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Tokyo reports 299 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,134


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Sunday reported 299 new coronavirus cases, down 83 from Saturday and 266 down from last Sunday.

The average for Tokyo over the past seven days stands at 362.7.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 129, down two from Saturday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 1,133, down 52 from Saturday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 2,134. Osaka had the most cases with 399, followed by Tokyo, Kanagawa (193), Aichi (166), Saitama (131), Hyogo (115), Chiba (106), Fukuoka (104), Okinawa (71), Hokkaido (54) and Kyoto (53).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 21.

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Hopefully they get their heads out of their a**es and cut the quarantine rules for fully vaccinated residents coming back from overseas soon.

I read they are lobbying the Japanese vaccin passport overseas but technically even a Japanese vaccine passport helps you zero in Japan ..

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joffyToday 05:01 pm JST

Japan feels like the most comfortable place to be during this pandemic.

I can only agree to your comment, there is hardly any country which is handling the covid-19 pandemic better than Japan - a country of more than 125 million people, at least not here in Asia.

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To ignore what these pathetic "voluntary" SOEs have done is to deny the suffering and discrimination of tens of thousands of people whose livelihood depends on the tourist industry, hospitality industry, services industry, resturant industry, and others, not to mention the owners of said restaurants and bars and hotels and stores and businesses.

What?!?! I'm can't discern your point because of all the detritus. Are you saying the govt shouldn't have put in place any SOE? So all these businesses should have been allowed to remain open while the virus was ravaging the country?! It's just incredulous the straw man arguments you create and the red herrings you throw out in order to just complain.

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Or maybe business suffered because people like foreigner overreacted.

time to get back to normal and put an end to this nonsense while taking appropriate countermeasures

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PRC tested 9/24 in Tokyo: 4,992 people.


If you need to take a PCR test, you must have symptoms such as:

Fever of 37.5 C or higher for at least four days,

And a cough for at least four days in a row.

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Japan feels like the most comfortable place to be during this pandemic.

Good lord.

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Open it up!

stop destroying businesses for nothing!

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No Olympic explosion of cases, as predicted.


So the fact that in the whole eighteen month course of this pandemic, all the tens and tens of thousands of local people involved in organising started gathering, mingling and moving around from mid June, joined by tens of thousands of incomers from overseas, and that cases in Japan just happened to skyrocket from around the third week of July, and then that spike began to track back down from the third week of August (Paralympics were way smaller in scale) is entirely coincidental. And deaths started upticking around 3 weeks after the start of the Games, beginning to trend down in the second week of September. Totally coincidental. Riiiight. Funny how no other country in the 'top 25' (Japan currently tracking at 24th in numbers of reported cases on Worldometers, up from 43rd where it was earlier in the year), apart from Spain, has had a similar Delta spike that mapped so neatly over the Olympic/Paralympic period, both with cases and deaths.

Nothing to do with the Olympics, of course.

 but for right now let's be happy at the progress we've made with our understanding of the virus and the remarkable protective measures we have developed.

Bit of an oxymoron there. If the protective measures were good enough, the sixth wave could be kept down to a little ripple. 'Understanding the virus', and 'the science' would show which countries have most successfully dealt with the pandemic (hint: there's an interesting case study coming in at no. 188 on Worldometers). Happy clappy is nice, but refusal to face reality, and putting political convenience before lives, will bake in something a bit spikier for us here in Japan. Though I'm curious to see if Kono is chosen as leader of the LDP, if there will be any improvement in the government response here. We can only hope.

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So we can safely say this fifth wave is nearing an end.

A sixth wave is probably some way down the road as vaccine protections wane for vulnerable populations but for right now let's be happy at the progress we've made with our understanding of the virus and the remarkable protective measures we have developed.

We can soon embrace a certain level of pre-2020 normality.

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Vaccination rates starting to get up there, but some worrying numbers in some prefectures today, even if most are very low.

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When new Entry borders can open? Any suggestions?

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Oops! Are not being written any more

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

WOW! 11 days in a row with numbers under 1,000. My records now show this month Tokyo's numbers are at 30,957, compared to last month's 109,893 cases, a great drop indeed, but now they're talking about a 6th wave?

I am also wondering why the numbers for the under 20s or in the 30s age groups are being written here any more. Any ideas out there?

In the meantime, let's keep safe, don't be complacent and let's keep those numbers down.

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