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Tokyo reports 3,788 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 23,269


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Sunday reported 3,788 new coronavirus cases, up 172 from Saturday and up 1,784 from last Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is five, unchanged from Saturday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 61, up six from Saturday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 23,269. Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (2,010), Kanagawa (1,815), Fukuoka (1,271), Saitama (1,232), Okinawa (1,196), Aichi (1,164), Hyogo (1,067), Chiba (953), Kumamoto (740), Hokkaido (617), Kyoto (480), Kagoshima (459), Hiroshima (425), Shizuoka (394), Shimane (392), Nagasaki (372), Mie (299), Oita (298), Ibaraki (297), Ehime (260), Miyazaki (257), Gifu (235), Aomori (233), Wakayama (219), Miyagi (200), Saga (199), Okayama (187), Yamaguchi (180), Nara (167), Ishikawa (167), Niigata (164) and Gunma (154).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was five.

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Sounds like it's still a good idea to take precautions like wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation, avoid close contact . . . get the numbers of infected further down . . . .

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Why even bother reporting this??? Yes we all need to be cautious however we also need to discontinue worrying about this. Time to end the vaccine requirements and other restrictions. Lets go back to 1987.

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Personally, I recommend not wearing a mask and not bothering with booster shots.

Vaccine has been proven inefficient against Omicron. Natural immunity will work better against this variant until specific efficient vaccine is developed

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Steven McCarthy

As has been explained to you hundreds of times by countless people, the numbers are not those in hospital or in hotels. There are less than 10’000 in hospital right now with Covid, which also includes those admitted for something else and they happen to have Covid.

Many countries are currently seeing a huge increase in case numbers, good news is that hospitalisations have only risen slightly due to the mildness of these variants.

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Time to put a positive spin on these numbers…. I’m positive, that this new surge is not going well . I’m positive, the anti everything clan will be here to downplay Covid as usual. I’m positive that these numbers from Saturday are only a precursor of things to come . Actual hospitalizations are drastically up again….

Hospitalizations 157,608

Change from previous day +7,560

And NO!!! These are not people simply sent home with Tylenol and a box of tissues. They aren’t at home at all ! They are either in a traditional building known as a “hospital” or in a hotel to keep the hospitals from overcrowding again. Either way , they are correctly listed as hospitalized as they are under the constant care of healthcare professionals!!! Since the vast majority of responsible adults and anyone with the most basic level ability to understand basic facts clearly understand that omicron is the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan to date, can those of you that can’t wait to come here daily and devalue lives as acceptable deaths …. Can you explain how if omicron is so mild , some cold , some flu, the sniffles, or nothing to worry about…. Why are there patients still in the hospital with severe symptoms or dead ??? Daily ??? It’s pretty simple people…. Responsibly enjoy life, get vaccinated or boosted…. Wash your hands often… follow the 3 C’s… join the majority in doing your individual part… keep safe people! The life you save might be yours …. Your friend…. Your husband/wife/partner…. Or your very own child’s!!!! Start to care once and for all ! If you’re not feeling well, don’t hesitate to get your PCR test at once !

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Personally, I recommend not wearing a mask and not bothering with booster shots.

Be smart. Don't be this guy.

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Personally, I recommend not wearing a mask and not bothering with booster shots.

And whatever you do. Don't get a pcr test !

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PCR tested in Tokyo on 6/30 : 10,437 people.

If 3,788 of them are positive, then we can extrapolate that 36.3% of Tokyo is infected.

Is there any serious research with a significant sample of population?

If there's not, we'll have to believe that actually Tokyo has 36.3% of positive rate.

Are we supposed to believe that?

-14 ( +6 / -20 )

That's a big jump - almost double last Sunday. Must be BA.5. Hope the government doesn't overreact and raise the drawbridge over the summer vacation.

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