Tokyo reports 22,387 coronavirus cases


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Monday reported 22,387 new coronavirus cases, down 5,725 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 15, up one from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 249, up 16 from Sunday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Chiba (7,320), Hyogo (6,262), Kyoto (3,760), Hokkaido (3,361), Okinawa (2,562), Nara (2,134), Hiroshima (2,046), Kagoshima (1,867), Niigata (1,577), Shizuoka (1,524), Okayama (1,284) and Miyazaki (1,026).

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There is no such thing as herd immunity from Covid…..

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The Japanese government are letting this wave rip through the population because of other scenarios that are infinitely worse. First, the economic one. No country wants to follow the path that Sri Lanka is on. Secondly, massive herd immunity before autumn and winter hits hard. The UK - much maligned in the initial waves - has seen less intensive care cases with each subsequent wave because of herd immunity combined with the uptake of vaccines. Herd immunity is the only way to go, however unpalatable that may be for some.

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Well I think I have the current version of the virus from Sunday and it is the worst yet for me. Terrible fever, headache, body ache, sore throat and non-stop coughing. Take care everyone.

I hope you managed to get Lagevrio anti-viral medicine. It seemed in A&E that they are prescribing it if you are at risk. I hit 39.1 and found the headaches and body aches the worst. For my partner it was more like a regular cold, and as I almost certainly got it from him, it has different strokes for different folks. Keep taking the fluids, try to eat well to keep your strength up, and hope you start to come through it soon, Reckless.

I also hope some of the chronic idiocy regurgitated on here keeps you amused ;)

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 getting the booster makes living with the virus possible!

Not in an at-risk group, have already had this year's strain of covid and was fine = no need to bother with an additional injection based on a 2-year old, 5 strains ago virus.

If you're at-risk and if you haven't had a recent strain of covid then go for it if you want (like 60% of people in Japan).

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“surely shut it all down, mask mandates, distancing etc etc. “

Bring those ideas back to where you belong.

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ウィズ コロナの時代

This will be the new abused slogan for companies eager to go back to normalcy which is fine, but I still hope we can retain the work from home (or anywhere) policy after we've moved on because I got so used to not having to commute and instead use that time to exercise and cook at home.

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Nice to see me at minus 7 - means both that people on here don't get sarcasm but, more importantly, that the old tired lockdown approach may never be used again.

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blah blah blah, these aren't the true case numbers, yada yada yada it's the day after a holiday, whatever the new reason is to keep hysteria at an all time high two and a half years into a (now) endemic virus.

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Dr. McCoy called and wants credit for stealing his bit.


It’ll be over when it’s over. I asked my doctor when that would be and he said,”How the hell would I know,I’m a doctor not a politician”

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This waved peaked 1 week ago. It will go away as fast as it appeared (with a whimper). Serious cases are still well under control (as was expected) so I no need to worry

Let me guess, you dont live in Japan, and you have zero idea of how the system works. Gotta be that way, because your post fails to take into account the fact that many testing facilities are off on Sunday, hence Monday numbers being lower than any other day of the week!

Next, down here, having over 2,500 cases on a Monday, suggests that this week is going to be worse than last week, as Monday numbers are a guide to the rest of the week. Today's number was a record high for a Monday!

Oh and hospitalization rate is over 82% and the number of infections/positive rate per 100,000 is now over 1,900. If you think last week was a "peak" then you really have no idea of what you are talking about!

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Life goes on the majority. I can understand those being gravely Ill, very senior or obese having concerns but for others it’s time to learn to live with Covid.

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surely shut it all down, mask mandates, distancing etc etc. We can't let the virus beat us.

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That seems like a helluva big number for a Sunday.

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