Japan reports 240,205 coronavirus cases; 31,247 in Tokyo


Japan on Thursday reported 240,205 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 31,247 new coronavirus cases, down 2,996 from Wednesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 40, unchanged from Wednesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 603, up six from Wednesday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (22,051), Fukuoka (13,780), Aichi (17,079), Saitama (13,432), Kanagawa (12,009), Chiba (8,755), Hokkaido (7,660), Hiroshima (6,284), Shizuoka (5,947), Kyoto (4,968), Ibaraki (4,581), Okinawa (4,079), Kagoshima (3,956), Kumamoto (3,745), Gifu (3,717), Niigata (3,596), Nagasaki (3,398), Okayama (3,287), Mie (3,125), Tochigi (3,010), Shiga (2,912), Gunma (2,778), Fukushima (2,754), Nagano (2,546), Ehime (2,412) and Ishikawa (2,265).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 206.

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Very sad to hear bout the 100-200± people who die from it here everyday.

You’d think there would be more sympathy.

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@Miguel Sanchez

Total support. Censorship unacceptable nowadays.

About covid figures, still very high but leveling off for sure.

I call it magic when you get figures hardly growing in Tokyo (14 million, if wrong correct me) while it carries on rising for the rest of the country.

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We've had triple-digit deaths for a couple of days now. That is very sad news indeed. Hardly good reason to be calling the pandemic "over".

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Triple digit deaths from what exactly? How is it that the deaths from the summer heat have somehow just disappeared?

Remember dying from Covid and dying with a positive test are two completely different things! Dr. Fauci himself admitted this on CNN when talking about children in hospitals.

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Miguel, as it says, "coronavirus-related deaths". As in, the death is directly related to coronavirus. Perhaps if these people had not been exposed to the virus, they might have lived. Have a little sympathy, eh?

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OMG, like how they use the term Covid related. So a person died from cancer, but test positive and they mark their death as Covid related. Sad what the hospitals are doing. No dignity in that!

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Alex We don’t even have all the info on these individuals. Their age, how many co-morbidities did they have, these are important things to know. I feel sorry for anyone who dies from anything but it’s dishonest to not give the public more information.

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Japan reports 240,205 coronavirus cases; 31,247 in Tokyo


Of course, the real numbers are higher.

Stay home people.

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And even these record numbers will sky rocket even further after the holidays, which they admit "have no restrictions". People have been asked to stay home, but they absolutely will not. Can't say I blame them, but all the same, time to stop being surprised by the numbers and pretending anyone will do anything to stop them from going up.

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