Tokyo reports 14,567 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 80,364


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Wednesday reported 14,567 new coronavirus cases, up 3,121 from Tuesday and down 2,764 from last Wednesday.

By age group, 1,874 cases were in their 20s, 2,297 in their 30s, 2,389 in their 40s and 1,437 in their 50s, while 1,833 were aged between 10 and 19, and 2,895 younger than 10.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 80, down two from Tuesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 1,489, down 15 from Tuesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 80,364. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (11,472), Aichi (6,042), Kanagawa (5,996), Hyogo (4,747), Saitama (4,464), Chiba (3,687), Fukuoka (3,513), Kyoto (2,435), Shizuoka (1,765), Nara (1,358), Ibaraki (1,219), Shiga (1,040), Miyagi (847), Tochigi (846), Mie (755), Gunma (742), Okinawa (737), Okayama (710), Gifu (709), Kumamoto (697), Niigata (562), Aomori (536), Kagoshima (529), Kagawa (490), Nagasaki (473), Ishikawa (470), Nagano (447), Tokushima (402), Saga (380), Fukui (351), Fukushima (349), Oita (329), Yamaguchi (319), Iwate (305), Ehime (276), Yamagata (246), Kochi (225) andTottori (211).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 216.

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Still going down...

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Another huge number of cases. Not getting any better here. And a big jump in cases in Okinawa too.

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Falling cases don’t mean every day in every area is down, it means a downward trend. The peak occurred as and when I predicted, severe cases and deaths will peak soon, should be 7-16 days before they also begin to fall.

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They NEVER tell us the numbers in the over 75 age group... The ones who are most in danger. I find this exceedingly annoying.

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Please click on the live link.

They NEVER tell us the numbers in the over 75 age group... The ones who are most in danger. I find this exceedingly annoying.

Add up the numbers, and take away from the total. Over 60s, 1,842.

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This number only represents the number of confirmed active cases of those who show symptoms. It does not represent the total number of those infected.

Where are the mass testing centers? How about the rapid antigen tests? Are they available in Japan?

this number is just smoke and mirrors.

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Seems we’re on the way back UP. I had been hoping this elusive and unpredictable peak had been reached and we were finally at the plateau. Still no where in sight. With hospitals COUNTYWIDE near their breaking point, several million people at home to “recover” from the Omicron which is the most virulent and DEADLY variant in JAPAN to date. Factually and scientifically speaking. Record daily death counts and children still leading the surge in new cases . The jgov still has time to once and for all enact and enforce these so call restrictions people have been whining about . When the truth is, we’ve never had any. They need to take these last 6 weeks of the current business year and lock the whole country down. Otherwise, these millions at home supposedly “recovering” or some dying , are only gonna spread it to their entire family, then they spread it . It will also allow the healthcare system which includes overworked stressed out healthcare workers to get the current unsustainable surges under control. And maybe just maybe the select few of highly irresponsible people will take time to finally realize just how reckless, dangerous, and selfish they have been with others health. Without some hard restrictions, this fire will continue to rage outta control.

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Add up the numbers, and take away from the total. Over 60s, 1,842.

Yes, but its the over 75 year olds dropping dead, not the 60-70 year olds. Giving us the over 75 figure would let us know how many people are likely to die or become seriously ill.

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All I know is that my friend and his wife tested positive using their own antigen tests and are self-quarantining and they are not included in the numbers. Consider the above figures a kind of sampling.

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I don't think there's a need to test everyone infected to get true numbers, no country is doing it and it will just be a waste of public funds.

Just keep track of the medical facilities as Omicron is technically unavoidable.

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Shat an earth are you on about? You really must calm down and stop being so dramatic. Omicron cannot be stopped, everyone will be infected. Lockdowns to more harm than good

You incorrectly state that the numbers are rising, they are falling. The leak was hit recently, and now numbers will continue to fall. Severe cases and deaths shall fall shortly.

Mass testing and draconian measures are pointless. We will have a high level of immunity for almost all very soon.

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It’s interesting, as Japan is still having low temperatures and dry air conditions that cases rise.

Keeping workplace and home humidity at a higher level might prevent cases rising?

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Generally being reckless

That's my role. I do think Vitamin D is a good supplement for strong immunity.

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Well, week by week, Tokyo & national new cases are indeed falling. At least the daily numbers show this. That said certain areas are on the rise again. Case in point, Okinawa.

The new cases are not what alarm me. People are going to get sick, it’s inevitable. It’s the severely I’ll and deaths that I look at. Not a single place on earth has been able to stop the tide no matter the measures applied or lack thereof, so I don’t see a total lockdown as a viable solution it will only make the situation worse. No government can accomplish this, it takes society as a whole on an individual level, and well, that just ain’t gonna happen.

All we can do is do our part and push through at this point. At least that’s where I am on the matter at this point.

I do think networking for school would aid immensely. I’m not sure why Japan, a leading developing country in technology, is always last to implement said technology into their daily lives. The government had two years to push this, yet their answer was to single out bars, restaurants, and borders every single time, none of which have worked. Causing more people to crowd in the same spaces in less time. Corona doesn’t care if it’s 7:59 or 8pm, it also doesn’t discriminate. All this while leaving coffee shops and event gatherings nearly untouched. Doesn’t make much sense to me really.

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Effective reproduction rate lower than one! Game over for the Pharma shills!

the epidemic is drawing to a close the pandemic was over long ago!

time to open up and restart the economy!

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Ffsteve wrote;

FFS factcheck - The problem is ... vaccines being quite infective at prevent transmission, not me or my mates etc.

I'm not quite sure that is the right angle, old bean.

Below is just one quote; the point of which has been repeated numerous times by many other medics (from a BBC link l posted recently):

We've had some very sick patients who've come in with Omicron but the majority of those are unvaccinated," says infectious diseases consultant Dr Ashley Price. He says without vaccines Omicron would have caused "vast numbers" of hospital admissions

I'd be more incline to side with the doctors on this an say the problem is people being unvaccinated. While that is not a crime in itself (coz people have their reasons), sharing misinformed personal opinions as fact is just not cricket, old fellow.

As Galileo once said (not me)

He who does not know the truth is only a fool.

But he who knows it and calls it a lie is a criminal.

By the way, I'm glad to see that your attitude is less partisan than before.

Pip pip.

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The health system has fallen apart when you get this many deaths every day. People are dying at home unable to get into a hospital. Why are private hospitals not opening up to more COVID patients?

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