Tokyo reports 3,799 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 39,416


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Saturday reported 3,799 new coronavirus cases, down 310 from Friday and down 10 from last Saturday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is four, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 153, down three from Friday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 39,416. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (3,440), Hokkaido (2,771), Aichi (2,472), Okinawa (2,464), Fukuoka (2.114), Kanagawa (2,077), Hyogo (1,769), Saitama (1,439), Hiroshima (1,247), Shizuoka (1,095), Chiba (1,059), Kyoto (884), Okayama (761), Ibaraki (641), Kagoshima (640), Kumamoto (596), Miyazaki (550), Gifu (538), Fukushima (529), Miyagi (512), Ishikawa (499), Niigata (460), Nagano (421), Nagasaki (415), Tochigi (397), Gunma (395), Mie (372), Kagawa (362), Oita (358), Fukui (356), Aomori (353), Shiga (347), Yamaguchi (319), Saga (308), Nara (295), Yamagata (284), Toyama (276), Wakayama (271), Iwate (261), Kochi (257), Ehime (212) and Akita (202).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 30.

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Another huge number out of Okinawa.

And a high positivity rate in Tokyo.

A new wave is emerging.

This is far from over.

No one should be going to restaurants or bars that are crowded, or not well ventilated.

Stay in, stay masked.

The life you save might be your own.

-27 ( +5 / -32 )

Elvis is hereToday  05:37 pm JST

Yeah. Numbers have dropped in Tokyo so you are stirring the pot. The zero covid bone has been gnawed away. You are looking for a new game to play.

The positivity rate is still high; what numbers "dropped" that would have more meaning about the infeciton rate than this number?

Japan needs lockdowns to get a grip on this.

-24 ( +3 / -27 )

Rain ManToday  05:47 pm JST

@painkiller, there is a wonderful section in Japan’s constitution about protecting personal freedoms and rights that prohibits Japan from enacting a lockdown - you can wish all you want, but it is unconstitutional and can never, ever happen. :)

Please direct me to the relevant article in the constitution, and also any court case that interprets that section.

-15 ( +6 / -21 )

People need to let go and stop overthinking, covid is fading away slowly , less dangerous less lethal...

3 ( +13 / -10 )

Whether the government has the power to lockdown the country or not, it simply shouldn't happen. It's completely unnecessary. You could make the argument for it when we were in the situation we were two years back when we were worried about hospitals becoming completely overwhelmed, but we are nowhere close to such a situation now. The virus should just be allowed to run its natural course. This is not a radical opinion - the vast majority of the civilized world have now accepted this and there is only the likes of China (which has managed to corner itself by trying to tell its people that they have controlled it so well because totalitarian government is so much more superior to liberal democracy), and Japan with its extreme border controls plus a few posters on here that are now the radical outliers.

-2 ( +11 / -13 )

All in all, things are looking good. The majority of people are emerging and beginning to take their lives back, while the small minority continue to cower for no apparent reason.

4 ( +11 / -7 )

And yet, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno said we can remove the masks?

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

Osaka is climbing, reproduction number from .86 last 5/6 to 1.21 yesterday.

Good thing number of deaths still low

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

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