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Japan reports 183,609 coronavirus cases; 23,773 in Tokyo


Japan on Saturday reported 183,609 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 23,773 new cases, up 3,372 from Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 43, up one from Friday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 625, down 12 from Friday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (17,557), Aichi (12,178), Fukuoka (11,057), Hyogo (9,888), Kanagawa (9,571), Saitama (6,778), Hokkaido (6,282), Chiba (5,785), Shizuoka (5,572), Kagoshima (3,967), Gifu (3,855), Kumamoto (3,550), Hiroshima (3,252), Miyagi (3,182), Okinawa (3,125), Kyoto (2,840), Ehime (2,718), Shiga (2,667), Nagasaki (2,569), Gunma (2,503), Tochigi (2,452), Nara (2,410), Nagano (2,326), Okayama (2,285), Ibaraki (2,282) and Oita (2,183).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 255.

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Tokyo reports 23,773 coronavirus cases


Lock down this country.

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You can add one more to that number. Felt a bit rough this morning, home test shows positive.

9 hours later I'm running a fever of 39.

The wife called around all the recommended helplines and guess what? Nobody is answering.

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Seems like you’re a tad unlucky, only small minority get a fever with the current variants.

Take it easy, don’t stress and get well soon.

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Get online and get a bottle of Quercetin 500mg,

(take 2 a day for 7 days)

a bottle of elemental zinc, 50mg capsules, vit c 1000mg,

vit D 5000IU, 250mg.

(1 of each a day, 7 days.)

The sooner, the better. Also whatever meds you usually take for bringing fever down or headache.

Drink lots of water.

This is the protocol recommended by frontline doctors, from Dr. Zelenko.

Choose or not, it’s an option, and will do no harm.

Good luck!

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Tokyo reports 23,773 coronavirus cases


Lock down this country.

Broken record. You probably do not think what you say but just want to attract attention.


I wish you a prompt recovery.

26 ( +29 / -3 )

Numbers have already peaked and the wave will gradually recede. What happens next? Best to follow other progressive countries and move on with life and stop counting numbers. Unfortunately, I’ve got a feeling the long-Covid obsessives, mask fascists, big government control freaks and hypochondriacs won’t let it go without a fight.

-1 ( +13 / -14 )

If 99.9% can be treated with over the counter meds and vitamins it’s no longer a pandemic.

What vitamins do in the treatment of covid?

The risk of the pandemic going worse again is not over yet, people are still justified in taking care and do rational measures to reduce the risk from the infection. That no longer means lockdowns or state of emergency situations but it does not mean it is fine to act as if nothing is happening either, the disease still represents a risk comparable with a bad year of influenza, even with high levels of vaccination and some measures against transmission still in place.

-6 ( +7 / -13 )


Your info is incorrect

10% suffered long Covid with previous variants, 5% with Omicron variants.


0 ( +9 / -9 )

They are not reporting numbers anymore in Australia. Though it’s still around. I feel it time people get used to living with it. We only need to wear mask on public transport. I don’t understand how it is so bad in Japan.

3 ( +10 / -7 )

Vitamin D is good as it blocks anti-inflammatory cytokine production, and is highly expressed in the lungs and induces ACE2 production which interferes with the inflammatory Ras and bradykinin pathways which is thought to be the pathway producing a lot of the cement-like goo that accumulates in the lungs in severe COVID cases. It also assists in T-cell activation. But as for the other stuff mentioned above, i.e., Quercetin....crap shoot at best.


What vitamins do in the treatment of covid?

6 ( +9 / -3 )

The 5% report is also seen as too conservative for David Putrino who is a leading researcher in long Covid

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

Vitamin D is good as it blocks anti-inflammatory cytokine production

Vitamin D is useful only for people that are deficient, for people with normal levels having an excess does not reduce more the risk from the infection so it is not really a treatment for covid, it would be for vitamin D deficiency. In a way is like giving hypoglycemic medication to a diabetic, it is not treating covid itself but a preexisting condition.

-2 ( +5 / -7 )


Lock down this country.”

I am glad that my compatriots do not read this forum otherwise they would think you are crazy!

6 ( +9 / -3 )

Virusrex....beg to differ regarding Vitamin D deficiency in the human population.

"The prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency (serum 25(OH)D3; 12 ng/mL (30 nmol/L) ≤ and

4 ( +8 / -4 )

Virusrex....sorry...got clipped

"The prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency (serum 25(OH)D3; 12 ng/mL (30 nmol/L) ≤ and

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The CDC is far from beyond doubt and judgement. They are biased as their action show and they have offered bad advice throughout time.

The 5% are those who have symptoms have them for a month or more, usually over within a few months and usually mild

stress about it all you like, life goes in mate

Brian 2 million are not suffering Long Covid in Japan, fraction of the 5% suffer long term symptoms and a fraction of them serious symptoms.

2 ( +10 / -8 )

anyway...so I'm incapable of posting...(Asakura et al 2020) and Hovsepian et al, 2011) have the Vitamin D deficiency amounts for Japan (47.7% in summer and 82.2% in winter in Kumamoto) and Worldwide (14-59%), respectively.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

Brian what would you like us to do about this long covid concern? Politely ask the virus to stop infecting people? You can delay inevitable infections with restricted movement/exposure to other people and its certainly important to keep infection speed slow as not to overwhelm healthcare at the highest point of a wave, but long covid doesn't seem like something we can do anything about.

1 ( +7 / -6 )

No there are 2 million suffering from Covid if 5% of those get PASC thats 100,000…. I’ll stick with the CDC they are not any more biased than BMJ

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

and I’ll continue to listen to the leading researchers…. Even those that claimed to be recovered in Putrinos study he had to cut half of them from the study because they still actually had symptoms but claimed to be recovered you can verify this by watching his lecture.

-9 ( +2 / -11 )

While many of those living in northern climes have vitamin D deficiency, especially in winter, taking supplements where appropriate is still treating the deficiency not COVID.

Long covid is a very real concern, whose impacts on people and their long term health is not minimal.

While I agree if a country has a high vaccination level there is a need to move to learning to live with this disease, that does not preclude sensible precautions where merited.

0 ( +5 / -5 )

pickle on the contrary the more public knowledge on long Covid the better as it helps to fuel proper treatment for those suffering. It also will encourage people to be informed to make the best risk assessment possible as they go about their daily lives. I didn’t even know long Covid existed when I first got sick now six months in still suffering.

-5 ( +4 / -9 )


that’s a well formulated statement

-7 ( +3 / -10 )

Derek …. Take whatever you normally take for body aches …. I’d say fever reducer but an adult with a fever of 39 is not normal nor common .!. So take some ibuprofen or acetaminophen every 4 hours … if your fever does not come down between intervals…. Or at any point hits 39.5… go to the closest ER! Unfortunately, right the the healthcare system has completely collapsed…. Countrywide! Stay hydrated! You’re not alone …. With over 1.9 million people currently under the care of Drs and nurses around the clock, in medical terms. “Hospitalized.” The direct results will be unnecessary deaths …. And with these numbers still sky high for a holiday weekend…. Next week will be the worst ever …. The faster you can get antivirals prescribed by a Medical Dr and get that prescription from a licensed pharmacist…. The better off you’ll be ! The numbers of new cases is artificially low as there is minimal testing going on….

Other countries such as almost all of them including Australia,


Absolutely are still reporting daily Covid stats !

The US CDC is the best disease control center on earth! Any diseases the UK has worked on and successfully eradicated? Where were the Ebola patients successfully treated and cured ? Oh …. That’s right ! By Dr Fauci in Atlanta !

Long Covid ? Brian …. Hang in there! Despite what the wannabe scientists here say …. Long Covid is real and that doesn’t even get into the organ damage many here will suffer from….

Seems there were 255 people just a tad unlucky today … Dead FROM Covid … I’m sure some will start preaching again about inevitable and acceptable…. Keep safe people!

-13 ( +3 / -16 )

If they don't declare lockdown one thing that will start happening is the following: restaurant/bars closing.

I work in that field and, obviously, they are quite empty right now. Very few customers and many cancelation corona related.

Up to now they got money from government but now they don't so... Little by little they will start closing for good.

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

As others have mentioned, there is very little that can be done to stop the tide of infections as we have seen everywhere - masked to the max Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan are no exceptions. So this talk of fearing long covid doesn't help anything.

The mitigations in place are not stopping the spread of the virus at all. Positively. so to speak - this in turn is ensuring much of the population builds natural immunity, which is only good. Especially as it is the summer so better it runs through the population in the warmer months than in the winter.

Long covid? As with any virus, the symptoms may linger in a small percentage. Is is important to look at other countries where much of the population has had covid (e.g. the UK are about 90pc) and see that life is back to normal there for the most part - so given all the supposed longterm complications caused by being infected - they can't affect that many. 1/5 is certainly not right - if they were all seriously impacted then healthcare and society at large would've collapsed a long time ago. Obviously.

Also re. long covid. How many of those cases are in the vaccinated? This is crucial to know as the lingering symptoms/complications could just as likely be because of the vaccine. If a breakdown can be provided then please provide it.

Anecdotally - of over 100 covid cases I know both personally and through friends - I can count on one hand the number that said they had lingering symptoms after a week. The 20pc figure then is certainly not the case in my experience - no way near. And those infections include children as young as 4 to adults in their 90s. Some vaxxed and some unvaxxed. Some fit and healthy and some with various underlying health conditions including cancer, lupus, obesity and diabetes. Given the millions being infected in Japan every week we shall see if the result of that is a complete collapse of society due to all the long covid. I don't see that happening.

0 ( +8 / -8 )

People get impacted by long Covid differently, many are still working many aren’t so looking at other countries like this isn’t enough half the people who actually reported to doctor Putrino as recovered were indeed suffering long term complications but did not admit it and he had to omit them from his study.

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

My symptoms are similar to others however my energy threshold is higher than many. There are varying levels in impact on quality of life in long Covid.

-6 ( +3 / -9 )

Also Iong Covid isn’t just the sniffles for a few extra weeks for many it’s debilitating for a year or more. You can verify this by watching the following video


-7 ( +3 / -10 )

anyway...so I'm incapable of posting...(Asakura et al 2020) and Hovsepian et al, 2011) have the Vitamin D deficiency amounts for Japan (47.7% in summer and 82.2% in winter in Kumamoto) and Worldwide (14-59%), respectively.

But it supplementing vitamin D would not be a treatment for covid still, it would be for a preexisting condition, Even if the proportion of diabetics in a population is high that does not mean Metformin becomes a treatment for covid, it is still a treatment for diabetes. Giving it to people that don't need it has no specific benefit against covid.

There is even some research that indicates vitamin D deficiency is not as important for covid as some people are saying:


In short some people are genetically predisposed to have low levels of vitamin D, but doing a Mendelian randomization study to see if covid patients have a larger proportion of people with this predisposition (as it would be the case if the low levels predisposed to negative outcomes) ended up without any significative difference for covid infection, complications or hospitalization.

So vitamin D is an excellent treatment for vitamin D deficiency, but it is not by itself a treatment for covid.

-2 ( +6 / -8 )

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