Tokyo reports 1,834 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,396


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Wednesday reported 1,834 new coronavirus cases, up 205 from Tuesday and 1,834 down from last Wednesday. It is the 17th straight day that the daily figure has been lower than the same day of the previous week.

The average for Tokyo over the past seven days stands at 2,040.6.

People in their 20s (442 cases), their 30s (361) and their 40s (323) accounted for the highest numbers, while 353 cases were aged under 20.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 252, down eight from Tuesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 2,211, up two from Tuesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases as of 6:30 p.m. was 12,396. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (2,012), Aichi (1,290), Kanagawa (1,099), Hyogo (852), Saitama (779), Chiba (610), Fukuoka (572), Okinawa (413), Kyoto (381), Shizuoka (220), Ibaraki (206), Hokkaido (180), Gifu (178), Hiroshima (150), Nara (139), Gunma (117), Okayama (113), Mie (111) and Tochigi (110).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 89.

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Continued good news. Once again, on target for my 11th October removal of most restrictions.

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Today is 1834, down 1834 from last Wednesday.

what are the chances that the number is not almost but exactly 50% less than the previous week?

basically 0. Again, these numbers are rubbish.

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Can't wait to stop seeing these ridiculous numbers.

WHO has just admitted that Covid is endemic and not going away. so we will have to live with it and stop all this ridiculous hysteria.

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The impetus behind the negative votes for the posts above cannot be reasonably understood...all of the preceding posters have made very accurate contributions to this discussion, while 'Foreigner In Tokyo' has hit the ball out of the park with an OHTANI Showtime-style home run...

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I cannot argue with him.

He has nailed it.

As much as I would like to dis him he is completely correct.

I am sure it has been achieved by far more luck than judgement.

The Japanese people have done more than an awesome job especially since their politicians suck royally.

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Again, these numbers are rubbish.

but you’ll be back again tomorrow to check them out

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Number of infected people Compared to last week

9/7(火) 1629人 -1280

9/6(月) 968人 -947

9/5(日) 1853人 -1228

9/4(土) 2362人 -1219

9/3(金) 2539人 -1688

9/2(木) 3099人 -1605

9/1(水) 3168人. -1060

8/31(火) 2909人 -1311

8/30(月) 1915人 -532

8/29(日) 3081人 -1311

8/28(土) 3581人 -1493

8/27(金) 4227人 -1178

8/26(木) 4704人. -830

8/25(水) 4228人. -1158

8/24(火) 4220人 -15

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These numbers are essentially meaningless

but you’ll be back again tomorrow to check them out

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So why Suga steps down?

joffyToday  05:37 pm JST

If you do not believe the numbers, that is totally fine. BUT if/when the numbers go up again, please do not tell us that things are getting bad and going in the wrong direction. Because to all of you who don't believe in the numbers, you have absolutely nothing to base your assumptions on.

Japan has been a great place to live during the pandemic with so few closures and the freedom to do what we please. The public obviously self assesses their risks and act accordingly. Over 60 million FULLY vaccinated and growing every day. Keep it up!

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So despite 3,300 fewer tests than the initial 14,420 ( updated 15,871) done for yesterday the number of cases is still going again.

Either they are going to have lower testing even more or accept higher case numbers.

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Are we very sure that the numbers stated are correct?

Not that I am unhappy at all. In fact, looking at the figures for last month at the same time it's fantastic.

According to my statistics, they are as follows.

The August count to the 8th 31,217, compared to September's 17,452, a drop of 13,765 cases.

So far this month the 17,452 cases, represents a low 4.83% of the total 361,026 cases, so this percentage is very welcome indeed.

Come on Tokyo people, get your vaccinations as soon as possible, so we can once again enjoy a bit more freedom and entertainment.

Cheers for now and stay safe.

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Steady as she goes down. Testing at a respectable level yesterday.

14 million population and under 15,000 test is what you call "respectable"?!

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Here is a question.

We are seeing in average 50 deaths per day.

Severe cases nationwide are up most days but down in Tokyo.

Are the severe cases down in Tokyo because people got better of because people died.

Yesterday severe cases in Tokyo were down by 7 but 16 people died.

So logic says that most of those 16 deaths came from the previous day's severe cases but severe cases only dropped by 7 which logic suggest means 9 new people went in to the severe category.

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What on earth makes you think I was referring to you @Antiquesaving? That's terribly presumptuous.

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What on earth makes you think I was referring to you @Antiquesaving? That's terribly presumptuous.

Because you have multiple times in the past.

So not presumptuous but base on a pattern.

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what are the chances that the number is not almost but exactly 50% less than the previous week?

That’s a nice question. I guess, the chances are about the same that the number only is correct. lol

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Heaps of people read a wide variety of information, whether it confirms their own ideas or not. Good to stay informed, can’t just read internet crackpots and qdrops all day long like some people, you’ll go crazy doing that.

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The daily death toll is a bit high, and I identify some younger. Further effort is needed to enable the quick access to hospital services. Such would make it viable by reviewing the top tier disease category of covid and excessive restrictions. Many med professionals are still available, most have been fully vaccinated. Some are even willing to join the covid warfare only to be blocked due to restrictions or other concerns (e.g. cost/benefit for hospital management)

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The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 89.

Whoah seems double last time I checked

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Number cruncher is at it again. Just accept the numbers are going down and be happy. There is no conspiracy by anyone, it’s in your imagination.

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The Resident

Continued good news. Once again, on target for my 11th October removal of most restrictions.

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 89.

The families of the 89 that left us because of the virus are celebrating as well.

What is really happening, it seems like the number of deaths is instead increasing with an

increase in vaccination.

For the first time nationwide, a teen was reported to have died in Osaka.

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