Tohoku reconstruction to continue beyond FY2020 under new body


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I heard a rumor that it's Yamaguchigumi Kensetsu.

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any actual action has been criminally absent

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The agency had about 520 officials as of January this year.

And how many of those officials actually do any work?

They have to make at LEAST five million - and that's VERY conservative. Times 520 and you get about 2,600,000,000 (US$23 million) that is accomplishing.... what?

But they're probably making twice that.

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Bugle Boy- you're absolutely right. That this horrific disaster has been bilked into a cash cow for the concrete industry, the IOC and the Yaks, with not a peep from the tame and timid media is an absolute disgrace.

People are making millions out of milking this catastrophe. Where is the outrage? You really do getthe government you deserve.

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This is very sad indeed, the catastrophe that was back in 2011 and now we are in 2019. Yet we are almost finished the Olympics construction and all the money used to develop the stolen Olympics design

All that money for Olympics should be allocated to Tohoku, post Olympics then what?

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I read this article 6 times. No explanation of what is missing, what to be done except attracting foreign tourists. 8 years and still talking about reconstruction...

Sounds like a weak procrastinating plan.

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Open minded Yes I read this article too. I think they have a hidden agenda which they not speak of. Al the time they speak about the nuclear disaster and now they try to even sat the evacuation as a result of that. The earth quake and tsunami that destroy a lot of houses with result that the inhabitants have to evacuate. This has nothing to do with the radiation at all. Brittish specialists investigate the disaster and based on the radiation noone have to be evacuated. Noone was killed.

That means Tepco wasn´t responsible for the damaging of the houses and the radiation level still will give lower lungcancerrisk than smoking and even passiv suchone do result in lungcancer.

That 10 000 people was killed as effect of damaging of a water power station isn´t hardly mentioned. What can we read out between the row. Still as I see it an antinuclear propaganda.

If the Fukushima has had hydrogenfilter like Swedish plants no explosion have been the result. Why in that case implement hydrogen gas driven cars.

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