Tokyo reports 3,271 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 32,382


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Tuesday reported 3,271 new coronavirus cases, up 1,246 from Monday and down 392 from last Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is four, unchanged from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 100, up four from Monday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 32,382. Osaka had the most cases with 3,561, followed by Tokyo, Aichi (2,470), Kanagawa (1,919), Okinawa (1,918), Hyogo (1,494), Fukuoka (1,485), Hokkaido (1,369), Saitama (916), Kyoto (788), Chiba (768), Hiroshima (766), Gifu (724), Kumamoto (722), Shizuoka (695), Kagoshima (644), Nagano (486), Nagasaki (484), Oita (469), Okayama (447), Miyagi (440), Ibaraki (382), Gunma (367), Tochigi (361), Shiga (349), Yamaguchi (337), Mie (325), Fukushima (311), Saga (298), Ehime (297), Kochi (278), Aomori (260), Niigata (240), Akita (203), Wakayama (196), Toyama (172) and Fukui (171).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 43.

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Whilst Tokyo numbers fluctuate here and there, looking at the smaller prefectures such as Ehime or Oita as well as others you can see their numbers have not changed at all since the end Of January, fluctuating in exactly the same range day in and day out ( a bit lower on weekends and public holidays naturally). And what is done about it other than wearing masks. Absolutely nothing. It is clearly being treated as endemic although no one can use this word.

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Nice to see back to back days with a net drop in the number of hospitalizations.

Hospitalizations 328,183

Change from previous day -3,040.

We haven’t had 328k in new cases for the last week so it’s obvious or should be obvious that these hospitalized patients aren’t just suffering from a runny nose. With some luck and more responsible behaviors by the minority, we could start to see this on the path to containment. However, we are no where near there yet . Mask up when necessary…. Get vaccinated and / or boosted . If you need your 1st coupon , contact your local city office . They’re more than happy to help you help the country getting back to “normal” and reducing your chances of getting a severe case of Covid. A double benefit.

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This is quite alarming considering the number of tests done during the weekend.

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I hear you @anon. Other than Tokyo , nothing has changed yet…. And there are still those in the minority who just won’t change their dangerous behaviors. Endemic …. Herd immunity…. Ha …. Can’t learn to live with Covid until people stop dying from it and we drastically reduce the actual number of active hospitalizations…. And herd immunity is not a reality…. I’m sure glad the jgov is finally following actual science to make decisions . Foreign tourism can wait until domestic foreign tourists can join the highly responsible majority…. The vaccines have proven to do exactly what they were advertised as. Reduce your chances of getting a severe case. But this steady diet of new cases everyday needs to be curbed.

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In Kyoto Prefecture there are currently 149 people hospitalized out of a population of over 2,500,000.

Covid is quite clearly now something like influenza. Elderly people who die may have covid but whether it makes sense to say they are dying as a result of covid will be something to be judged in each individual case.

Covid may of course mutate into something more dangerous again but at the moment there's no need for great alarm.

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But for Covid , 30,000 people in Japan wouldn’t be dead . This isn’t some flu. That’s a different respiratory disease. And It still shocks me that some people think it’s okay or acceptable that mostly the elderly, obese , and those with other medical conditions die from Covid . Even in Japan, there have been people who aren’t elderly, aren’t fat, and weren’t say born with childhood diabetes that have also died . Yes …. Perfectly healthy people ….

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Recently, the number of people infected with coronavirus stay 40,000 nationwide.

Compared to the time when the number of people infected with coronavirus was the highest, the number is small, but the situation is still bad. 

I think Japanese should take this situation more seriously. However, health should be taken seriously too. 

Due to global warming, summer in Japan is getting hotter and hotter. 

Therefore, I think the government's remark that it is okay to remove the mask outdoors is good. 

I will continue to be careful about coronavirus and health.

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Thanks Fuzzy ! I’m trying to get help from all those highly irresponsible people in the minority who deny scientific facts, won’t do anything to help the majority in mitigation. You know …. The ones constantly whining about “moving on” like from a bad divorce. Or “opening up” when the jgov is relying on sound data when they imposed the least restrictions on the planet earth . Spread the good word Buddy ! Get as many people as you can to be proactive instead of sitting around on their devices whining and being scared all while claiming they are and have always been irresponsible. You know the type . Have a great evening!

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You know …. The ones constantly whining about “moving on” like from a bad divorce

I know them well. Where have they gone? Maybe they have moved on?

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The only conspiracy theory I see is your social life. lol.

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