Japan reports 231,499 coronavirus cases; 29,416 in Tokyo


Japan on Wednesday reported 231,499 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 29,416 new cases, up 5,905 from Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 35, down one from Tuesday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 627, up 13 from Tuesday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (22,815), Aichi (18,985), Fukuoka (10,888), Hyogo (10,005), Saitama (9,990), Kanagawa (9,945), Shizuoka (7,169), Hokkaido (6,880), Chiba (6,816), Kumamoto (5,157), Okinawa (4,837), Kyoto (4,736), Kagoshima (4,624), Gifu (4,357), Hiroshima (4,255), Mie (3,704), Miyagi (3,624), Okayama (3,605), Nagasaki (3,342), Ehime (3,316), Oita (3,027), Saga (2,989), Yamaguchi (2,913), Niigata (2,795,), Ibaraki (2,620), Kagawa (2,482), Gunma (2,417) and Nagano (2,271).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 286.

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14% decrease from the corresponding day last week, the future is looking brighter, nearly there.

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Wonder when the next variant will come along? This is never ending.

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Back to work today after 10 days mask free traveling around 6 prefectures, everywhere was busy and welcoming .

Good to see things back to normal.

-8 ( +10 / -18 )

It's good to see the numbers slowly drift down, whatever they mean.

The next scariant will probably pop up in September sometime once the case count from the current one drops enough for people to ignore. The vaccines aren't just gonna sell themselves; they need a nudge.

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@as the crow flies

nice post. Yes it’s sad that basically the deaths are the worst Japan has seen.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Should we just stop caring no matter how many people are getting infected and dying?

Unfortunately this has been the attitude of the “anti-crowd” right from the start of this pandemic, that it’s far more important that they should be able to go about their lives without the slightest interruption rather than have to take even the most basic measure against spreading the virus. They just do not care.

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Covid infection rates too high. Covid death rates too high. Suicide rates too high. Birth rates too low. God save Japan.

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take care stay safe and hope not get infected...

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I find it funny that the rest of the world has moved on, but Japan is still struggling with COVID. I think this might have to do with not having real outpatient doctors, and every sniffle a Baabaa or Gigii gets turns into a hospital stay. This is where social medicine gets it wrong. Not everyone that has this needs to go to a hospital.

In a city of 14 Million, the stats in the story say 35 are hospitalized with severe symptoms. 35. So those are the ones that need the most care. and the death numbers. As proven in the rest of the world, if you dies of cancer but had a positive COVID test, it was a COVID related death. How about a reality check and have the miistry of health actually state who really passed BECAUSE of COVID, not died with it?

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For the anti-crowd, let me ask you: what is your public health guidance?

Many of those you would consider the "anti-crowd" have been quite consistently saying that the way to go is to focus on our health, and ensuring we have adequate levels of zinc (+quercetin), vitamins D and C. And anyone who has Covid symptoms should immediately take certain products, such as IVM.

The IHU in Marseilles, France, has treated many thousands of Covid19 patients since the start of the pandemic, and they have yet to see any deaths among those below 60 who have received early treatment....

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14% decrease from the corresponding day last week, the future is looking brighter, nearly there.

were saying that 4 month ago during the 6th wave which had less infection than now.

Obon just finished wait for the huge spike in cases in the next couple of weeks,

Cant wait to see how you spin in then LOL

better be very careful not to get injured in the next few months, will be lucky if you can even get a hospital bed.

Were are the those experts now saying that covid is the flu!?

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Japan on Wednesday reported 231,499 new coronavirus cases.

Huge numbers.

Japan is still getting hit hard. Which is natural as the country has no plan to deal with the crisis.

Time to lockdown to get to the low levels of infections as in China--which has the lowest rate in the world.

-9 ( +4 / -13 )

As for touting vitamins and off-label pharmaceuticals: if those did indeed work, wouldn't the WHO be giving that guidance, especially to poor countries? The poorer the country, the more pragmatic they are in workarounds, and yet, universally they are clamoring for vaccines, antivirals and antibody treatments, just like the rich countries. For me, that says a lot.

You're assuming that whoever writes the policy has the health of its citizens at heart. They don't, most have been captured by very rich entities. From the start of the pandemic, their decisions have never made any sense. They can't possibly be that incompetent.

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Keep masking that’s all I can say

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