Tokyo reports 1,013 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 9,106


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Monday reported 1,013 new coronavirus cases, down 571 from Sunday and down 331 from last Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is two, unchanged from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 75, down two from Sunday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 9,106. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (746), Hokkaido (649), Fukuoka (558), Osaka (461), Okinawa (435), Aichi (415), Saitama (389), Hiroshima (341), Hyogo (311), Chiba (267), Ibaraki (194), Gifu (187), Ishikawa (186), Kumamoto (186), Kagoshima (172), Okayama (165), Kyoto (159) and Fukui (154).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 24.

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With these numbers, it is time to remove masks and border controls!! Bring on the tourists and summer vacations! Wooo!

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Is this even newsworthy?

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Remove masks? There's no law requiring masks in Japan, so you can already make your own choice in that respect.

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Remove masks? There's no law requiring masks in Japan, so you can already make your own choice in that respect.

Sure, no laws, but as well know (those living in Japan), masks are expected.

-1 ( +10 / -11 )

My point is simple. For all those screaming from the top of Mt. Fuji about their rights to not wear a mask in Japan, congrats - there are no laws requiring you to wear a mask. You are free to walk around the whole of Japan without your mask. If you truly care about this freedom so much, then a few handfuls worth of stares from Japanese people wearing masks and wondering why you are not should be the least of your concerns.

-8 ( +8 / -16 )

You must be new here Jadyn. These same fellas have been boring us all for over 2 years about how they refuse to wear a mask. Like any of us care if they waltz around their neighbourhood being the only person to not wear one.

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Not new to Japan, but relatively new "here." Wow, 2 years shows a real commitment to um, well...not exactly sure to what, but yea. Keep on fighting the fight, I guess. Ha ha.

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Very low numbers, double plus good.

Hopefully the fear mongering chaps have stopped their silliness and won’t keep posting about the next wave to c8me bad scary new variants.

Time for all to chill out with our loved ones and friends, perhaps pop to a local park for some sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer.

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Time to move on! This is old news…Japan is one of the few countries still caught up in the hysteria. ComeJuly 11 watch it disappear from the air waves!….

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The rate things are going here, in ten years' time there will still be plenty of people in Japan telling everyone to wear masks, totally oblivious to the fact that they and practically everyone they know has already had covid multiple times already!

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With just over 200k people still hospitalized from Covid , we’re nowhere near where we need to be… far from it ! And according to the oft repeated patently false prediction that we’re all gonna be infected, there’s only about 118 million of new infections to go …

Total Infections:

8,950,031 Change from previous day



200,269 Change from previous day


We’re definitely still trending in the right way … but still not time for the vast majority of responsible people to join the careless minority who have been anti anything and everything since day 1. As for “moving on”, can anyone, even those in the irresponsible minority explain what “move on” means ? Be precise and don’t spin it into an attack on me . Be specific because we’ve never had a single meaningful restriction … not once . So I’m confused about that oft repeated comment. As for 7/11…. Yes ! We have too many 7/11’s. But it has nothing to do with Covid:) Japan is one of the few caught up in some hysteria ? Australia still reports the daily metrics about Covid too! Lastly, I certainly hope we don’t get a more deadly variant of Covid in Japan than Omicron… the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan to date. In the meantime, get vaccinated/boosted ! Mask up when necessary…. Avoid closed settings !

-13 ( +2 / -15 )

Good job! . . . グッジョブ . . . try getting to zero . . . 試みる 0 に . . . .

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

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