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Tokyo reports 3,855 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 27,701


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Monday reported 3,855 new coronavirus cases, down 2,647 from Sunday and down 81 from last Monday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 46, unchanged from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 951, down four from Sunday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 27,701. Kanagawa had the most cases with 3,856, followed by Tokyo, Chiba (1,754), Osaka (1,638), Ibaraki (1,410), Fukuoka (1,191), Aichi (1,082), Hokkaido (1,009), Hyogo (957), Hiroshima (447), Shizuoka (422), Kyoto (419), Aomori (394), Shiga (384), Nara (359), Nagano (339), Gunma (328), Niigata (312), Okinawa (300), Miyagi (277), Tochigi (248), Kumamoto (244), Ishikawa (226), Mie (222), Fukushima (219), Kagoshima (218), Okayama (206), Kagawa (194) and Gifu (175).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 58.

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What happens tomorrow when the quasi emergency is lifted? Do we keep getting updated on case counts forever?

-2 ( +8 / -10 )

2022 Cherry blossom article started to appear on sites, so the cases going to be down.

-1 ( +8 / -9 )

Thank goodness for 3 day holiday weekends. All of the naysayers and scientists can declare Covid is over in Japan….. until Wednesday. Then it will be spin that some increases are expected. Hopefully, there won’t be the usual suspects here spreading patently false information and junk science.

-17 ( +7 / -24 )

Good, wen zero?

-9 ( +1 / -10 )

Woohoo! Wind it up, time to enjoy cherry blossom and disregard the sky is falling brigade!!!

-2 ( +10 / -12 )

Not really amusing, after all this time most people seem stuck to what they say/knew two years ago. Nothing really wrong with that if they provide even a shred of info/evidence to back it up

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Been out and about this afternoon in Shinsaibashi and walked up to Tennoji. Very busy about, lovely to see the families out enjoying themselves. The government has seen sense and realised that everyone will catch Omicron, no point in restrictions any more, they harm businesses and cause emotional damage to people, especially the children.

-9 ( +9 / -18 )

Hospital occupancy rate in Tokyo is now about 43 percent so there are plenty of beds

1 ( +7 / -6 )

Tokyo is not a country. It is 1 city in a called called “Japan.” There is a whole other world outside of Tokyo on this island .

-2 ( +9 / -11 )

There are tragic and sad cases in every country and that’s unfortunate but to say the healthcare system here is currently in crisis mode is simply inaccurate

3 ( +10 / -7 )

It seems from some anecdotal murmuring that tourists - both real and those forced into that category despite having strong ties to the country - will be allowed back sometime in the summer. Why they can't give a date to give people stuck outside Japan some certainty is beyond me. Unnecessarily cruel is all it is.

3 ( +7 / -4 )

Why they can't give a date to give people stuck outside Japan some certainty is beyond me. Unnecessarily cruel is all it is.

What if a variant appears that requires them to change that date?

Do not expect anything apart from supreme caution from this government, the demise of the previous PM shows how a poor Covid showing can wreck a man's political career in just a few weeks.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

The number of new cases is decreasing and, it is a good news.

For those who still complaining about "testing enough" this number will not influence on number of deaths.

Let's be more optimist!

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

300 in Okinawa. Is that includes American soldiers?

-7 ( +2 / -9 )

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