Tokyo reports 2,329 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 17,285


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Wednesday reported 2,329 new coronavirus cases, up 667 from Tuesday and up 314 from last Wednesday.

There were no infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 36, up two from Tuesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 17,285. Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Okinawa (1,580), Osaka (1,414), Aichi (997), Kanagawa (919), Fukuoka (813), Saitama (780), Hokkaido (723), Hyogo (676), Chiba (526), Kumamoto (425), Hiroshima (404), Kagoshima (361), Kyoto (346), Shizuoka (310), Aomori (276), Miyagi (271), Nagasaki (259), Okayama (239), Mie (222), Saga (213), Ibaraki (213), Shiga (201), Miyazaki (193), Ehime (179), Ishikawa (178) and Niigata (173).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 15.

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Numbers keep going up.

The next wave is not even here yet.

Too many people out and about and not taking care to protect themselves and others.

Mask it.

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There were no infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo

This says it all.

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Stop looking at the number of cases.

it’s a waste of time

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Hopefully nothing more than a little bump (referring to the small daily average climb in the last week not the usual weekly jumps and drops from day to day)

The fall in cases since February has not been a smooth decline but has had some brief surges in mid April and mid May, hopefully this is the same case for June and likely another coming in July.

The most important thing is that it doesn't exceed the peak of 40,000 daily cases we had one month ago.

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Everyone in my family has covid , brother, sister, girlfriends and prob the cat too. Everyones getting better after a couple a days (age 50s) more chance dying from a falling fridge from the sky. Masks off , unless you’re Japanese of course.

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Am I right in assuming that the reason why your entire family has covid is because you don't wear masks? You prefer to just spread it around?

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If no one is reported to be hospitalized with severe symptom, then this should NOT be news anymore! Shhhhhupeeeed!

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Exactly Seigi

the voice of reason. Hospitalizations, deaths. Other than that irrelevant

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There were no infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo, health officials said.

Japan discouraged people with Covid symptoms from going to hospitals; would be interesting to see how many people who decided to ride it out at home died, and how those deaths were attributed.

In the US, for example, Omicron caused more deaths than Delta in many states.

Regardless, how are each of those 2.329 infected people feeling, and how will they feel in the months and years from now, and will they die prematurely for reasons attributed to these non-severe symptoms.

Took the Shinkansen the other day--everyone was masked up. Saw a handful of foreigners walking through various stations, and they were all masked up too.

Glad this column is having the right effect.

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Took the Shinkansen? I thought you said stay locked up at home

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