Tokyo reports 103 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 782


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Monday reported 103 new coronavirus cases, up 19 from Sunday and 68 more than last Monday. It is the first time the number surpassed 100 since Oct 8.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is one, unchanged from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 52, down one from Sunday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 782. Okinawa Prefecture had the most infections with 130, followed by Tokyo, Osaka (79), Yamaguchi (56), Hiroshima (40), Kanagawa (34) and Chiba (24).

One coronavirus-related death was reported nationwide.

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Like a pantomime: those on the stage, and those off it.

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I once had a flu that felt like it nearly killed me, excerpt it was me in the room alone with a lemon drink and a lot of paracetamol, it wasn’t a headline.

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Yet packing themselves in.

People never learn.

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John Noun

People need normality to function properly and retain their humanity. Forcing exclusion of social contact and usual activities is a way to induce depression and increase suites as well as increase poor health and obesity

If people wish to exclude themselves it is their choice. I maintained a normal routine and lifestyle throughout the last two years whilst taking sensible precautions of course

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Four digits by the 10th? Having had the earlier version of this wonderful virus it was scary to have breathing difficulty even if briefly. The Omicron seems to stop at a sore throat.

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@falseflagsteve spot on!!

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Omicron or Delta? Percentage would be good to know.

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And still only one (of unknown age/preconditions) in "serious" condition.

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@Simian Lane: As we all have. But this is still not a 'Flu' What will it take you deniers to understand that? It's not a 'Cold' either. Ah, I know what will take - Yourself or a family member in Hospital, isolated and only able to talk to others by FaceTime.

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Very high.

Be careful, people!

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Omicron or Delta? Percentage would be good to know.

Osaka is 85% Omicron. I think it is safe to assume the same for everywhere.

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Youre not understanding the difference between Omicron and Delta. Little chance of anyone here’s family member being in the ICU here unless they are over 80 or morbidly obese. The same people can end up in the ICU from the flu.

Deaths from Omicron did not spike despite low vaccination rates, many people with HIV and plenty of poverty.

No need for people to live in fear now and no excuse of fear mongering either

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Just beginning, so it is way to early to sign victory, as long as people keep taking care cases will not turn into many deaths.

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And Okinawa reported 130, so more than Tokyo (again!)

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The new cases will be mostly Omicron which is likely to be the dominant variant now if other countries are to go by. Everyone is likely to catch this and deaths will be low. Omicron infection provides good immunity from previous variants. The cases will spike fast but will fall just as rapidly as we have seen in South Africa.

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That's fine, and thanks I do understand the supposed difference between Delta and Omicron and have lived a normal life as much as possible as you have for the last two years. But it's not just myself I'm worried about, it's about elderly family members and friends whose immune systems are 100%. You used to make sense, now you are coming across no better than @Raw Beer and @prionking.

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I clearly meant those whose immune systems are NOT 100%*
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Omicron has only been known about our just over 1 month not2 years. A study in South Africa has shown the immunity against previous variants given by Omicron. Also we have evidence how much milder Omicron is, it’s all scientific analysis, not quack assumptions.


Omicron is more than likely a blessing in disguise due to how much milder it is than previous variants. We have to be rational, it’s impossible to ensure the safety of every member of society and if we did at what cost?

Hopefully Omicron is our way out of Covid worldwide with minimal suffering and deaths. The vaccines work at some point, yet not as effectively as desirable and immunity wanes far too fast for them to be a long term solution except for the very vulnerable.

With many vaccinated or already infected we will see little problems from this variant compared to previous. It’s time to live normally, keep an eye on the situation worldwide and stop scaring people unnecessarily.

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A study in South Africa has shown the immunity against previous variants given by Omicron.

Learn how medical publications work and you'll be surprised

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I find it amusing that the crowd control staff in the picture are holding up signs saying "walk slowly" instead of "social distancing in place - stand 2m apart". I guess walk slowly takes precedence over the 3 Covid C's. Any wonder the number of cases are reaching new heights daily?

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The headline should be; Okinawa logs 130 covid-19 cases overtaking Tokyo (103).

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The media narratives are shifting away from “number of cases” being how COVID is measured.

interested to see if Japan follows along. Myself, really am hoping this person gets better.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is one, 

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