Thousands of volunteers arriving in flood-hit areas


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And this is why I love the Japanese Spirit. Ganbare Japan!

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Great news, I hope the affected local people can set up temporary businesses to feed them.

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Hard slog in this heat. Respect.

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It takes a village every time the central govt fails to meet the challenge. The relationship between the feudal lords and the people hasn't changed in centuries.

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Saw on the news that it was so hot today, volunteers were being asked to take a rest break every fifteen minutes. It was much cooler where I am but even so was drenched in sweat even when just sitting doing nothing. Great respect for people who volunteer under such conditions. They are definitely needed and, I’m sure appreciated.

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I’ve often wondered what those volunteers do for a living and how they manage to take days off to do volunteer work when most people are working hard 9 to 5, five days a week.

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It is a long holiday weekend.

did they put in enough porto potties to support the influx?

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Monday is a National Holiday making a three day weekend.

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