living in China where they don’t promote such behavior.

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I feel for children forced to endure a childhood of misery in cults such as the Moonies, Mormons, Jehovahs Witnesses and Church of Scientology - plus the cults endemic to Japan such as Aleph.

A strong state and police force are needed to monitor their suspect practices, and crack down hard on these cults.

These parents are abusive and selfish. Children should be removed from them at the first sign of trouble.

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