Tokyo reports 2,377 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 21,784


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Monday reported 2,377 new coronavirus cases, down 971 from Sunday and down 634 from last Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is three, down one from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 134, down five from Sunday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 21,784. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Hokkaido (2,021), Kanagawa (1,640), Fukuoka (1,209), Okinawa (1,090), Aichi (1,005), Saitama (952), Osaka (944), Hiroshima (836), Hyogo (626), Chiba (602), Shizuoka (471), Ishikawa (438), Kyoto (420), Okayama (371), Fukui (355), Kumamoto (323), Gifu (309), Niigata (295), Miyazaki (290), Fukushima (276), Shiga (267), Nagano (244), Nara (241), Mie (232), Saga (224), Oita (224), Miyagi (203), Kagawa (184), Gunma (183) and Yamaguchi (181).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 26.

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There is no country in the world that has 339,593 people in hospital for covid. 339,593 currently have a positive PCR in Japan and are being treated for covid.

Steven, you have completely misunderstood everything once again to fit your narrative and at this point and simply posting whatever you see fit. But it’s fine really, because everyone knows you’re wrong and several people have provided evidence. It’s almost like you want Japan to collapse and it’s disturbing.

Seek help.

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Here’s the hospitalisations in Japan since the start of the pandemic. The number of over 300000 presented by Mr McCarthy is the case number not hospitalisations.

As we see, under 10000 and falling since the peak towards the end of February.

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@steven McCarthy

maybe you had gone to bed last night and missed it, but we established that the 300,000+ figure you quoted was active cases, not hospitalizations. The figure includes the vast majority of people who tested positive who are recovering at home with mild symptoms.

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Make it Rain baby.

Rain Man is correct.

These 300,000 odd number in the link is just active cases. Not hospitalizations as someone else is saying.

The vast majority, just waiting at home with mild symptoms if symptomatic at all. Some maybe taking some kind of medication.

I had the deadly virus and just drank water. Was basically less than a normal cold for me.

The real issue was being stuck in a room for 5 days or so, when I could have been helping people develop a robust natural immunity by being outside.

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@Thomas, easy! Firstly they wake up feeling totally fine, and then call into work and explain they may have covid so they need the day off to test to be sure, then they request additional days for isolation until they get the result, meanwhile they play PlayStation 5 at home in their pyjamas, then they get their clear result and feel happy in the knowledge they did the right thing even though they never felt sick in the first place.

Anyway, I hope you are well.

Very :D Golden Week was kind to me.

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is about a 80% positive rate

This positivity rate is statistically meaningless.

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Japan only tests asymptomatic people.

You mean symptomatic

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The link in this article clearly states there are 1145 people in hospital with covid in Tokyo, out of an available 7229 beds, which is a capacity of 15.8%. Again, stated in this article, the number of severe cases in hospital is 3. The nationwide figure is 134.

As Tokyo is rightly not a country, there are apparently (according to other posters) 326,555 people outside of Tokyo in hospital right now which is minus Tokyo’s number (again, as stated in this article with a link for evidence).

A quick Google search shows the true figure of nationwide hospitalisation for Japan to be 9000, which is a huge difference to the 328,000 others like to claim when in fact this figure has been misunderstood to mean something it is not unfortunately. I suggest other posters learn some Japanese to be able to read factual evidence, or slow down before throwing figures out there to fit their own personal and patently false narrative.

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@divinda, yes, because people without covid usually don’t get tested for covid. It’s not rocket science.

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Surely now with the numbers, the Prime minister can announce the details of when Japan will be welcoming tourists, I want to finally come and visit the country and am waiting anxiously every day for an announcement. I really thought he would have announced something by now after his G7 summit announcement 12 days ago??

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It's going down. Open the borders!

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@Yubaru, ah, then we must assume everything has been falsified and is a lie and therefore I stopped reading your post because I cannot trust the data. Have a nice evening!

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@Rain Man

You asked why there aren't 10,000 cases per day.

I pointed out that if they only test 3003/day, then finding 10,000/day is impossible.

(not to mention, 2377 cases out of 3003 tests is about a 80% positive rate. Thats ridiculous.)

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But weren’t the cases supposed to be over 10,000 a day now because of the selfish golden week travellers?

Yesterday Tokyo tested 3003 people.

The day before was 7600.

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But weren’t the cases supposed to be over 10,000 a day now because of the selfish golden week travellers?

*Monday reported 2,377 new coronavirus cases, down 971 from Sunday and down 634 from last Monday.*

But weren’t people supposedly dying all over the place in hospitals and at home because of their severe covid case?

*severe symptoms in Tokyo is three, down one from Sunday*

But isn’t the national healthcare system under strain and going to collapse due to all the severe cases?

*nationwide figure is 134, down five from Sunday.*

Oh, hmm…

Speedy recovery to the three (3) people with severe symptoms in my home

pref of 14,000,000.

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A quick Google search shows the true figure of nationwide hospitalisation for Japan to be 9000,

Dont forget that the hospitalization number is inaccurate because the government does not publish up to date information about how many tens of thousands are NOT hospitalized but are being kept as "in-patients" in thousands of hotel rooms throughout the country.

Authorities are keeping hospitalization numbers artificially down, as to prevent the triggering of set guidlines for the "quasi" and "full" states of emergency.

Okinawa has a Japan worst 1016.48人 per 100,000 rate almost triple that of No. 2 worst Hokkaido, at 376.61 per 100,000, and the hospitalization numbers are at a bit over 58%

Okinawa issued a "Infection risk warning" from May 13th to the 26th, just like they do when it's flu season. even though according to prefectural guidelines it should be requesting a "quasi" state of emergency. But Dummy, the prefectural Gov. is loathe to do so because of economic factors .

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Nihon , these numbers are accurate as of May 12th. This in NOT an error in translation either .

Hospitalizations 339,593

Change from previous day +10,819

Severe cases 139

Change from previous day -14

The + 10,819 in new hospitalizations was based on 39000 cases . So not an anomaly. Furthermore, the + (plus) can change to a - (minus) number on any given day. Simply put , more people were discharged than were admitted. Y’all have a blessed evening.
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Japan only tests asymptomatic people.

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No. of hospitalizations and severe-case patients current as of 12 a.m. Total vaccinations as of May 12, 2022.)

340,000….. in the country of Japan .

Note : Tokyo is not a or the country . Without 46 other prefectures, Tokyo wouldn’t exist …. They bring zero manufacturing anything to the GDP. They are the secretary for the rest of the country . And never put stock in Sunday or holiday numbers.

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