Japan reports 212,552 coronavirus cases; 29,115 in Tokyo


Japan on Tuesday reported 212,552 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 29,115 new coronavirus cases, up 11,231 from Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 40, up one from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 581, up 26 from Monday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (25,296), Aichi (16,940), Kanagawa (13,613), Fukuoka (10,655), Hyogo (10,560), Saitama (7,084), Chiba (7,058), Shizuoka (6,314), Hokkaido (5,546), Gifu (4,725), Kumamoto (4,448), Okinawa (4,289), Kagoshima (3,868), Miyagi (3,585), Kyoto (3,296), Tochigi (3,279), Hiroshima (3,139), Ehime (2,841), Ibaraki (2,741), Nagano (2,695), Mie (2,590), Gunma (2,569), Nagasaki (2,546), Miyazaki (2,406), Oita (2,322) and Okayama (2,173).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 278.

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Weird how Tokyo and Osaka follow the same curve... makes me wonder what exactly drives it. Even without a state of emergency needing to be declared it's going down though. I keep seeing more and more people dispensing with masks even on trains now too.

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For a country with 125 million people, of which 28% are 65+ years old (36M), yeah, the masks and vaccinations are doing a great job compared to other countries with large, elderly populations.

Thanks to their diet, elderly Japanese are some of the healthiest people in the world. Vaccination may have helped some, masks very little to not at all, but their good diet has been a major factor in far fewer deaths directly from SARS-CoV-2 among the elderly compared to elsewhere.

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So many “anti-everything’s” miss the main point with high numbers of any pandemic… deadly or not, it is not death tolls in the millions, but the slow break down of social services as so many people get sick and are absent from work for 1-2 weeks…

What happens when there are not enough train drivers? Water/sewage workers, nurses, doctors, ambulance drivers.

You might have a heatstroke , break a leg or have a ‘normal’ medical emergency during the pandemic but if there are not enough emergency your staff, you ‘normal but painful’ situation could be come life threatening like so man ‘normal’ conditions were pre-WW1.

Look at how many thousands, tens of thousands of trucks are need to deliver food and such into the greater Tokyo area, every day. If 10-20% of them get sick… there will be food shortages. Today’s supermarkets run on ‘just in time’ stocking method.

Thousands of flights per week cancelled in the USA and UK due to lack of staff at all levels within the airlines and airports…

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rzadigiToday  06:46 pm JST

The funny thing about antivaxxers is that their entire identity is based upon their opinion of vaccines. It’s almost impossible to have a conversation without them bringing up the subject. But after three years of Covid their numbers are on the decline. showcases their legacy and the battle they fight.

It's disappointing that you think people who are able to think critically about what's going on oppose vaccines in principle, with this lazy slur of "anti-vaxxer". I think you'd find that most of us wouldn't have a problem with getting vaccinated against COVID if:

the risk vs benefit balance favoured getting it for their individual situation

the vaccine makers were honest about the efficacy and safety of their products instead of trying to hide the results of their trials behind a wall of lawyers and cronies at the regulatory bodies

governments weren't heavy-handed in mandating vaccines in order to participate in normal life, knowing full well that the virus isn't dangerous to most people

the legacy media and Big Tech didn't distort facts about the the virus and treatments, and slander/censor suitably qualified experts who challenged the prevailing narrative.

You're welcome to your opinion, but shame it's not well informed.

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but the slow break down of social services as so many people get sick and are absent from work for 1-2 weeks…

... is due to people being forced to take the time off because they "tested" positive. Most barely even have the sniffles...

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Life and death is not all that matters… according to the CDC 1/5 get long Covid and some of those People are going on long term disability…. Stay safe everyone

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As we don't have a break down of co-morbidities and age groups, how can you assume that 278 people died directly because of COVID?

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279 people died from the sniffles… some cold … just a minor flu …. And some people wanna make us feel better … or explain the facts of life … and another day of a dramatic increase in new cases when the healthcare system has already totally collapsed…. Some people accuse me of spreading fear …. I agree …. Be afraid…. For yourself…. Your children…. Your parents…. Friends … keep safe people…/ we’re in for a few horrible weeks of unnecessary deaths…..

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Masks and vaccinations obviously doing nothing as Japan has the highest case load in the world!

Thankfully though the mild nature of the current variant and the fact most people have had it once allowing natural immunity to do its things the saving grace for most.

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There are adverse affects with all vaccines, and all pharmaceuticals. Thousands of people around the world are now self proclaimed immunologists because they’ve spent time reading things online. VAERS has existed for over 30 years and thousands of reports are submitted every year. If you fear mRNA vaccines then choose Novavax here in Japan. These Covid vaccines have been given to more people than any other vaccine in history and have proven to be very safe. Of course there are complications in some people, but the 20 million lives the vaccines are estimated to have saved are exponentially greater than those who had an unfortunate response to a vaccine.

If people want to live on top of a mountain outside of society then I care not what they do. But if they choose to live in modern society with all the benefits that each of us enjoy then they need to lose their obsession with individualism and realize that their decisions have implications. Not getting vaccinated or even getting vaccinated and then behaving irresponsibly can end up causing sickness or even death. Like the person I know who went back home, caught Covid immediately, then went to a wedding and infected everyone there. That is hardly the type of society that I want to live in.

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