Japan reports 38,057 new coronavirus cases


Japan on Monday reported 38,057 new coronavirus cases.

The Tokyo metropolitan government reported 4,069 new cases, down 4,008 from Sunday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 25, unchanged from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide number is 300, down 11 from Sunday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Kanagawa (2,942), Saitama (2,935), Osaka (2,328), Chiba (2,124), Aichi (1,844), Hokkaido (1,663), Hyogo (1,462) and Hiroshima (1,434).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 72.

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I wonder if the typhoon has anything to do with testing numbers

The numbers started going down before the typhoon materialized.

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Sounds like a lovely afternoon. In Namba at the moment and sadly my partners favourite coffee shop is closed, damn and blast!

Time for everyone to be positive, maintain a PMA, this ghastly wave is almost over and hopefully the next step is to help those living in fear needlessly. The ghastly wearing of mask fetish/cult would be the first thing I’d stop.

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What’s a PMA? I just popped out for a curry, a pint, a toasted sandwich, and a parfait, and I must have missed the definition!

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blvtzpkToday  05:21 pm JST

What’s a PMA? I just popped out for a curry, a pint, a toasted sandwich, and a parfait, and I must have missed the definition!

never heard of it myself, but at a guess: Positive Mental Attitude....

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Only 300 people with serious symptoms out of 126 million! Astonishing.

I'm curious what the figures are for other contagious diseases.

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Japan reports 38,057 new coronavirus cases

Huge numbers still.

And the positivity rate is one of the highest in the last year.

And, there is another wave on its way.

Trending upward still.

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Thank you for the words of wisdom Steve. I feel much better and safer hearing that today.

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Because the Tokyo number is way down, it's now time to use the national figure to maintain a 5-digit figure in order to solicit reactions out of fear. Great job!

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thnak you for your daily updates.

let me repeat it again.its over guys.its time to move on and live our everydays normal lives without your reports.

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