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Japan reports 97,788 coronavirus cases


Japan on Thursday reported 97,788 new coronavirus cases, up 3,295 from Wednesday.

Tokyo reported 16,662 new coronavirus cases, down 216 from Wednesday and up 8,133 from last Thursday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 15, up two from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 100, up 10 from Wednesday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (9,957), Kanagawa (6,155), Saitama (5,751), Fukuoka (5,718), Hyogo (4,638), Chiba (4,097), Okinawa (3,565), Kumamoto (2,637), Shizuoka (2,250), Hokkaido (1,713), Kagoshima (1,516), Hiroshima (1,271), Mie (1,224), Nara (1,121), Oita (1,103), Shiga (1,056), Gifu (1,040), Shimane (1,006), Saga (968), Miyazaki (966), Gunma (942), Ibaraki (942), Aomori (912), Nagasaki (897), Ehime (856), Miyagi (808), Okayama (786), Niigata (783), Tochigi (752), Nagano (699), Yamaguchi (672), Ishikawa (647), Kagawa (580), Wakayama (575), Iwate (556), Fukushima (508), Fukui (443), Toyama (423), Tottori (408), Yamanashi (396), Kochi (328), Yamagata (319), Tokushima (317), Yamagata (319) and Akita (310).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 33.

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The ministry of health publishes the national statistics once a week. Next update is tomorrow. Chill.

Be more accurate in what you state and you wouldnt get the response you did. Take your own advice Chill!

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Ignore the daily numbers, but instead look at the trends rather than the actual counts. We are in an upward trend at present, of those detected as having the Virus week on week.

What may be more troubling, is those who have a rather serious sore throat, or are coughing constantly, and when tested, show up as negative - yet those around them, suddenly start exhibiting the same symptoms - a new variant, or just the normal cold, one that hasn't before exhibited itself ?

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Japan is one of the most highly vaccinated and masked countries in the world and now they are on the 7th wave of infections. What does this tell us? Neither are effective.

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Hoping for a quick burn

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May as well open up the borders with numbers that high.

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Cool picture with all the umbrella what a way to create social distancing even in the rain!

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If you want to debate the facts , contact the jgov dept of health….

Perhaps you should take your own advice. According to another article posted today the jgov says there is plenty of room in the hospitals if needed.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said the occupancy rate of hospital beds has been rising but remains low on the whole, as are the numbers of deaths and people with severe symptoms.

Mild cases do not require medical supervision no matter how much you want to believe they do.

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Steven , your using old data. New data is:

Change from previous day infections +97,788

Hospitalizations 453,873

Change from previous day +69,857

So, by your math (97788-69857)=27,932.

28,000 people were sent home to recuperate and 69,857 were hospitalized.

74% hospitalization rate. Have I got that right?

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Nothing to debate Fuzzy ! I completely agree every symptomatic person should be in an actual hospital! However, there aren’t that many beds available in the country . Hence , they put those who are deemed to have a mild case in hotels . While there, they are under the care of Drs and nurses …. And listed as inpatient or hospitalized. If you want to debate the facts , contact the jgov dept of health…. Peace out ! Mask up when necessary…. Get vaccinated or boosted asap…. Follow the 3 C’s!

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If I’m not mistaken, Tokyo only reports those on a ventilator as seriously hospitalized. This is not the same as other prefectures.

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as long as people do not die is all that counts, we cant eradicate covid so we will have to live with it...

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are now either checked in to a hotel or in the hospital

I'm sure i'm going to regret wading into a debate with you, but have you considered that many of the people in the hotels are not in need of constant medical care, but rather are isolating to stop to spread amongst their family. In any case, I guarantee you they are not under constant care, nor do they need constant care. If they did, they would be in an actual hospital.

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Congratulations on winning that research grant from Bozo University. Look forward to the rest of the study.

Im an alumni!

I majored in "Look at the present day cases, hospitalizations and deaths in New Zealand".

Awesome course.

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You can check tomorrow when the data is published:


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Now that we have seen the numbers of new cases from the entire country, what are the naysayers going to say now ?

Actual hospitalizations as updated and posted DAILY by the jgov are on an unsustainable path …

Infections 9,918,040

Change from previous day +94,493

Hospitalizations 384,203

Change from previous day +32,585

These are NOT people sent home with a box of tissue and some Tylenol. Nearly 1/3rd from yesterday are now either checked in to a hotel or in the hospital! Both ways they are under constant care of healthcare professionals… therefore … hospitalized! The other 62,000 were sent home to quarantine/ recover. It’s seriously time for the anti everything clan to stop with the constant whining and denying of basic truths …. Come to the other side ! Join us in the majority of highly responsible people…. Mask up when necessary… get vaccinated or boosted asap! Some protection is better than none ! And NO! Getting infected does not give you some mythical immunity! Follow the 3 C’s…. Hopefully the jgov tightens its grip on the borders! Japan does not need foreign tourists to survive! For those wanting their family to visit …. Follow the basic instructions…. The borders are open for them! Restriction free!

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It's so 2021.

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I’m happily Unvaccinated, never caught the virus or it’s many variants, hardly wear the mask, meanwhile the fully vaccinated are catching Covid over and over and over again.

Japan needs to open back up without restrictions and begin a massive campaign to get the Japanese to take off their mask.

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The stats you refer to are the true hospitalization rates-those in hospital. Other posters say 394,000 people are in hospital. Those stats are active cases and are published once a week to show the number in hospital, in hotels and those at home. Your hospitalizations are correct. Overall hospitalizations (active cases) are out tomorrow.

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People aren't wearing masks as they should. They think they are exempt.

as me for the last 2 and half years. At least outside.

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How is my post Tokyo centric? The ministry of health publishes the national statistics once a week. Next update is tomorrow. Chill.

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Covid is not just about hospitalization and death long Covid sucks, six months in with it.

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I would really be grateful, (wishful thinking I am sure) if people who post here stop with the Tokyo-centric comments and look at the broader picture.

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Actual hospitalization data is only published once a week.

Stop with the broad strokes with your brush. What you say may be true about one particular place but it does NOT count for the entire country!

Okinawa media publishes the hospitalization/bed usage rates DAILY! Today over 60% and at over 30% for those who are in serious condition!

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People aren't wearing masks as they should. They think they are exempt.

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you are correct. Actual hospitalization data is only published once a week. We will find out the true numbers tomorrow. Some zany people keep insisting active cases are the same as hospitalizations. 45% a few days ago. Oh my! Last week 75% oh hospitalization cases were at home with cough.

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There was in increase in people in hospital of TEN 

Actually that increase is in the number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms

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@Commodoreflag the answer to your question "how'd I do?" is "quite badly" as y our comment contains a blatant falsehood.

There were not "384,203 hospitalizations today alone", in fact there are a total of 384,203 active cases. The overwhelming majority of those active cases did not arise today, and an even more overwhelming majority have not and will not be hospitalized.

There was in increase in people in hospital of TEN so you're out by approximately 384,000.

Aside from that, you're spot on.

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as i firmly stated prior, we have likely peaked. i am still in shock due to recent events but however i see to that we have fought back covid, and this makes me to smile.

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Not a big deal!

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So typical ... the anti everything crowd insist everything is okay ... when everyone is clearly NOT okay ... cases UP ... 384,203 hospitalizations today alone ... Look at the REAL numbers ...

Luckily the vast majority are FULLY vaxxed ... Be vigilant of omicron , the deadliest variant of COVID-19 in Japan to date!

How'd I do?

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Hospitalizations and deaths staying low

nothing to see here folks

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Good to see the case number decline.

-8 ( +6 / -14 )

Tokyo is not a country and is not the only prefecture in the COUNTRY of Japan….. these numbers are through the roof …. Mask up …. Vax up…. Follow the 3 C’s…..

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Yeah! Going down, however, with a long week looming, it will continue to rise again, I feel!

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Going down finally!

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