Tokyo reports 1,308 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,418


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday reported 1,308 new coronavirus cases, up 159 from Wednesday.

The average for Tokyo over the past seven days stands at 882.1.

People in their 20s (450 cases), their 30s (256) and their 40s (211) accounted for the highest numbers.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 57, up three from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 396, down 16 from Wednesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases as of 6:30 p.m. was 3,418. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (403), Saitama (328), Osaka (324), Chiba (253), Hokkaido (85), Hyogo (77), Aichi (74), Fukuoka (71), Okinawa (60), Ibaraki (48), Miyagi (45), Shizuoka (43) and Kyoto (32).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 18.

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holy crap - that's like 412 more than 1 week ago.

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Numbers like this a week out from the Olympics should disprove any notion that Japan has been falsifying the numbers.

The one positive from the figures is that deaths are low due to high vaccination rates in the over 65s with close to 80% of over 65s having had one dose and 52% having had both.

65 million vaccines doses now administered in total across Japan with 19.7% of the population fully vaccinated.

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And so it continues - Today number is 412 more than previous week

We also see various news of cluster at Shizouka hotel hosting Brazil teams - this will only escalate and we have PM of country delegating duty to keep Japanese population safe from Olympics to King Bach….

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What's the highest one-day number of cases? It can't be much more than this, surely?

Is this as bad as it's been?

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In a couple of weeks, if one gets infected, one is well and truly screwed. The medical system will be completely overwhelmed. 3 weeks and 2 days until my second jab. Then 14 days for it to take the full effect.

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these numbers ‘disprove Tokyo falsifying numbers. ‘

Nope sorry not convinced. They could not be trusted with a kids tea party

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Derek, try 2400 odd.

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I think the delta variant will bring this to a new high. Test more find more.

Actually Tuesday's (Wednesday's results) testing was way lower than Monday's they lowered test from Monday to Tuesday by 23% ( usually 10% to 15% ) the the number of cases still went up.

I can't wait to see how many they tested for this result.

Yesterday's 1,149 cases came from only 8,560 tests ( Tokyo stopcovid own numbered) that is a 13.4% infection rate!

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Numbers like this a week out from the Olympics should disprove any notion that Japan has been falsifying the numbers.

I dont think Japan has been falsifying the number, they just control them by limiting testing. Less tests means less cases. It is simple mathematics a child can understand. It is the centrepiece of their virus strategy, No contact tracing and only test those who pass a set of serious virus symptom conditions. Don't looks for asymptomatic and those with minimal symptoms will just get better.

Unfortunately they can only limit tests to a point and what the current numbers show is their strategy to keep the numbers down for the Olympics is a dismal failure because the more spreadable delta virus spreads too easily and infections rate keeps going up even with their test restrictions. Furthermore the Olympics means more testing like the staff in the hotel with the Brazilian athletes found today. In normal circumstances this staff would never be tested and their infections never discovered.

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Numbers like this a week out from the Olympics should disprove any notion that Japan has been falsifying the numbers.

Actually no!

What people have been saying is Japan has deliberately made testing difficult to get without going to a private lab and payment a fortune.

11,000 tested on Monday (mostly private labs, only 2,100 on Sunday when Private labs are closed.

For yesterday's results only 8,560 tested a drop of 23% from the day before usually this tactic works and the number of cases drops.

But not this time despite 23% fewer tests they still got more cases now we know things are far worse than the government has been saying.

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They could not be trusted with a kids tea party.


And for something else unbelievable, here's a twitter thread of dating profiles posted by foreign athletes/officials/staff in Japan for the Olympics. And some work for NBC. This is nuts.

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Even if we accept the arguments about severe cases staying constant or dropping, this is still going to stress the medical system. And this is before the games kick off.

Anyone else get he feeling that the government have simply thrown up their hands and are no longer even interested in controlling the spread?

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More infected in one day than spectators at the opening ceremony

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Tokyo is afraid of foreign athletes and staff brining the virus with them? They are more likely to catch it while they are in Tokyo.

Over 30,000 tests carried out today in Victoria as they enter a five day lockdown from midnight tonight. Just for comparison.

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Ride the wave because the numbers won't drop until after the Olympics, it is what it is and no one can control it

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Maybe soon Suga will have a stomach ache and take time off now that this increasing trend is not reversing???

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30000円 for covid test says it all.

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Today the Tokyo Covid cases skew 70% under the age of 50, up 5% from yesterday.

This is why the death rate will be much lower than earlier in the year, even if those deaths could appear 3 weeks from now (as @Antiquesaving mentioned before.)

We could eventually hit or surpass Tokyo highs of over 2400 cases that were seen after Golden Week. But it won't have the same punch with so many people protected either by vaccines (one or two doses) or if we consider the strong immune systems in the youth.

Japan has fared much better than other countries.

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This is the result of reopening restaurants serving alcohol after June 20. Alcohol lovers could not resist to go back partying with their coworkers after a two month period of gaman.

This combined with the arrival of summer.

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Tokyo is afraid of foreign athletes and staff brining the virus with them? They are more likely to catch it while they are in Tokyo.

Foreign athletes are also afraid of catching the virus from the locals and others. They don’t wanna miss their competition

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In another related news on Asahi "Olympic ‘bubble’ plan to halt virus leads to chaos at hotels, airports" link below -

One gem of a quote from this article - "The airport official also said it is a mystery who is actually in charge of managing the arrival schedules of the delegates.

“Is it the organizing committee or their host town? I don’t really know,” the official said."

All this is going to create more uncertainty, anxiety and much higher numbers in days & weeks ahead...

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Just had my first jab tonight (setagaya ku). Roll on mid August when my second jab is scheduled.

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For the late night posters who continue to claim that number of serious cases and deaths are on a decline - please read this latest news article in details from Asahi (link below) -

Key points highlighted are -

No of patients hospitalized rose from 1200 at end of June to more than 2000 in three weeks time

Around 40 patients were on an average given standard run around in an ambulance in search for open bed in end of June - this number has spiked to around 125 patients not finding an empty bed in hospital easily

Comment from Masataka Inokuchi, vice chair of the Tokyo Medical Association - "“If this situation should continue, there will be an increase in young and middle-aged patients with midlevel symptoms, and there is a possibility that could be followed by an increase in those with serious symptoms,"

Last time the positive number exceeded 1300 was on Jan 21 - todays number is 1308

Weekly average jumped from 625 to 817 in one week - an increase of 31% - this is on top of previous weekly increase rate of 24% - so the positive numbers are not only increasing but increasing at a higher rate/pace

Predictions are if this proceeds as it is the positive number only in Tokyo will hit 2406 by Aug 11

All indications/facts pointing in wrong direction and there are still plenty of residents who are still waiting for this first shot of vaccine, hunkering down, govt asking residents not to go out but foreigners welcomed from over 200 countries, without any quarantine requirement (only saliva test), 1000's of VIPs will enter to enjoy Japan omotenashi welcome for opening ceremony, King Bach will travel to Hiroshima tomorrow, Lord Coates will travel to Nagasaki tomorrow - running roughshod on normal residents sentiments and total disregard to what the people want from their govt!!!!

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Tokyo gov just posted the number of tests related to this number of cases.

8323 tests done from 8560 the day before.

Decrease in testing increase in positive cases.

Infection rate up from 13.4% to 15.7% in one day.

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Severe cases up by 3 in Tokyo

Severe cases nationwide

Yesterday 412 - 18 deaths = 394

Todays severe cases 396

396 - 394 = 2 new added to the server cases.

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Tokyo deaths posted.

So severe cases yesterday in Tokyo was 54

Death 4

54 - 4 = 50

50 severe cases remaining.

Today 57 severe cases.

So the actual number of new severe cases is 7

57 - 50 = 7

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1300, 13000 shows nodifference inovercoming this flu virus

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Yesterday I posted a joking/saracastic comment about how the jgov had no clue on how rein in the cases and would just fly the jets over Tokyo and today I read - 競技大会開会日となる7/23(金)、東京都内を中心に編隊による展示飛行を行います。 When a joke becomes reality, where to next?!?

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Just googled this

"In a completely unmitigated environment—where no one is vaccinated or wearing masks—it's estimated that the average person infected with the original coronavirus strain will infect 2.5 other people,” Dr. Wilson says. “In the same environment, Delta would spread from one person to maybe 3.5 or 4 other people.

I think this is what we are seeing now.

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If the government won't allow hospitals and doctors to treat infected people in the early stages with drugs that are proven to actually work, then some people are going to needlessly suffer and perhaps even lose their lives. My doctor told me a week ago that he'd lose his licence if he prescribed ivermectin for COVID-19, even though he knows it works, and hospitals will only give it in the later stages when it is less likely to be effective.

Seems to me like the government (and not just in Japan, but in Australia and most other western countries, including most parts of the USA) is happy to sacrifice lives to push vaccines that are killing and injuring more people than they will publicly acknowledge.

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If the government won't allow hospitals and doctors to treat infected people in the early stages with drugs that are proven to actually work, then some people are going to needlessly suffer and perhaps even lose their lives. 

Fortunately this do not happen, treatment with drugs that have scientific proof of action is routine in Japan and the government allow this without problem, even drugs like Dexamethasone, that are terribly cheap, but still very effective.

Ivermectin has not "proved" to actually work, on the contrary metaanalysis of peer reviewed randomized studies indicate that if it has any effect it appear to be so minor that it would not make any difference, a doctor that goes against scientific knowledge just to please his patients with something that could be a placebo (except with some risks) should lose his license.

If you want to believe an irrational conspiracy theory that depends completely on doctors and nurses supposedly hiding information just so someone else make money (and sacrifice their own friends and family) you are free to do it, that does not make it less irrational and false.

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15th Feb 2021 = 73 deaths

15th March 2021 = 38 deaths

15th April 2021 = 35 deaths

15th May 2021  = 94 deaths

15th June 2021 = 67 deaths

15th July 2021 = 22 deaths

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The only reason Ivermectin is being pushed so hard is because of the anti-vaxxers.

You hear it over and over - the same broken record of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc and Ivermectin.

So far the biggest study on ivermectin was withdrawn because of false data.

If Ivermectin is proven to be useful, which it hasn't been yet, this constant push from the anti-vax brigade does nothing to help its position.

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