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Japan reports 180,138 new coronavirus cases; 17,126 in Tokyo


Japan on Saturday reported 180,138 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 17,126 new cases, down 1,297 from Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 38, unchanged from Friday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 624, down two from Friday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (14,998), Hyogo (9,384), Fukuoka (9,369), Kanagawa (8,802), Saitama (7,877), Chiba (6,925), Hokkaido (5,735), Shizuoka (5,214), Hiroshima (4,498), Ibaraki (3,791), Kyoto (3,710), Kagoshima (3,656), Okayama (3,347), Kumamoto (3,197), Nagasaki (3,087), Gifu (2,975), Okinawa (2,898), Niigata (2,851), Mie (2,731), Miyagi (2,561), Shiga (2,475), Nara (2,293), Miyazaki (2,284), Ehime (2,211) and Gunma (2,188).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 258.

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Nice, much smaller numbers.

Also not bad at all in okinawa! Though why we should even think about some speck of land hundreds of kilometers away is silly, it's like hawaii to the US.

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John Hopkins tally for Japan ( https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html )

Last Updated at (M/D/YYYY) 2022-08-27, 2:20 a.m

Total Cases 18,194,170

Total Deaths 38,565

Total Vaccine Doses Administered 311,980,293

28-Day Cases 5,834,895

28-Day Deaths 6,139

28-Day Vaccine Doses Administered 15,786,570

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Thanks for the info! Puts things in perspective.... just 0.1% of cases resulting in death and that's with the high average age in japan and fact that any death following PCR positive test is counted as a covid death no matter how coincedental or unrelated... I would think it would be higher!

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It would PAIN you to say an increase and huge numbers.

Not at all. Compare the numbers not with what you personally want, but for example with the first months of the pandemic or all the former six infection waves. It will pain you, to say not seeing a significant increase in numbers and death tolls here in Japan.

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 fact that any death following PCR positive test is counted as a covid death no matter how coincedental or unrelated...

How did you determine that as fact?

Got a credible source?

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Again everyone living and dying is not all that matters

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But since we're talking fractions: According to these numbers, in Tokyo, out of five tested-positive people becomes an inpatient. One out of 30 inpatients goes to the ICU. And one out of three in the ICU doesn't breathe on their own.

The numbers I come up with for Tokyo are 1/50 hospitalized and 1/207 in ICU.

Could be wrong.


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