Tokyo reports 18 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 221


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Tuesday reported 18 new coronavirus cases, up nine from Monday and 11 down from last Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 14, unchanged from Monday, health officials said.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 221. Osaka had the most cases with 36, followed by Tokyo, Chiba (17), Hokkaido (14), Okayama (14), Okinawa (11), Hyogo (11), Aichi (10), Gifu (10) and Kanagawa (10).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was seven.

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Those Abe masks did it.

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Those Abe masks did it.

If you mean the government handling of the Covid 19 issue you are correct. Japan is now the example to follow. Japan now has the lowest death rate, the lowest number of cases, and the highest vaccination rate. Soon the third round of jabs will begin. Take a look in the rear view mirror guys that is the world Japan is leaving in its dust.

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Hopefully because of the low numbers they'll ease travel restrictions more.


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Now for a timeline on letting vaccinated travellers return.

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Now for a timeline on letting vaccinated travellers return.

According to Nikkei's update, a new entry guideline will be announced this week, is supposed to be taken into effect this month. The quarantine would be shortened from 10 to 3 days for vaccinated visitors on business and study. The same may be applied for returners.

新規入国、水際対策を緩和 ビジネス目的なら待機3日に

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@marcelito so where are you from? What’s the big secret? What country is is that is doing so much better than Japan? And if you are there why are you so concerned about what is going on here in Japan?

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Well said! Some of the fanboy types are incredibly irritating and seem to believe everything the government post here.

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And the number of tests???

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Nationwide tally 221 cases. It is much lower than annual flu cases. It seems very (too) hard to get infected with coronavirus in daily life.

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