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Japan reports 138,613 coronavirus cases; 23,135 in Tokyo


Japan on Monday reported 138,613 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 23,135 new cases, up 395 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 38, down four from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 607, down six from Sunday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (9,541), Kanagawa (9,049), Fukuoka (8,076), Saitama (7,128), Aichi (6,107), Hyogo (5,881), Hokkaido (5,290), Chiba (5,075), Hiroshima (3,919), Kyoto (3,389), Okayama (2,790), Kagoshima (2,626), Ibaraki (2,557), Nara (2,137), Shizuoka (2,094) and Okinawa (2,082).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 204.

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take care guys stay safe dont panic.all will be okay

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Take care everyone, this isn’t a flu!!!!!

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I want people to know the implications of not wearing a mask or social distancing. I don’t care if they wear a mask or don’t but I want the general public to know the risks. I caught Covid in January 2022.

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But in January 2022 before that I heard nothing

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I suppose the more info and overview the better, though it has no say in IF you are infected, only WHEN. I suppose you could go as far as saying that if a person is considering their first vaccine or their last one was a long time ago and are getting a booster soon then try to be very careful until that date, but if you were recently vaccinated or infected then the best thing would be to try and expose yourself to the virus again sooner rather than later while your immune system is still in a readied state and you have the chance to bolster it by fighting off a new infection, rather than waiting til the efficacy of your last vaccine or infection has worn off.

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I want people to know the implications of not wearing a mask or social distancing

Brian, the CDC has just dropped the masking and social distancing guidance.

They realize covid is here to stay.

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Hello all,

Let me quickly put my comment before this thread gets closed.

I had a question to Virusrex. I have not been connected for a couple months.

Just reconnected recently, I see that the number of daily deaths is skyrocketing.

Do you have a logical explanation to that as I recall you were a solid proponent of the mRNA vaccjne

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Samauri jack link please I see no evidence of this, even if it is the case does not change anything people should still know the risks

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There's no doubt the vaccines have helped mitigate serious cases and deaths in the course of the last couple of years. Unfortunately a virus with extremely high transmissabilty like this mutates rapidly which causes any given vaccine to have gradually declining efficacy from the moment it has been developed. At this point with the current strain, the vaccines at hand have largely lost their past efficacy and while they still do help prevent serious symptoms to a degree, its not making much of a dent at all as the virus thoroughly established itself in the global population. Cases have started falling and deaths will lag behind by up to a few weeks before they too begin to drop in late August.

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The numbers look interesting. Thanks for the update JT.

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The US has More infrastructure for taking care of Covid patients than Japan. That is probably why the cdc says no masks because they can afford to take care of those that need to go to the hospital in the hospital but in Japan that remains to be seen.

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The guidance for vaccinated and non vaccinated people is exactly the same now

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Nice to see numbers coming down! Couple of weeks and they’ll finally end sakoku….

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Counting numbers has become counterproductive in Japan. The only count that’s important is the number of days left before they drop all restrictions like other progressive countries have done.

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Excellent news from the UK. The Moderna Bivalent vaccine has been approved. Hopefully approved here shortly soon. Flu shot and the new Moderna shot at the same time is the way forward. Let's avoid a bad winter together.

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@raf …. The number of daily deaths is skyrocketing because there are over 1.9 million people currently under the care of Drs and nurses around the clock on hospitals, hotels, and other facilities… in medical terminology….”Hospitalized.” The entire healthcare system has collapsed…. Countrywide…/ there is nowhere to put more patients… the number listed as those with “severe symptoms” Is 607 which is down 6 but somehow 204 people died from Covid…. Those numbers don’t jive or …. 1/3 with severe symptoms die each day or worse …. Some are dying at home or in some hotel …. And there’ll be another million cases added over the next 3 days … keep safe people.

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Life goes on for the vast majority and those still stick in the panic of 2 years ago seem to be very sad and angry

Enjoy life and maintain a PMA ( Positive Mental Attitude), like I do 24/7

Be happy and stay healthy guys

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The latest “hospitalization” stats dropped from the Jgov this evening.

The stats thru 8/10 dropped late due to Obon holidays.

Active cases: 1.95 million

Truly hospitalized : 36,600

Hotels: 32,000

Total corona beds available in hospItal + hotels=122,000

Home recuperation: 1.56 million (no doctor/ nurses here)


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