'Thieves' help themselves at Tokyo art exhibit

By Miwa Suzuki

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No social distancing whilst the pilfering was occurring then?

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The event was intended as "an experiment", to alter the relationship between artists and visitors, organizer Tota Hasegawa told AFP.

well, I guess it succeeded. right??

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Keep Art alive!

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I guess with all the crazy, weird stuff that’s going on around the world, something like this might as well happen. Well at least something like this was intentionally set up to go like this, rather then most stuff nowadays.

I still can’t stop laughing at this though. LOL

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Interesting idea, but couldn't they come up with it when there isn't a pandemic?

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The stolen pieces of artwork, are they now classed as that? if so will the police go around and nick the thief's? If they gallery intended for these pieces of art work to be stollen, are they really stollen? or was it a give away? as the art gallery wanted to see who would take them, so they knew that they would go missing, this would make the art gallery an accessory to the theft. was there any CCTV installed, as I can't see any insurance co paying out for such lax security. why weren't the police informed so they could be repossessed when the chiefs walked out with them?

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