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Tokyo reports 20,679 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 103,791


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday reported 20,679 new coronavirus cases, down 897 from Wednesday and up 4,141 from last Thursday.

By age group, 3,849 cases were in their 20s, 3,675 in their 30s, 3,457 in their 40s and 2,047 in their 50s, while 2,425 were aged between 10 and 19, and 3,007 younger than 10.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 38, up eight from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 911, up 25 from Wednesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 103,791. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (19,615), Kanagawa (7,090), Hyogo (6,502), Aichi (5,827), Saitama (5,627), Fukuoka (5,272), Chiba (4,659), Hokkaido (3,788), Kyoto (2,472), Shizuoka (1,697), Ibaraki (1,374), Okayama (1,307), Gunma (1,194), Hiroshima (1,179), Mie (1,013), Nara (927), Tochigi (925), Gifu (923), Kumamoto (884), Shiga (853), Ishikawa (714), Okinawa (701 including 49 cases among U.S. military personnel), Miyagi (683),Kagoshima (622), Fukushima (582), Nagano (582), Niigata (572), Nagasaki (565), Saga (560), Wakayama (556), Kagawa (416), Aomori (392), Miyazaki (392), Oita (391), Yamagata (350), Ehime (339), Toyama (312), Yamanashi (299), Kochi (259), Fukui (203), Tokushima (194), Akita (189) and Iwate (175).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 90.

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So a quarter of the infections are school age, and there are clusters in schools. The sheer number of infected children at one time carries several risks:

masses of people off sick at the same time, forcing the place to close down and interrupting their education

infecting their families, teachers and school staff who have a higher risk of serious illness, as well as fellow commuters if they take the bus or train to school

large numbers infected greater chances of incubating a more infectious or more virulent variant

overwhelming health systems

greater numbers of people infected means a greater probability that some will get complications or long Covid.

But I'm not holding my breath for Japan to do the right thing, get into the 21st century, and really get hybrid education (mix of online and face to face) working properly.

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Come on man! This testing has to be stopped. Stay safe and get your booster whether its your 3rd, 10th or 100th.


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Come on man! This testing has to be stopped. Stay safe and get your booster whether its your 3rd, 10th or 100th.

@Reckless - give them their due, they're doing their level best to ration testing!

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Elementary schools were closed today so it's get worse along with the hospitalizations. Wonder if this could be another undoing of a Japanese PM?

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On Jan 30th, around 220,000 tests were taken with 72,000 testing positive which is 31%

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Counting and testing doesn’t make any sense. Put the little beasts back into the Pandora’s box, that’s the only way, ZeroCovid now! There’s no other reasonable option, because no one can stand one new wave after the next, as it is not healthy, neither for oneself nor the economy or society. And I guess, most of you also already feel or know that or have a similar but still unoutspoken opinion.

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The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday reported 20,679 new coronavirus cases, down 897 from Wednesday and up 4,141 from last Thursday.

The numbers of infected are a convenient sounding board for the competing agendas, Better would be a "misery index" as had been done before to measure the impact the pandemic has had on the population as whole.

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For Moderna and Pfizer Vaccines Remember to get fully vaccinated, means 2X - twice - 二回

Those fully vaccinated should get BOOSTER after 5 months, 五ヶ月 事後, ブースター after being fully vaccinated.

For Those Seeking Vaccination Sites in Japan,


コロナワクチン ナビ




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It’s way past time to ramp up mass testing. Let’s see how bad the problem is ; or isn’t as some want to think. Call me a fear monger if you wish . By degree; I’m a registered nurse . By job, I’m a kindergarten English teacher. 11 years , 1 school. These daily numbers which we know are way off are horrifying. How anyone can still act as if omicron is daijobu, is beyond me. People are rightfully scared , for themselves, their children. People are dying from this everyday. This is not some common cold or seasonal flu. It’s an international pandemic. It’s time for the whole world to shut it down. Freeze worldwide economic activities for a few weeks . Leave your houses for only true need. Going out to a restaurant, bar, shopping, amusement park, etc can wait . The entire world has the power to get over this but it will take hard choices and short term sacrifices. We cannot move on from this with the current status quo. Time for the selfish few to be forced to join in and stop spreading the corona virus and the virus of misinformation. Start caring about others before karma comes back to you . Lastly, Japan does NOT report the death of children of all ages from Covid . Checked fact . It’s a state secret .

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Come on man! This testing has to be stopped.

They actually don't test now in some cases but still diagnose

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 make that 96.5 positivity.

Don't know if that's accurate but it's possible to hit above 100% now that people can be diagnosed positive without test

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Kishida's fault. Incompetent.

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Just want to repost from another thread, a little something to consider:

> Sorry to keep posting about US situation but it's one of the starkest reminder we can have of how dangerous covid still is.

CNBC reported Feb 1 that the US death toll hit it's highest death toll in about a year.

NYTimes says deaths have "surpassed the worst days of the autumn surge of the delta variant, and more than two thirds as high as the record tolls of last winter when vaccines were largely unavailable"

Booster hesitancy is linked to higher deaths from omicron.

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I have already received my documents from my Ward office about the booster shot. However, I have not decided if I will take it.

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. It’s time for the whole world to shut it down.

Unfortunately the opposite is what's happening, many countries are lifting restrictions.

But each country of course did after careful consideration, I'm still optimistic it will turn out well

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It is clear sea re approaching the maximum number of daily cases the testing rate in Japan will ever show. And not just in Tokyo but all prefectures. Differences between prefectures is often simply just less tests. Bigger cities more labs therefore more tests and more cases. Smaller prefectures can never have thousands of cases they just simply never do enough tests as they are just not able to do more for this to be possible, As for Tokyo some people said they had the capacity for 100,000 tests a day. This has never happened nor will it even if there is the capacity (which is unlikely) as they simply do not want to find so many cases, it will be interesting to see about the new no test cases just designated by doctors, I suspect because they are not actually be from tests they will not be counted in the official numbers.

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For you people calling for “zero COVID”, how exactly is that going to work? China has been trying this approach for the past two years and they have yet to achieve “zero COVID”. With all their crippling restrictions, closing borders, lockdowns, sealing residents in their apartments practically starving them to death and all the rest of it, all they are doing is playing a game of lockdown whack-a-mole with new cases popping up all the time. Do you seriously think that every country and every person on the planet are going to agree to comply with an even more draconian set of restrictions simultaneously probably for months on end, which is what would be required to have any hope of eliminating the virus? Clearly this is not going to happen. Absolutely no chance. You need a more pragmatic approach.

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have already received my documents from my Ward office about the booster shot. However, I have not decided if I will take it.

@Numan, please do. Your chances of serious illness, complications and death are hugely reduced, you are less likely to suffer and less likely to increase the burden on the health system when it is coming under strain. For your own sake, and for those around you, take the plunge. I had mine last week. It wasn't fun for a few days, but really, "just like a little flu".

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For you people calling for “zero COVID”, how exactly is that going to work?

At least better than all your doing nothing with already more than 5mio. deaths and further spreading and rising! You probably don’t get a detailed answer, because I somehow feel you are not at all really interested in any other attempt than the current official one, which is leading to just nothing else than new waves and more deaths or LongCovid patients. Btw. China has not made any real full ZeroCovid attempt, but they have nearly quite low numbers in comparison anyway.

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For those against restriction and "herd immunity" prophets, look at the situation in Sweden :


50% of the trains canceled because of sickness

20% of all truck drivers out sick

Large grocery stores forced to shut down parts of their store because of staff shortages

Mail, fire, and sanitation services cancelled for entire towns because staff shortages

Regular people asked to fill in public service jobs

60% loss of business for hotels

10% of the police staff out sick

Schools force to shutdown because too many out sick

25% students out sick, 23% teachers out sick

16 hour wait times for children emergency room

and so on ...

So, yeah, it's not so deadly so let's get all sick at the same time ?

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ts normal practice on normal media!

Can you post example? I'd like to see the count now if possible

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At this point we need to start living with the Virus.

Vague 'live with virus' soundbite, check.

If you are not comfortable with the next step that will be taken then just stay in your tiny apartment or house

Strawman solution, check.

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“I have already received my documents from my Ward office about the booster shot. However, I have not decided if I will take it.“

why not, Numan? There is nothing to lose.

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Why not just say the entire population tested positive.

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Someone asked me in a previous thread that was closed how I got my booster.

To answer the question, it depends on which ku/city you live in.

I got my original vaccines in May as a healthcare worker. Since 8 months have passed since #2, so I became eligible for #3. Though the time was boosted up to 6 months.

If 6 or 8 months have passed since your #2, visit your local city's vaccine website for information. If you recently moved to a new city different than your #2, you'll need to apply by mail. You can call them for more information.

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or you can just stay home and ponder how there is no vaccine for HIV (40 years). no vaccine for cancer (100 years) and no vaccine for the common cold (since the beginning of time)

But somehow are FOUR vaccines released for a virus that had existed for 1 year.

-8 ( +4 / -12 )

Are you ok? Have you been in your bunker since COVID started? If not, please do your part and LOCK yourself down. Also, please turn of your phone and computer. It is not safe for you.

The quote function is meant for the text that you are replying to, not your own reply.

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@steve McCarthy

no we don’t shut down the economy for a virus where the majority of the positives have no symptoms to very light symptoms.

japan has gone mad, 99% of the people here have been wearing mask the whole time. This is a perfect example that shows that masks have no impact.

the problem is, the free pcr test and contact tracers. Once someone has a positive test the health department asks that person who they have been around and give all those people pcr test. once they find another they ask that person to take a test. And on and on it goes.

eventually the bureaucracy will not be able to handle the positives who have no symptoms and have to reduce the testing.

As the Japanese call it, a television virus. It’s mind virus that scares people into their houses, shoot up their kids with experimental drugs and give up on living their lives. Where have the men gone in this country? Who will stand up to this nonsense? I won’t hold my breath but I will be leaving soon until The Japanese can figure out how to turn their televisions off.

-2 ( +5 / -7 )

Steven McCarthy

FFS factcheck - Deaths of all ages are reported by the Japanese government.

This wave could be at the peak or will be in days, severe cases and deaths will fall shortly. If you want a booster or need one, get it, if you’re obese lose weight, if your unfit, exercise, if you eat junk food, eat fresh veg daily. If you don’t want booster don’t have, it nobody else’s business.

We hear those claiming Omicron is so dangerous due to high deaths in the US. Of course, a totally unfit nation with obesity rates nearing 40%, with a poorly ranked and overpriced health service. Japan is a totally different situation as are other countries that experience far lower deaths from Omicron. Yet no media or the CDC make an effort to push for weight lose and better fitness and diet. It’s vaccines, masks, lockdowns, nothing else, it doesn’t work as we see.

I shall continue to go out daily and support local business as I have done all the time, many restaurants and bars have stayed open in this part of Osaka contrary to what a poster here commented earlier. I should know I live here and in the real one.

Businesses have suffered due to the cowardly behaviour of some, many we see commentating here demanded full lockdowns that destroy children’s lives as the evidence has swoon worldwide.

‘This wave will be over soon and hopefully the drama queens will find something else to be scared of.


I agree too many Lilly livered types that are scared of their own shadow

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According to the link, there were 21,428 tests yesterday.

20,679 positive cases.

I make that 96.5 positivity.

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Too many, way too many! And increases all over the place.

Also those who require not just hospitalization, but ICU and so on.

This doesn't look good at all and is no fear mongering!


There really isn't much more to say!

I think there is something more and important to say: In comparison to previous strains, the numbers of severe cases and deaths are relatively small. For example,

Yesterday - Total cases: 20,679 Total severe cases: 38 Total deaths: 4

8/18/2021 - Total cases: 5,139 Total severe cases: 274 Total deaths: 25

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90 deaths in a day. RIP.

A proper lockdown would be a great way to stop this from getting more out of control than it is. Just wish the laws in Japan allowed it.

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96,845 cases and 90 deaths since yesterday. RIP.

Around 4,000 people die every day in Japan. With the prevalence of omicron, you would expect at least a hundred of those who died to be infected, statistically speaking. It's also highly likely that they died "with" COVID, and not "from" COVID.

-8 ( +2 / -10 )

FFS checked and verified fact : Japan does not report the number of deaths of children in any age group from Covid . 2nd, someone with your lifestyle has zero credibility telling others to lose weight . There you go again . I noticed you changed your daily false prediction from the peak “will be” to “could be.” Businesses have not suffered because people care about their right to live . Businesses have suffered because unlike the rest of us , they spend all their profits made from years of over charging. Shame on them if they can’t weather the storm. Since businesses need the general public to survive , maybe they’ll finally support drastic changes . People are dying . Daily . Do some of you not understand that if not for Covid , millions of people rather they be fat , elderly, or unfortunately born with say diabetes would still be here . But they are DEAD. Even some healthy people with zero health problems. Talk trash about America? In America, it’s a crime to knowingly go out with a communicable disease. Same here with TB. You cannot legally have health insurance without TB testing. Fact checked .

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