Tokyo reports 2,004 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 14,328


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Sunday reported 2,004 new coronavirus cases, down 156 from Saturday and up 382 from last Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is three, unchanged from Saturday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 40, up four from Saturday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 14,328. Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Okinawa (1,268), Osaka (1,134), Kanagawa (1,062), Aichi (706), Fukuoka (703), Saitama (693), Hyogo (581), Hokkaido (550), Chiba (548), Kumamoto (433), Hiroshima (321), Kyoto (283), Kagoshima (282), Nagasaki (250), Shizuoka (230), Ibaraki (194), Miyazaki (192), Mie (182), Ehime (165) and Okayama (161).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 12.

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Other prefectures reporting high numbers were ... Hokkaido (550)

And zero corona-related deaths. For the second day in a row. It was two the day before that.

And it's almost always people who are in at least their 80s, who sadly were already elderly and frail and, frankly, very likely to pass away soon anyway.

In fact, I wonder how many were very close to death anyway, and just happened to hit a positive PCR test before they passed. Meaning that the corona had almost nothing, if even anything, to do with it.

My point? The COVID is like the flu now. The number of deaths related to it (miniscule) and the number of serious cases (only slightly less miniscule) simply do not warrant all this attention being given it.

Stop wearing masks (except in certain high-concern places like nursing homes) ... and stop giving us the daily exact COVID case count every day.

It's absolutely pointless, unless the goal is to continue the fear-mongering and to keep the revenue generating clicks going.

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I rode on bikes with my son to a local park today which was not crowded. It was 35 degrees Celsius, and it is a bit frightening to see a good majority who still wear masks outside, in uncrowded areas in blazing heat. I wonder if heat stroke deaths will skyrocket because of the lack of common sense.

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Had the infection in Japan which was a conscious decision (couldn’t be bothered anymore)and been out many times since sans mask; clubs, bars ,restaurants etc and no repeat infection.

Omicron is fading away and whatever is the variant won’t have a specific vaccine although we will still be told otherwise.

It is a gravy train that leaves a deep stain that we won’t be allowed to clean up anytime soon

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 bit frightening to see a good majority who still wear masks outside, 

Here is some news that is more frightening:

Covid: Omicron sub-variants ‘evolving to target the lungs and overcome immunity’ as UK cases surge

Scientists fear the sub-variants may be similar to the more deadly Alpha and Delta variants

I wonder who really lacks common sense if not intelligence?

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Stop wearing masks 

Stop telling the Japanese what to do in Japan.

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Sensationalist, tabloid rubbish no doubt. i’ll pass on that, matey.

There is always some doom and gloom out there on the internet. That’s how these ‘media’ companies survive.

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Extraordinarily high numbers still; especially compared to last year.

All the potential lives cut short by long term Covid effects.

Stay in.

Stay masked.

Rory KoelewijnToday  07:45 pm JST

So about a year ago I've noticed that my oldest son was ashamed of taking of his mask and showing his face in public (when taking a picture)... Let that sink in... He was ashamed/insecure about his face... Did that sink in?!

It sunk in.

Do you have your children wear a mask at home with you too??

Sounds like wearing masks at school protected him from getting Covid, and in turn protected you and others, so it is good to hear the worst effect from this crisis on him is his reticence to take off his mask.

Continued best of health to you all.

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And zero corona-related deaths. For the second day in a row. It was two the day before that.

So I guess Japan only has Tokyo and the rest of the country doesnt exist.

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Rory KoelewijnToday  08:16 pm JST

@ Painkiller...

Dude.. I want to think you are being sarcastic... And I'm pretty sure you are...

A little bit of sarcasm, and I can empathize with you if your child is reluctant to take off his mask and have his picture taken.

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All the comments trying to downplay this by referring to the low death count seem to be forgetting Long Covid. It reminds me of the people who say, “‘My old man smoked 50 cigarettes a day and lived till he was eighty”. Yeah, and I bet he struggled to even walk up the stairs.

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Both sides have become so polarized as a counter culture to each other, its just like politics in the US where each side takes a more and more outlandish stance to distance themselves as much as conceivably possible from the opposition.

You end up with one side saying its nothing more than the sniffles - that the best course of action is no form of vaccines, masks, border control/tourism requirements etc and the other side making laughable emotional appeals, speculating about new tidal waves of new scary variants and hyping it up as being this spiraling out of control & extremely dangerous virus that neccesitates self isolation.

My sneaking suspicion is that the anti measure crowd are mostly frustrated wannabe tourists hoping to visit ASAP and that the doomsdayers are egotistical gatekeeping foreign residents enjoying the lack of foreign tourists.

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