Tokyo reports 382 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,674


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Saturday reported 382 new coronavirus cases, up 147 from Friday and 480 down from last Saturday.

The average for Tokyo over the past seven days stands at 400.7.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 131, down eight from Friday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 1,185, down 43 from Friday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases as of 6:30 p.m. was 2,674. Osaka had the most cases with 425, followed by Tokyo, Aichi (213), Saitama (212), Hyogo (206), Kanagawa (193), Chiba (150), Okinawa (115), Fukuoka (65), Hokkaido (63) and Kyoto (51).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 33.

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Another increase compared with (at least) yesterday and this on a weekend.

Wonder what the count will look like next week. Still hoping for better times to come .....

...... the sooner, the better!

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PCR tested for 9/21~23 was zero until today.

Now they have filled up the blanks.

Do the fax-machines stop working on holidays?

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Riding the Shinkansen back to Tokyo now and appears about half full. Very nice to travel again and enjoy onsen in Beppu. I can hear no one coughing or sneezing and maybe this is a genuine trough. Unfortunately the Shinkansen is not selling beer now.

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Unfortunately the Shinkansen is not selling beer now.

Hopefully from this week friday it will start again...

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All aboard the " cases in single digits just before the national election" express. It's all just an amazing timing coincidence.

In related news today " Tokyo feared to have countless assymptomatic cases, not enough testing .

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Is there any reason no information is available as to the number of sick people in Tokyo who are suffering at home? Why is this group constantly and consistently ignored day in and day out? People in hospital have an entire team of Healthcare Professionals scurrying about monitoring their condition. Meanwhile those left to languish at home are just...what exactly?

It amazes me that no one seems outraged by all of this. You'd think a government that was so inept as to facilitate a situation whereby hospitals are full and people are dying at home would garner mass condemnation and calls for resignation. Yet here we are weeks and weeks later and still crickets.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: The real victims throughout this whole COVID-19 pandemic have been select minorities of Japanese people. Specifically: anyone who works at a bar, bar owners, izakaya owners, restaurant owners, people working in tourism, people whose businesses depend on tourism, and the people who have gotten sick and been tossed aside to rot at home. The winners? Japan Inc. for its infallible "miracle" handling of the virus of course. But also the incompetent politicians and the tens of thousands of useless bureaucrats, all of whom have been in their cushy offices with full salaries and benefits this whole time, all patting each other on the back and saying how they're so important and doing such a good job.

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Is there any reason no information is available as to the number of sick people in Tokyo who are suffering at home?

Funny you should ask ...this just in today's headlines.

206 Covid patients died without proper treatment - not in hospitals

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There isn't a single person languishing at home. Where did you even hear such nonsense?

The fact is, 131 people out of a population of nearly 14,000,000 are very sick with Covid. Not from Covid but with Covid.

There is zero justification for this and they know it. This is no longer about public health and anyone who still thinks it is has lost the plot long ago.

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Is there any reason no information is available as to the number of sick people in Tokyo who are suffering at home? 

do you really need every single bit of data ?

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Is there any reason no information is available as to the number of sick people in Tokyo who are suffering at home? 

Ever hear of doing simple Google searches? I'm sure someone of your genius can type: tokyo covid and readily find your answer. Instead another long winded blathering about how bad The Man is. Smgdfh x200

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I just came to comment that it's good news it's going down.

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@nakanoguy21 brilliant! Couldn’t agree more.

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So like millions of people around the world get the vaccine and enjoy all the freedoms you want. Chances are you were vaccinated against all sorts of nasty diseases when you were a toddler and may not even be aware of it.

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Numbers keep going down including sever cases yet some still seem to believe we are in an apocalyptic situation. Get ready for normality whilst taking sensible precautions.

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Japan has done very well managing covid but many people are upset they can't drink until late to celebrate

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