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Japan reports 261,029 coronavirus cases; 27,676 in Tokyo


Japan on Friday reported 261,029 new coronavirus cases, a record high for the second day in a row.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 27,676 new cases, up 223 from Thursday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 34, up one from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 627, up 17 from Thursday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (22,798), Aichi (17,716), Fukuoka (15,726), Hyogo (12,260), Saitama (11,327), Kanagawa (9,562), Hiroshima (8,775), Hokkaido (8,632), Chiba (8,513), Shizuoka (7,100), Kyoto (5,174), Ibaraki (4,804), Nagasaki (4,611), Mie (4,607), Kagoshima (4,583), Miyagi (4,567), Kumamoto (4,263), Okayama (4,225), Gifu (4,155), Niigata (4,006), Fukushima (3,585), Miyazaki (3,310), Shiga (3,281), Ehime (3,249), Nara (3,104), Toyama (2,895), Ishikawa (2,885), Kagawa (2,766), Gunma (2,672), Oita (2,550) and Tochigi (2,544).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 292.

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take care stay safe folks...and dont worry over,unless you are not over 70 and vaccinated chance that you die is low...just checked stats at other webiste...

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6% decrease from a week ago which is bringing this weeks average down, this may be as tedious as the last wave... big spike then gradual slope. Free unguided international travel in December, maybe?

-17 ( +5 / -22 )

Sorry about the last comment, I accidentally used data from the wrong day! This is actually a 35% increase from the same day one week ago, bringing the average decrease in cases this week a lot closer to 0% (though thankfully not going up), I may have to eat my hat after all if the weekend is just as grim.

-14 ( +3 / -17 )

Minimal testing in the CITY and prefecture of Tokyo …. Record numbers nearly everywhere else …. The current complete hands off approach by the jgov is leading directly to unnecessary deaths …. Hospitalizations over 100% capacity… hotels are getting rich housing all those who SHOULD be in a hospital…. People dying at home …. Ambulances getting refused at nearly every hospital…. Even in my little city , our brand new city run hospital is currently an outpatient clinic … zero new admissions for any medical condition…. A total and utter foreseeable disaster in front of the eyes of the world …

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People are dying with Covid NOT from Covid!

5000 people die every day in Japan and NOT from Covid!

this is the inevitable circle of life in action, not something to close off a country from the world for!

-15 ( +15 / -30 )

this is the inevitable circle of life in action, not something to close off a country from the world for!

Fearmongering & hysterical media nonsense. It isn't closed off to the world. With some effort, almost anyone can enter.

People are dying with Covid NOT from Covid!

Is that right doc? Walk into a hospital, any hospital and try screaming that. Try telling that to the relatives of thousands of people who have died well before their time.

7 ( +18 / -11 )

People are dying with Covid NOT from Covid!

People in developing countries are also dying with malnutrition not from malnutrition, that does absolutely nothing to reduce the huge public health problem it represents.

If the infection ends up causing a preexisting condition to go out of control and kill a patient that could have been alive and productive for decades there is no value in saying that preexisting condition was the main cause of death, covid is still an important component of that death.

10 ( +18 / -8 )

The latest “hospitalization” stats dropped from the Jgov this evening.

The nationwide stats thru 8/17 are:

Active cases: 1.8 million cases down from 1.95 million

Truly hospitalized : 37,673 out of 46,777 beds.  81% occupied

ICU: 1936 out of 5573 beds. 35% occupied

Hotels: 31,000 out of 70,686 beds.  44% occupied

Total corona beds available in hospItal + hotels=123,000

Home recuperation: 1.44 million (no doctor/ nurses here)

Overall numbers barely changed from last week.


6 ( +9 / -3 )

It’s clear people weren’t cautious enough with their travelling during the obon holidays which is why Covid cases are on the rise again. Maybe this is proof that the majority of people are now living with Covid vs living in fear of it.

At the same time the Covid problem, in particular the strain on the medical system, hasn’t reached a level where the jgovt feels the need to act immediately. They’re also getting a lot of advice from medical expert panels but not acting on it. Too much procrastinating and too little leadership.

-2 ( +7 / -9 )

Have we reached the point now where the majority of people are doing their best to live with Covid (judging by the amount of travelling during Obon), but the guidelines from the jgovt (based on old playbooks from previous variants) are no longer effective in curbing the current Covid wave.

Clearly the medical system that’s been assigned to handle Covid is under stress (bed occupancy), but not enough to prompt any immediate changes by the jgovt

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