Tokyo reports 24 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 202


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Saturday reported 24 new coronavirus cases, up two from Friday and down five from last Saturday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 10, up two from Friday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 83, down four from Friday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 202. Osaka prefecture had the most cases with 30, followed by Tokyo, Hokkaido (19), Hyogo (16), Kanagawa (15) and Okayama (14).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was one.

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Well done, keep it that way and I tell the world this is how you do it, CONGRATS Japan.

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Well just back from Nikko today and it is packed, and the trains back to Tokyo are packed. Everyone pretty much is wearing masks. It is nice to be able to move more freely. Certainly spending a vacation and travel with a mask on is not as good as not needing a mask, but I will take it.

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This is what you get when people follow the rules and not waste their time fighting and arguing against the obvious.

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Time to use the short intermezzo between the waves. Enjoy now, but don’t overdo and be aware that the next waves mow down more than the previous ones. And hurry up for booster vaccinations. The vaccines are very thin dosed and hold only for four to six months, maybe six if you’re younger and female. Otherwise run for jabs while you still can.

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Do you ever stop fear mongering? Maybe you really are afraid, luckily the rest of us aren’t and get one with our daily lives without unnecessary stress.

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7,500+ deaths in the US in the last week, but no one cares. It isn't even reported anymore. No masks, no more social distancing.

Oh, there are still millions in the USA that are complaining about restrictions to their freedumb.

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PCR Tested in Tokyo 11/12: 3,543

no test = no new cases

wonder if we'll ever have a significative number of tests to know the actual damage of the pandemic.

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No reference to the number of tests makes this story highly suspect as a PR ploy by JGov

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And on the very remote chance it's true, why keep double-vaxxed international tourists like me out of the country? There's a farce here. And it stinks.

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75% of people inoculated with a drug that doesn't prevent infection or transmission, yet the numbers are falling.

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bokuda & TrevorPeace

Agree 100%

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