Tokyo reports 2,181 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,815


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Friday reported 2,181 new coronavirus cases, down 232 from Thursday and up 585 from last Friday.

There were no infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 36, down two from Thursday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 15,815. Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (1,365), Okinawa (1,175), Kanagawa (987), Aichi (887), Fukuoka (839), Saitama (690), Hokkaido (673), Hyogo (635), Chiba (544), Kumamoto (500), Kagoshima (319), Hiroshima (304), Kyoto (304), Ibaraki (280), Aomori (274), Shizuoka (261), Miyazaki (212), Miyagi (212), Mie (181), Shiga (179), Ehime (178), Saga (168), Gifu (153) and Okayama (150).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 15.

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Here we go again …. In the wrong direction…. New case numbers up …. New hospitalizations dramatically higher in day ….

Hospitalizations 126,979

Change from previous day +2,949

Hopefully, this is just a bump in the road …. Was nice to see Hawaiians Resort hosting over 300 foreign tourists today ! Borders are completely open! It’d be nice to keep the borders open ! Sure hate to see another SOE….. mask up when necessary…. Follow the 3 C’s! Get vaccinated or boosted asap ! Do your individual part! Thanks !

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directly in the article above it says…

There were no infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 36, down two from Thursday.

Not 126,979

i’m curious what do you think nationwide figure, 36 refers to?

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 Sure hate to see another SOE

Not likely unless a new variant comes and changes the situation, even when SOEs were much more easily justified they only came delayed and limited, at this point there is no realistic possibility people in charge will use them taking into account the current economic situation and how the people are used to the pandemic already.

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For those of you who need help in comprehension….

The actual number of hospitalizations as supplied by the jgov !

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@ Kenchi …. It refers to exactly what the story says…. “Severe symptoms .” Allow me to break that down for you in terms even a lay person can understand… “severe symptoms” means you’re on a ventilator, comatose, where healthcare professionals are doing all they possibly can to keep the patient alive hopefully long enough for the body to possibly turn the corner and possibly some form of recovery. However, as sad as it is, most people intubated with serious symptoms of Covid don’t recover…. And if they’re lucky enough to pull through it…. Have serious renal (kidneys and liver) damage …. If they don’t recover, they’re added to the daily death count upon their untimely death. Too many of you falsely assume or believe that only those with severe symptoms are hospitalized…. That’s simply not true .

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Sorry Steven, you are incorrect.

Those are June 22's numbers. According to the most recent official government Covid stats, the "total cases requiring hospitalization" for June 23 (yesterday) is now 129,960. An increase of 3,115.

Here is the English version website for the "Office for COVID-19 and Other Emerging Infectious Disease Control, Cabinet Secretariat, Government of Japan"

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Thanks for the respectful and accurate correction divinda…. Have a blessed weekend.

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You should actually go to the gov link provided to see the numbers. Here it is again

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These are NOT people currently in hospital. The figure refers to those who needed treatment, whether an aspirin, no treatment or whatever the doctor decided. Please understand that, currently there are around 9000 actually in hospital, the majority with minor symptoms.

The high figure is what I said it is. There are no over 100000 people in hospital in Japan with Covid now, it’s ludicrous, the hospitals would be over maximum capacity.

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Yes, falseflagsteve, I now see what you mean.

The misunderstanding is in how the term "hospitalization" is a bad choice for this official category. It would be better for the government to state "Cases Requiring Treatment".

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The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 15.

And that's coronavirus-related.

It's almost certain that most, if not all, of those 15 people did not actually die from the COVID, at least not directly.

It's almost certain that the 15 people who died were already elderly, frail, and battling at least one or two major health conditions.

In other words, this virus is like the common flu now, in terms of its deadliness.

I can't believe we're still face-diapering, "socially distancing," and otherwise letting this virus continue to pound us into neurotic, obsessive, normalcy-suffocating submission.

I've never seen anything like it in my nearly 60 years on this planet. I really haven't.

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@Steven Mccarthy,

I think you are confused as I was with the term "hospitalizations". Though the word would normally mean "people currently in hospital", the J-gov uses this term more broadly to include all people who may have visited a hospital or clinic to get treatment but did not necessarily stay overnight. The fine print on the Mainichi site you linked states it to mean "People with positive PCR tests who need hospitalization or other treatment".

This is the link to the Tokyo Government Covid website. They have more detail about their "hospital occupancy" and state it to currently be 690.

And since Tokyo has a population of about 14 million, which is a bit over 10% of Japan, when extrapolated it would indeed be a bit far fetched to suggest 129,000 other people are in hospitals elsewhere in Japan tonight for covid.

Humble pie may be bitter, but it is not poison.

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