Tokyo reports 14 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 145


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Friday reported 14 new coronavirus cases, up three from Thursday and down five from last Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is two, down two from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 32, down six from Thursday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 145. One coronavirus-related death was reported.

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The nationwide figure is 32, down six from Thursday.

Hopefullly everyone of those remaining patients will be able to get well, get discharged of hospitals and spend the holiday season at home. So would the front line workers get relieved with some break.

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@Reckless… Nothing wrong to be cautious, especially looking at the situation in the US and Europe. We can’t be reckless.

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Japan must be loving this new variant. The perfect excuse to stay nice and insular.

I do look forward to travelling there again though when they finally open the border in a decade from now.

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&reckless again… we all made mistake and should learn from it. If we all knew what we should do with COVID from the beginning, what it is etc… we probably would not have been what we are today. Even with high vax ratio… not much we can do about another big wave of infection so it’s probably prudent now than to be sorry later.

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we all made mistake and should learn from it. If we all knew what we should do with COVID from the beginning, what it is etc…

Actually Japan has a much deeper problems with its constitution, its federal organisation and its health system.

The COVID crisis revealed them, independently from the lack of knowledge on the virus itself.

A good call to change this country's system, you would say ?

Well, not ! The dinosaurs at the government looked the other way, finger pointing other countries and that's it.

A good opportunity to modernize this country missed !

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Believing that the govt is intentionally hiding the numbers because of the Olympics and elections is a conspiracy not a fact.

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You shall not test, you shall not find...this should be the Japanese buzzword for 2021.

The only that matters is "infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is two."

It REALLY is that simple.

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PCR test 57,368, Positive case 127 (although there is time lag, you can recognize the trend.)


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We are not in here competing for testing. It’s more about whether it’s necessary or not. None of the people I know and my neighbors seem to have been down because of this so that might have said something about the reality here. If infections are found and even though the infected people seem fine, why do we need draconian lockdowns and vac mandate? We are not ignorant and I think we care about our well-being as much as we do about others’ and we are happy (would be a lot happier when we can be back to normal again) with the situation so far in Japan, whether you like/believe it or not.

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Kokontozai… I agree… although I just don’t want to laugh at others’ assumptions.

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UK positive case on Dec.3 (or 2) --- 53,945, PCR test --- 1,100,000, positive rate --- 4.9% (death toll --- 149)

JP positive case on Dec.3 --- 127, PCR test --- 57,368, positive rate --- 0.2% (death toll --- 1)


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Sorry, you are right.

But many Japanese are sick of such nonsense comments. They may finally insist that J-gov manipulates even the numbers of PCR tests.

In such situation, I would like to show the corruption perception index.

But if they insist that such index is manipulated, I will not be able to talk with them. (Anyway, this comment may be removed due to off-topic.)

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Jkctrl89 - comparison of test counts among countries is irrelevant. There are other factors at work here. If a population with high vax rate but largely ignoring preventive measures like masks or social distancing, cases are likely to be higher. Yes, Japan might test its people less than other countries, I am fine with that.

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It’s more about whether it’s necessary or not.

How much does 1 life cost?

Would you test 1,000,000 people to save 1 life? or 100? or 1?

If I had the power, I would test every Japanese daily to save 1 anonymous life.

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Jkctlr89- you are absolutely right. It’s all about finding cases! And that’s been what we have found here in Japan. We go about our business everyday here and if the situation is really dire as you might have so far fathomed I believe am not sitting here to write these things. Let’s be happy if the data is correct. Many of my friends and families have been fully vaccinated and am happy they are fine doing that. But we stopped talking about the status.

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Bokuda, absolutely. Saving one more life is everything we should do in our power and capacity… it’s not that we don’t care about peoples life. We do. I hate to say it but if we didn’t as you might assume, I might be wrong, we probably have seen a lot more deaths here than elsewhere.

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