Tokyo reports 2,514 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 19,386


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Tuesday reported 2,514 new coronavirus cases, up 997 from Monday and up 551 from last Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is five, up one from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 46, up one from Monday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 19,386. Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (2,302), Okinawa (1,744), Aichi (1,373), Kanagawa (1,091), Fukuoka (870), Kumamoto (843), Hyogo (823), Chiba (639), Saitama (478), Hokkaido (421), Kagoshima (420), Shizuoka (372), Nagasaki (363), Gifu (351), Saga (328), Ehime (314), Hiroshima (309), Shimane (305), Kyoto (295), Miyagi (237), Aomori (223), Miyazaki (222), Oita (220), Yamaguchi (197), Mie (190), Wakayama (168) and Kochi (150).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 108.

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Why is Okinawa always so high? I think I heard the governor there has Coronavirus now.

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Ehime 314

It remain exactly in the same range it has been almost every single day since the end of January 300-400. That is five months now. A bit lower on weekends and public holidays and some other times, a few times over 400 ( I guess no testing regime to be able to ever get any higher). Probably going up a little now as the omicron 4/5 wave will sweep Japan as it is the rest of the world (but this is a ripple that will hardly be noticed)

Deaths extremely low and hospitals never over run. If that is not endemic what is?

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William - The government is even advising people to take their masks off. No one really cares if people wear a mask or not and this is certainly not a foreigner vs Japanese “issue”.

The “I’m not like the other gaijin, I understand Japan” vibe gets tired very quickly. News flash - not all Japanese think the same way either so get over yourself.

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If this is another roadbump like in mid may or the one in mid april then its a real slow burner, cases seem to have stagnated and the trajectory is pretty flat. Fingers crossed that as it continues to increase for a while that the pace remains slow and that it doesn't get close to mid-mays peak of 40,000 daily cases nationally (or 13,000 in Tokyo)

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Numbers going up. Way up.

Masks on, stay in..

This is far from over. Another wave is on the horizon. Cook and drink at home.

Bars and restaurants will survive.

And so will you.

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Always going up but heat wave death is the one that is going higher...

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Why is Okinawa always so high? I think I heard the governor there has Coronavirus now.

Yes Denny has contracted covid, and even though I dont agree with his politics, I wish him a fast and total recovery.

One of the major reasons is apathy, and two we are really getting a ton of tourists from mainland again, and more and more people are tired of the masks, and are apathetic.

People are no longer shocked, nor seem to care about the increasing numbers, and health officials are continuing to keep hospitalization numbers at a number that does not trigger the "state of emergency"

I personally know numerous people in their late teens and twenties who contracted covid with very serious symptoms, high fevers, over 40C, difficulty in breathing, passing out, being transported to hospitals by ambulance, NOT being admitted, held until "stabilized" and then moved to a local hotel for their care and period of quarantine.

ALL of them, and their parents as well, asked the doctors why they or their children, were not being admitted into the hospital for treatment and were told directly from the doctors, "We don't admit young people into the hospital for treatment for COVID" "We only admit elderly and those who have conditions not associated with COVID that need treatment"

We are getting to the point down here were close to 20% of the population of Okinawa has tested positive, by numbers alone, but those numbers are really skewed as there is no way to calculate or know the numbers of people who have contracted it more than one time. I know quite a few that have contracted it twice and even a couple 3 times!

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Been out in the glorious sunshine, a trifle too hot for my liking, but never mind. Many people about maskless, finally seeing sense. Masks are silly in this hot weather especially for the elderly and little kiddies if they are running about.

Time to start enjoying life, as I have done the whole time, whilst taking any precautions you deem necessary

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Anon, wrong.

It has been around 100 and even below that a couple of times,

It's again another hefty increase.

Yesterday +100

14/6: + 170

23/6: +170

10/6: +50

And so on. Better stick with the facts!

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Thanks @Yubaru

It's a shame we don't get local information like you provided in the news. Cheers!

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About Ehime cases I did make a mistake I should have said they have been mostly in the 200-400 range since mid January. They only actually got just over 400 a couple times. Although this month it has fallen below 200 beyond weekends as well but todays result back over 300 could be indication the covid 4/5 wave to come may be hitting.

Whatever these numbers to me show that it is endemic and likely will remain so for months or years to come

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I know numerous young and older people including myself who had Covid, none of them were admitted to hospital and none of them had severe symptoms! Some were definitely flu like and needed to rest for a couple of days. Be not afraid and don’t let the fear spreaders scare you! The omicron variant is no worse than a mild cold for most and influenza for the rest.

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I personally know numerous people...

Seems you hang out with a particularly unlucky bunch of people.

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While I expected an increase from yesterday’s numbers of new cases, the more than 100% increase was not . That’s just some “bump in the road.” The 108 deaths is also a dramatic increase. Overall actual hospitalizations also had an increase.

Hospitalizations 132,640

Change from previous day +1,191

And NO!!! These are NOT people sent home with tylenol . They’re either admitted to an actual hospital or a hotel … under the care of Drs and nurses . Once they have recovered, they’ll be listed as discharged/ recovered. The other issue is that by far and away , “Omicron” has been the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan to date! 1/3 of all Covid deaths in Japan happened in the 1st 3 months this year . It isn’t some “flu” or “mild cold.” Keep safe! If you’re still not vaccinated/boosted…. Get your mRNA jabs started / finished ! The vaccines have and continue to work exactly as advertised! Against all variants! Mask up when necessary…. Perhaps reducing your times of “when necessary.” Way too hot these days .

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