Tokyo reports 2,111 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,271


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Friday reported 2,111 new coronavirus cases, down 224 from Thursday and down 519 from last Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is two, up one from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 86, down six from Thursday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 19,271. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (1,530), Okinawa (1,326), Aichi (1,230), Fukuoka (1,081), Hokkaido (1,038), Kanagawa (1,027), Hyogo (806), Saitama (744), Hiroshima (574), Chiba (483), Gifu (425), Kagoshima (424), Kyoto (394), Kumamoto (363), Nagasaki (362), Okayama (326), Ibaraki (315), Miyagi (296), Miyazaki (292), Mie (214), Aomori (210), Niigata (209), Ehime (208), Yamaguchi (201), Nara (178), Shiga (173) and Iwate (170).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 32.

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Who cares?

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Why don’t you care?

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The problem: Doesn’t matter if it was 100,000 or 2111 cases …. Since the beginning of the pandemic, too many people adopted a “who cares” attitude. It’s always been the same old broken record . SOE…. Waaaaaaa…. Quasi SOE … boo hoo….. border controls…. Waaaaa …. Vaccines…. Conspiracy theories….. tourism…. Waaaa…… mask on mask off …. Waaaaa…… it’s these mindsets precisely that have always been the problem…. The minority of anti anything and everything…. What’s most pathetic is the “who cares” about anyone else . I don’t personally know anyone who has died from Covid. But I care that people died … the vast majority of people have done everything we could and continue to do to help mitigate the spread of Covid….. so yes …. I care …. The current trend despite the dangerous minority’s habits are still on the right path ….

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Who is this minority you speak of McCarthy? What are they doing? If you came to a big city like Tokyo or Osaka you would see that the vast majority of people have moved on and have resumed normal life, eating and drinking with friends. It’s only a small minority who are still sitting at home paralyzed by irrational fear trumped up by the media desperate to produce click bait. The rest of us have moved on. It’s got nothing to do with caring. Of course we care about anyone who gets sick from any disease.

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I have moved on, I do care but I’m also curious about this mystery minority that is supposedly doing terrible things here in Japan.

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Who cares?

Why don’t you care?

I care.

In Japan during this corona-virus age there has not been enough caring for the many poeple in dstressed circumstances, except f they are business owners and LDP cronies.

We need to still care for them in the pandemic as a majority have been left behind.

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Possibly but I’m about to move on and go drinking. Have a great night all.

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I’m still not sure what anyone has had to “move on” from in Japan . We’ve enjoyed the weakest set of restrictions on the planet earth. I’ve asked for a precise answer multiple times but it always gets twisted into an attack on me . Thank you for your well thought out words of wisdom Elvis :)

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In life we always have to balance many different factors. There are always extremists - on one side the idiot who said "One death from Covid is too many." On the other the one who said "It's nothing but a cold", which was certainly not the case in 2020, but is close enough to the case now.

The death figures have just been released for 2021. There were a total of 1,439,908 deaths, for an average 3,945 every single day. A lot of those people had sad demises at the end because of Covid, disallowing their relatives from meeting them.

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Wisely more and more japanese are either not wearing masks at all or wearing their psychological pacifier on their chin.

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