Tokyo reports 206 more virus cases; infections high in tourist spots


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Well? What do you expect in a metropolis as large as Tokyo?

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Kyodo, please the number of positives is meaningless without the number of pcr test. How about for a change write an article with some flesh and not the skeleton that is always the norm.

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How many were tested? If 250 were tested, this is terrible news. If 200,000 were tested, it's cause for optimism (and presumably Hell has frozen over).

Without a test size, these figures are pointless. Do some damn reporting!

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Still very low, and not fatal cases. Not newsworthy

-16 ( +8 / -24 )

Numbers have been lower for the last few days. A good sign. Recoveries have been high, so I think we will start to see a fall in the number of active cases soon.

Infections haven't gone anywhere near the numbers all the doom and gloom merchants here thought they would.

-22 ( +3 / -25 )

The daily figures reflect the most recent totals reported by health authorities and medical institutions.

This means nothing and it's actually an obfuscation of the information since it's actually available. The  Thursday’s 206 new cases are based on 1,698 tests conducted on Monday. This also means that testing numbers are significantly lower than the weekly average possibly because of the Bon holiday period.

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I am very very sorry for all the fear mongering and wishing cases will increase people.

Cases dont increase currently in Tokyo.

I am very sorry for you ultraparanoia, fear mongering people.

But maybe tomorrow the cases will increase.

Good luck for you.

-27 ( +4 / -31 )

What about the rest of Japan. Just focusing on Tokyo will mean some will think the virus isn’t where they live.

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The results today come from tests on Monday. As Monday was still a holiday, test numbers were much lower than usual and hence the low result.

The first significant result of the week will be tomorrow.

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"Thursday’s new cases are based on 1,698 tests conducted on Monday. Testing numbers are significantly lower than the weekly average, possibly because of the Bon holiday period."

Says it all.

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I give candies to my record-breaking downvoters, love you ;)

-15 ( +3 / -18 )

The quality of these daily "reports" on JT is so very poor that theres no point reading them. Meaningless without necessary data.

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Deaths are still very low inspite of the high number of cases in july.

Time to open the economy a little more.

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How many tests were processed? Aren't at least half the labs closed for O-bon this week?

-5 ( +6 / -11 )

Or you could check the Kyodo page too, rather than complaining about Japan Today.

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Total infected are over 52000, it is many times of neighboring other Asian countries.

Japanese Abe government had insisted as if Japan succeeded, but, actually, Japanese authorities wasted opportunity that can decrease infection or stop epidemic.

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Total infected are over 52000, it is many times of neighboring other Asian countries.

People here have difficulties trusting Japan numbers. Numbers from other Asian countries is probably not gonna make much of an argument.

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This evenings' news stated that 5 cases came from a hostess club from which had one of Koike's idiotic sticker that says the establishment followed guidelines regarding the coronavirus. Now, yes, people there is going to be, WAIT another investigation. Shut down these hostess clubs and izakayas, and keep all other essential businesses open if this does not happen ICUS are going to spike again to an unmanageable number and they are rising according to the news.

-8 ( +4 / -12 )

Its expected that people here will have difficulty trusting the numbers.

They don't even know where to find data for number of tests after all this time.

How can you trust numbers you don't even have a clue how to assess?

-10 ( +3 / -13 )

How can you trust numbers you don't even have a clue how to assess?

I 100 percent trust the death count in Japan is accurate and sincere.

As for the tests and the other nonsense I just can't care less.

-13 ( +3 / -16 )

Go on i@n, you seem smart , pick an Asian country and tell me where and why you personally think their numbers are accurate. Is it because they say they test a lot more then Japan ? Is this how you verify accuracy ?

Actually pick any country in the world and tell why you would think their numbers are accurate

-12 ( +3 / -15 )

I would like to oblige you but as I mentioned several times already in this forums I don't have much time to spend to look for and vet sources of data and info, much less to actually try to analyze them.

In any case if I would do it I would first look into how the data are gathered. If we know and understand how they are gathered them we would also have have an inkling on the limitations, which bears on the accuracy.

There are many sources of data and the best way to establish trustworthiness would be to gauge if the different sources corroborate each other. I don't really think of "trustworthiness" when thinking of data, I just work with what's best available.

But if I must answer your question then as limited as my knowledge of the pertinent data then the situation im most familiar with now would be Japan.

I look mostly at the number of deaths also. In fact even before I knew the term I posted somewhere here before that if people doubt the number of deaths they should look for data regarding excess mortality, though of course that wasn't the terms I used

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Tokyo reported 206 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday, above 200 for the second straight day, amid a relatively small number of infections in urban areas and tourist spots in Japan as the summer holidays peak.

Fixed again.

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So for all the downvoters, do you think that's a large number for a city like Tokyo? I'm sincerely confused.

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If the cases are confirmed what are they doing to take care of the newly 206 confirmed COVID-19 individuals? Medical support? Infact how were they able to get tested. What are the likely hood of death and ICU visits out of those 206?

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If they told you the reality, they wouldn't be able to scare people anymore. Media seems to like keeping everyone in fear and at home watching their news. Funny how they say it's been X consecutive days over 300, then when it drops down to the 200s, they switch to X consecutive days over 200. Always reporting it in a negative light.

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