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Tokyo reports 20 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 163


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday reported 20 new coronavirus cases, down seven from Wednesday and down 11 from last Thursday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 10, unchanged from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 76, down two from Wednesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 163. The number of coronavirus-related deaths was five.

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It's over. Enjoy your life.

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For the vaxxed, this is just beginning. For the unvaxxed, we can still get infected by the vaxxed. The gov should demand vaxxed people quarantine when the surge starts. Probably in 2~3 weeks.

Just to be clear, is this surge to be in America or in Japan?

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There's no point in reporting these fake numbers. Only start reporting once Japan decides to test people for free and without the stupid conditions.

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What a circus.

These numbers are totally not realistic, especially considering the very low testing number in Japan.

Countries with same vaccination rate (as fully vaccinated persons), and with Digital COVID Certificate necessary for everything in daily life (to enter offices or to enter a restaurant), are still registering thousands of infected daily, and Japan (120 milions citizens without COVID Certificatein used in daily life) declare only 76 infections.

If you do not test, if you test very few persons each day, of course only 76 infections will be registered.

Of course, you are free to believe this fairy tale of 76 infections. Yes, believe, the same as “in Fukushima is everything ok” declared few months after the disaster (and everything is NOT ok 10 years later). Believe….

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For the vaxxed, this is just beginning. For the unvaxxed, we can still get infected by the vaxxed.

It get's worse for you I'm afraid whatever the scenario. Being unvaccinated means you have a much higher chance of developing serious problems from the virus. Vaccinated people have a much lower chance of this.

The lesson from this is that being vaccinated is far better than being unvaccinated.

You should join our club Rob, you'll love it it's brill.

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It's over. Enjoy your life. @Good

yes, of course, it’s all over for us, so enjoying the now much shorter rest of it is the best thing everyone should do, while still be able to. so it’s valid in both directions.

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I see no reason why these reported numbers should not be true. It's not only Japan, but other Asian countries report similar strongly declining data, for example South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Vietnam etc.

If you don't believe Japanese data, I wonder why you should believe data from China or from USA.

Nobody knows what will happen next, another wave might start soon and it will infect more people than even before. Covid-19 is still far away from over.

In Japan many people are vaccinated now against covid-19, will receive also 3rd shot, are using face masks everywhere, cleaning their hands often, keep restrooms clean, do not shake hands and keep distance, use separation sheets in supermarkets and restaurants between cashier/customer and guests etc. - have health insurance and report quickly if they feel unwell to their nearby medical doctor etc.

Obviously this helps a lot to keep the number of infections down.

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Plenty of talk about being vaccinated but none about keeping healthy, eating well and keeping a healthy weight. The vaccine is less effective in the obese and those with a poorly functioning immune system. In Japan we have low obesity, high vitamin D intake, higher exercise levels amongst other factors. No doubt there are more Covid cases about but they are not causing the severe symptoms we see in countries with high obesity and poorer health.

Many studies being made and being ignored by governments, such as this one regarding vitamin D.


Vaccines alone are not the only way to reduce Severe cases and deaths.

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It's surging somewhat.

Let's be calm and beat this virus!

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