Japan reports 208,551 new coronavirus cases; 21,770 in Tokyo


Japan on Tuesday reported 208,551 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 21,770 new cases, up 6,685 from Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 39, up three from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 646, up six from Monday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (22,924), Aichi (18,060), Fukuoka (11,198), Hyogo (10,195), Kanagawa (8,987), Shizuoka (6,885), Saitama (5,877), Chiba (5,732), Hokkaido (5,587), Gifu (5,116), Kumamoto (4,618), Kagoshima (4,199), Okinawa (3,803), Hiroshima (3,671), Ehime (3,283), Kyoto (3,256), Nagasaki (3,083), Saga (2,951), Nagano (2,950), Gunma (2,935), Okayama (2,926), Mie (2,858), Tochigi (2,702), Shiga (2,664), Oita (2,643), Ibaraki (2,539), Miyazaki (2,505), Yamaguchi (2,469), Fukushima (2,231) and Kagawa (2,169).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was a record daily high 340.

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Tokyo reports 21,770 coronavirus cases

Super high numbers still.

Okinawa numbers going uo, so that is an indication Tokyo numbers will also rise--or, at least the positivity rate will.

Time for lock downs.

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High case numbers = high number of full recoveries.

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Painkiller you will see from some of the other sites that the government is looking at scraping pre-departure tests and increasing the cap even further from next month, so no matter how much you keep talking about a lockdown it is never going to happen.

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The government is restarting Go to Travel and Go to Eat campaigns. Perfect timing.

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At how many deaths per day are they going to say "enough is enough"?

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The number of coronavirus-related deaths was a record daily high 340.


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No rest for the weary...

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5500 deaths from July 22nd to August 22nd. (Not including today's figure). 

Trench warfare public healthcare policy. 

Nicely done LDP, take a bow.

Very sorry for these 5,500 victims and the other Japanese and world victims before.

Buy I think you are too harsh on Japan.

So far 38,000 died in japan versus 1,066,000 in the states. If you take into consideration the different size of the population this is 10 times more in US.

And the figures are identical for Europe.

I am not a fan of the LDP to say the least, but basically the management oh the crisis has been better than in other countries.

Maybe it is not your impression because the coverage of the crisis by the Japanese media is so fear mongering IMO.

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Painkiller is flat out wrong on some many points there.

Tokyo’s number today is lower than it was same day last week and much lower than the high 30k numbers a few weeks ago. Super high NOT.

Same deal with Okinawa’s number compared to the same day last week. It’s going down NOT up.

Also since when is Okinawa the lead indicator for Tokyo’s future number. Another wrong statement there.

Based on the above, it’s no wonder your call for a lockdown is so ridiculous

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