Strong quake jolts Tokyo, surrounding areas


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earthquakes and coronavirus are nature. The gods won’t help you. But still. Here’s to living, regardless.

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coronavirus are nature

Actually COVID-19 might not be natural so to speak.

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Be careful!

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Simian Lane

earthquakes and coronavirus are nature. The gods won’t help you. But still. Here’s to living, regardless.

First one yes. Second one, are you sure?

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It’s Japan. Everything shakes. - “Hold on tight tonight.” - To what exactly?: your iPhone, her hand, gold coins, a change of underwear? - Point: Be prepared.

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Big one around the corner… stay safe people!

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I totally agree with some off the above! Looks like a or some big ones are in the post! 70l bug out backpack checked water changed and ready just to be on the safe side. Dib dib dob!

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We've had a few big ones recently. Hopefully they're just stress release quakes and not a sign of something much bigger brewing. That said, I'm much more concerned about earthquakes than Covid-19. Nowadays, it feels like we're being conditioned to only worry about Covid and nothing else.

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Let's be aware that the last major earthquake in Kanto was 1923. They have an average of every 70 to 90 years.

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Four on the Shindo scale is a minor quake. When you start getting a bunch of sixes or higher, then yes, it might get interesting.

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Our house wobbled 2 or 3 times and after that, I went back to bed.

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Hopefully it's not a sign of things to come....

Stsy safe.

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If you have to worry every year because of the quakes, then you gonna have a very stressful life. Living is japan is slowly getting use to these things every year and just take life as it comes. We got floods, typhoons, quakes, heatwaves and freezing winters etc. If it comes, then it comes. Enjoy the days without needing to worry about things that might or might not happen. This is why we have evacuation centers, a crazy amount of vending machines for supplies and well trained first responders. Nobody should bother hoarding food and water because there is no need to.

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Just curious, are wood frame homes in Japan built on reinforced concrete slab foundations like they are in California? Or are Japanese homes built on a perimeter foundation with a crawl space under the floor?

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Thanks Zichi.

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