Tokyo reports 197 new virus infections; nationwide total tops 50,000


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Cute lady in a garden wearing a mask and it's gotta be COVID-19.....

It couldn't be hay fever or dust... gotta be COVID-19.

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the tokyo numbers are now probably distributed everywhere else to other prefectures due to the Go To Trouble (katakana) campaign during the obon.

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So? These are just “cases”. All of whom will be fine this time next week

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The Tokyo Metropolitan Government on Monday reported 197 new coronavirus cases as of 3 p.m. It was the first time since July 27 that the figure had dropped below 200, officials said

The writer of this article is too lazy not explain why the number dropped is it because it is on a downward trend or because the number of test was fewer.

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And, once again, the government trum pets lower numbers and conveniently forgets to mention it's a national holiday and all clinics and most if not all hospitals closed, with little or no testing being done in places it normally would. The real indicator will be two weeks from now -- if numbers are down then, and it has not spread to bon-holiday travel locations, we know it is on a downward trend. If it's still going up, which it almost certainly will be, then an actual lockdown -- not just lip service -- may need to be implemented.

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Today's numbers are not from today's tests. I may be wrong but I think there is a 3-4 day wait for results. So today's numbers are probably from tests conducted last Thursday or Friday.

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Cute lady in a garden wearing a mask and it's gotta be COVID-19.....

It couldn't be hay fever or dust... gotta be COVID-19.

Well, it protects against all 3.

But considering the news item and the caption accompanying the photo I’d say COVID-19 is the priority.

Walker Texas Ranger is smarter than that.

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Numbers are down, way down. Over 50% if you think about it. Is it because of Obon? Many workers heading home for the holidays or could it be the scorching heat zapping Covid-19 virus out of the air as it leaves a mucus cavity? Maybe its the testing or hospitals closed. Could be an up-tick tomorrow.

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You may well be right @smithinjapan when it comes to the numbers. one thing we actually agree on.

But 'Lockdown'? You still fail to acknowledge that the best you lot of doomsayers are going get is another State of Emergency. 'Lockdown' in the form that it has taken in other countries is not lawful and unenforceable here. How many times do you have to be told? Its effect in well developed countries that as it could, just about deal with with he cases in hospitals is now being called into question as to whether it was truly effective from a mental and economic standpoint. You have been saying 'two weeks from now' since April now. I do hope you are making the most of time at home whilst the rest of us are out trying to keep rent paid, the lights on and food on the table.

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A woman wearing a face mask to protect against the spread of the coronavirus walks in a botanical garden in Tokyo on Monday.

Must be without the mask she could get the coronavirus from the flowers or transmit it to them.

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Thank you Mr. Abe! We have overcome the virus and will send it back to gaikoku!

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Pretty girl, nice flowers, don’t quite see the connection with the article?

Any figures are subject to question due to the paucity of testing.

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I hope this Covid-19 is all just a dream... I have to get a a Company Annual Medical checkup as by Japanese law as soon as i tried to book a date they told me make sure you do not have a fever and if so do not come...................... so everyone who has a slight fever from all this CPP virus mongering can not get a med check unless no fever. I like to ask these doctors do you know what could cause a fever other than china viris???? its called being stressed out with all this crap.

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Fewer tests over the weekend will be the likely reason for the drop but I am sure the intense summer heat is no friend to COVID-19 either. Still plenty of people recovering as well, so I am sure we will start to see a drop in active cases soon.

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You just wait, unfortunately, the numbers are going to spike back up to 4 and even possibly 5 hundred all because Abe did not want to stand up be a leader and tell people stay home and out of shopping malls that were I heard clear on crowded, yesterday. What Abe is doing is a crime against us all who pay his monthly income to take charge in times like this and making hard on decisions to cut this virus down. S. Korea, is a great example who stepped up immediately and has managed to keep their numbers to a minimum and so why cannot Japan.

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I have a very conservative Japanese friend. He is 67 years old and a staunch supporter of the LDP (I am not but we get along fine). Even he is now saying these numbers are "not reality".

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Typical of newspaper reporting in this morning’s paper.

86 soccer students have been infected in Shimane soccer club. Makes it look like an outbreak, but what’s the real story? One club member tested positive so 149 students in his dorm got tested. Of these 86 tested positive.

fNews wants to suggest the one student spread it like fire to 86 people. But it really just means half the guys in the dorm were positive for the virus - FOR WHATEVER REASON.

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this CPP virus mongering ... china viris

Really? What a first-class berk.

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