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Super typhoon heads toward southeast Japan


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P.Smith...Thank you, on the main island we started getting windy from last night, and this morning it's a bit nasty out there, but things seem to be ok, so far.

It's going to be worse in the northern part of the island, and that will be the closest point of approach of the typhoon on the main island.

But, Minami Daito has been hammered, they reported top winds of over 50 m/s and there is quite a bit of damage in the farm areas. The main crop there is sugar cane, and they actually have the huge American style combines to harvest it, and it looks flattened, going to have to wait and see how much other damage their is, but there are also reports of buildings being damaged too!

Thank you again for your kind words!

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The lower the atmospheric pressure at the center, the greater a typhoon's strength

You should have stopped while you were ahead!

as it causes high tides when approaching coastal areas.

But then ya just had to screw it up!

It does not cause "high tides", it causes what is properly called a "storm surge" together with a high tide, causes abnormally high tides and waves that can and do damage coastal areas!



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Stay safe Yubaru. It looks like its gonna be a long night for you all. Pray everyone stays stafe.

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Someday in the future, the time will come we welcome typhoons making them sources of energy.

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Stay safe, everyone.

Typhoon is coming to Kyushu. They’ve had typhoons lots of times before, but need reminders to stay safe.

And in case, you’re thinking of going out in the storm, please remember - stay safe.

And coronavirus is around and you may forget about that.

So, I just want to tell everyone one thing.

Stay safe.

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And in case, you’re thinking of going out in the storm, please remember - stay safe.

Yes please stay safe!

And I sincerely hope no 70's or 80's oyaji goes up on the roof to fix his roof tiles!

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Tell us that ocean temperatures are not rising!! and tell us that global warming is a Hoax, and tell us cat. 3,4, & 5 Hurricane / Typhoon are rare or Fake News Mr. Trump.

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"The 2020 Pacific typhoon season is an ongoing event in the annual cycle of tropical cyclone formation, in which tropical cyclones form in the western Pacific Ocean. The season runs throughout the year, though most tropical cyclones typically develop between May and October. The season has been unusually quiet, with only 13 systems forming as of September 5. Additionally, the JTWC recorded no tropical cyclone development in the month of July, the first such occurrence since reliable records began. The season's first tropical cyclone developed on May 8, making it the sixth-latest start in the basin on record, slightly behind 1973, and the first to start this late since 2016."

Darned science!

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Additionally, the JTWC recorded no tropical cyclone development in the month of July,

Actually they did, two in fact were developing and were tropical depressions, one was named "Carina" but the other did not develop.

If you had written JMA it would have been accurate.

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They have had huge large typhoons in the 1950s Mark completely unrelated to trump so how do you bring him into this , But yeah ok another one who only knows Orange Man Bad ......................mentality of some people sheeesh.

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It's the difference between the terminology "tropical cyclone" and "tropical depression". Not every tropical depression develops beyond the depression level.

That previous post was a direct quote from the Wiki page. Accidentally posted without the link.


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Yes. Old Japanese men who go up on the roof to fix tiles in a typhoon: I would like them to get less news coverage. And little children who die from parental neglect should get MORE coverage. That should REALLY be big news.

JMA online weather site: This is the best weather information site that I have seen anywhere. I’m from North America. Nothing there is as good as this site. Too bad it’s only national. I wish it were for all countries worldwide.

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When you talk about Okinawa and typhoons, you need to specify what island you are talking about. Okinawa prefecture gets several strong typhoons each year and is generally well prepared. The norm is that Okinawans have the mess cleaned up and get back to business withing a day or two. Last night the Daito islands (Minami and Kita) got slammed with the eye of a CAT 4 equivalent storm. While on Okinawa honto (main island) we saw wind in the 20 m/s, 40 kt range with 40 mm of rain. It appears that the storm will come close to Amami oshima and SE Kyushu. I hope they are prepared and don't suffer serious damage.

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Simian Lane

It ain’t nothing. Media and government jacking it up more than it is as usual. Erring only the side of caution I guess , hard to argue although I don’t like the week of wasted days before it nattering about how bad it’s going to be. Maybe start reporting a day before

Well... as a Kyushu resident, I hope you are correct. Given the rain we had yesterday from the outer edges of Haishen, I suspect you are not (correct).

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High tide (and wave) will be at risk along with the west coast of Kyushu as well as a storm and heavy rainfall.

I really hope that everything possible damages are avoided. 

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Apart from the title which suggests that this typhoon is heading towards 'south-east' Japan, (heading north-west, towards the south-west of Japan, surely), we have had the first real blast of wind here in the Chugoku region. It was quite powerful, and I had to admit that my wife's fear was palpable. The woods and bamboo forests around here were thrashing around, testing the trees in a way they have not been tested in recent years. I ran around the house slamming the windows shut as the rain was coming in sideways. Luckily this thing has brought some cool air at long last.

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JMA online weather site: This is the best weather information site that I have seen anywhere. I’m from North America. Nothing there is as good as this site. 

JMA is fine with the exception of it's typhoon reporting. They typically stay away from any extended forecasts.

For typhoons JTWC has been the most accurate site I have seen over the years!

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