Tokyo reports 10,169 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 61,259


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday reported 10,169 new coronavirus cases, down 4,398 from Wednesday and down 7,695 from last Thursday.

By age group, 1,468 cases were in their 20s, 1,672 in their 30s, 1,636 in their 40s and 927 in their 50s, while 1,368 were aged between 10 and 19, and 1,958 younger than 10.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 81, up one from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 1,474, down 15 from Wednesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 61,259. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (6,485), Saitama (5,710), Osaka (5,657), Aichi (4,375), Chiba (4,058), Hyogo (2,766), Fukuoka (2,667), Hokkaido (2,621), Kyoto (1,726), Ibaraki (1,273), Shizuoka (1,197), Nara (1,036), Shiga (806), Gifu (580), Okayama (542), Ishikawa (539), Kumamoto (505), Gunma (504), Miyagi (471), Niigata (456), Toyama (347), Nagano (333), Aomori (323), Oita (313), Iwate (305), Kagoshima (294), Saga (283), Fukui (281), Fukushima (281), Kagawa (259), Yamaguchi (233), Wakayama (226), Tokushima (195), Yamanashi (182), Yamagata (158) and Ehime (150).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 206.

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The fact that no one is commenting on this topic today leads me believe that Putin officially ended COVID.

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Minimal testing from the holiday yesterday. Terrible news. Over 10,000 new cases in Tokyo , on a holiday . Probably 1/3 of reality. Kids still leading the surge . Time for Kishida to put on his big boy pants and make some hard but wise decisions. The economy has proven resilient. Still has time to do the RIGHT and SAFE thing. Lock Japan down. All public transportation, restaurants, bars , malls, virtually everything except truly essential businesses , clinics, and hospitals. This inferno known as omicron is burning outta control and is in FACT the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan to date. And adding in that it’s also the most virulent has proven to be the deadliest of combinations. No more children should be refused admission to a hospital s and sent home to DIE. In fact , no one should be sent home or to some hotel to possibly die. Shut this place down and give healthcare workers and hospitals a fair chance to recover. The healthcare system is broken down.

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Yes, our lives and future prospects are restricted by corona, now the Ukraine-or-more crises and afterwards when you think it’s getting better again they will beat out of you physically and ideologically all the combustion motors, any energy usages and other consumption that is slightly above the simplest ones just keeping your body functions alive. It’s all over and I guess you know it. If not, you’ve just been told anyway.

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Numbers shooting down, double plus good

Out in Namba at present enjoying a. Burger with my partner. Very busy, life as normal so to speak. Restrictions obviously not required. As Foreigner said, businesses need us and our support, something I did locally the last two years.

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Lock down Japan? No way. Wear a mask, sanitize and live your life.

who going to Jvogue tonight?

see you there!

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@steven you gotta be kidding. No country anywhere is going to lock down at this stage. Japan’s economy has hung precisely because there was no hard lock down. That ship has sailed man. Wake up.

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If businesses that over charged year in year out here , failed because of poor money management; shame on them . The general public has had to pull through without trillions in corporate welfare to prop them up . And the only numbers “shooting down “ are the number of ambulances and hospital beds available for people that should NOT be forced to go DIE at home . I noticed y’all missed that . I understand facts annoy people that constantly spread patently false and misleading information near daily .

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I understand facts annoy people that constantly spread patently false and misleading information near daily .

But the thing is you don't cite any facts. You just type things in capital letters. But that doesn't make what you say a "FACT".

If you were serious about wanting a lockdown (I don't actually think you are), you could possibly try make a case saying that it would save x many lives, cause disruption for x number of weeks, and shorten the prevalence of omicron by x number of days.

The case has already been made here that lockdowns are an exercise in futility and madness.

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“Lock down Japan? No way. Wear a mask, sanitize and live your life.”

not that I take the risk lightly but you for one shouldn’t bother replying to that Lock-Japan-Down guy… He has been posting relentlessly everyday, indicating something like we are all dying. We are not. Yes I agree with you, wear a mask wear necessary. Sanitize. live your life.

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down 7,695 from last Thursday.


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businesses need us and our support, something I did locally the last two years.

While I have sympathy on a personal level for small business owners and their families who have suffered fiscally, in my opinion it is a failing of the larger economic structure and business practices which have for decades operated in such a way as to make it impossible to survive an entirely predictable, and indeed ultimately inevitable, pandemic. It is not individuals' responsibility to risk even mild illness, let alone potentially deadly ones, to support the economy. It is the reoccurring theme of the free market advocates; when there is money to be made don't you dare regulate me, when the proverbial hits the fan, you have to bail us out. Similarly, I even take issue with the government giving too great a weight to 'saving the economy'. Certainly, citizens have some interest in saving business, but for the vast majority, as waged or salaried employees, we will suffer from economic downturn most severely even despite the capital owners receiving support, all the while having to sacrifice our health or even our loved ones lives. When I do participate in democracy, my primary interest is protecting my human needs, not the economic interests of those who buy into a system designed to exploit me and which refuse to build resilience against reality.

Anyway, this is somewhat off topic so I imagine my borderline socialist rant will be removed soon enough. Just wanted to scream into the void.

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Omicron is no big deal.

If it were then people would be dropping in the streets.

They aren’t so it isn’t…

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Omicron is no big deal. If it were then people would be dropping in the streets.

206 deaths were recorded today. But it's 'no big deal' because they didn't die on the streets. Riiight. The fact that Omicron is causing record deaths doesn't seem to bother some people.

The damage caused by a particular virus is a combination of how infectious it is, and how severe illness it tends to cause. Omicron is demonstrating that, as epidemiologists pointed out before this wave, a massively more infectious variant that tends to cause milder symptoms will still tend to cause more deaths and severe illness, even though a larger percentage of the infected experience mild symptoms. It is burdening local health centres, hospitals, emergency services, care homes, all of which are also likely to be causing more non-Covid deaths too, because the system is overwhelmed by sheer numbers.

This pandemic has sadly exposed scary levels of empathy deficit in the population.

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You’re kinda right Kuri-Chan. They’re not dropping in the streets . Nope. Instead they’re “dropping” at home , in hotels , in ambulances if they’re lucky , and for the very fortunate few… the hospitals. Omicron is the deadliest and most virulent variant of Covid in Japan to date. Not an opinion. Just a fact .

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So many on this forum like to berate others for lack of facts or analysis. Here is some cold analysis based on data sourced from Toyokeizai. This data is provided for context and for you to draw your own conclusions.

Average age of covid related death, in Japan, as of February 15:

70.15 - 76.23 years old (data is provided in ranges, so this range is reflective of the upper and lower numbers).

First three weeks of February as percentage of total deaths:

**14.58%** (in 2.87% of the total period since the first covid related death in Japan on February 21st, 2020)

First three weeks of February as percentage of total positive test results:


For the first three weeks of February, there was a covid related death every 10 minutes on average.

CFR for the first three weeks of February:


CFR for the pandemic in Japan to date:


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Two years we've got through this @Steven Mccarthy... And now, yes NOW you want a full lockdown?Totally out of touch, totally unfeasible and it would totally destroy the economy. I'd suggest be happier living in China. Moving around to whichever city is currently locked down.


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We're having record highs in daily deaths and hospitalizations but of course it doesn't register in the minds of idiots, who, expectedly, fail to grasp the seriousness of the situation and continue to say it's nothing to be concerned about.

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