Tokyo reports 4,109 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 39,647


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Friday reported 4,109 new coronavirus cases, down 107 from Thursday and up 1,428 from last Friday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is seven, up one from Thursday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 156, down three from Thursday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 39,647. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (3,210), Hokkaido (3,034), Aichi (2,453), Okinawa (2,242), Fukuoka (2,198), Kanagawa (2,012), Hyogo (1,569), Saitama (1,566), Hiroshima (1,299), Chiba (1,109), Shizuoka (1,084), Kyoto (907), Okayama (722), Ibaraki (645), Kagoshima (633), Gifu (610), Kumamoto (582), Ishikawa (527), Fukushima (498), Miyagi (494), Miyazaki (492), Mie (432), Niigata (423), Nagano (413), Shiga (410), Yamaguchi (408), Nagasaki (394), Tochigi (391), Aomori (373), Gunma (360), Fukui (357), Oita (353), Kagawa (320), Wakayama (311), Saga (309), Nara (299), Iwate (292), Kochi (266), Yamagata (255), Toyama (235), Akita (233) and Ehime (212).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 36.

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W O W, Just W O W !!!

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This extremely alarming and totally becoming out of control! The government has failed us! Health should be No.1 priority! We are nothing without our health. Stay home, save lives!

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Japan now finds itself at a critical stage in this pandemic. Its failure to contain the virus compared with other developed nations, slow rate of vaccination, closed borders, and mismanagement by all level of government are reflected in these high numbers. All the public can do is continue to social distance, wear a mask, wash their hands thoroughly and stay home.

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Case-fatality ratio is now on par with the common flu, maybe a bit higher, maybe a bit lower, but on the same order of magnitude and dropping all the time. If you had no problems going about your normal life each winter without wearing a mask, then there’s not much reason to not do the same now. Many people will have had it without even realizing it anyway. Time to stop worrying about it and get on with life imo.

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Tamanegi curious, which other developed nations have contained the virus?

-13 ( +4 / -17 )

At least people are taking off their masks with the blessings of the Japanese government.

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2011-2020 … 18,643 deaths in Japan from influenza.

We’re about to get to 30,000 reported deaths from Covid in 2.5 years . While that number is amazingly low, it is dramatically higher than influenza. This isn’t just some flu or even remotely close to the flu. These are only fatalities. These numbers don’t reflect the long term negative health problems hundreds of thousands to millions of people will have in the future . In looking over the fact based data from Japan , it’s truly a shame the jgov was so slow rolling out the vaccines and having almost zero restrictions. The one positive thing that’s a direct result of the responsible majorities efforts to mitigate the spread of Covid is that the seasonal flu has been nearly nonexistent. These current daily numbers of new cases are still very alarming. If we could only get the anti everything as related to Covid minority to join the majority, we could get on the path to complete normalcy. But when Osaka leads the nation in deaths from Covid with a fraction of Tokyo’s population, you no longer need to wonder about the highly irresponsible behaviors of people there . The facts speak for themselves.

-19 ( +2 / -21 )

Tamanegi curious, which other developed nations have contained the virus?

Japan has been hopeless. Get over it

-11 ( +3 / -14 )

Tamanegi curious, which other developed nations have contained the virus?

I'm curious myself which developed nations are doing better than Japan right now

-9 ( +4 / -13 )

Fair enough, Steven, more deaths. But I mentioned case-fatality ratio - we've had a very large number of cases in a very short space of time, especially with the Omicron variant (I would suggest the real figure is maybe 5-10 times the actual number tested positive due to lack of testing). Way, way more people will have been infected with omicron than you would normally see infected with the flu at the peak of even a bad flu season, that's why we've seen a lot of people die of it in a short period, even though the case-fatality ratio is probably similar to flu. Now that a lot of people have had it, we'll see the rate of spread dropping, and also the number of fatalities decreasing (both have gone down a lot in the last few weeks). Obviously the earlier variants hitting a population with no immunity were much more dangerous with significantly higher case-fatality ratio than the flu. Long covid is still a concern, but I don't agree with you that getting everyone to lockdown and so on is going to be a path to normalcy in this respect - as soon as you lift those restrictions, the cases will go right back up again and we'll be right back to square one. Flattening the curve, was a legitimate strategy when we were trying to keep numbers down to prevent the healthcare services from being overwhelmed - it was never meant to reduce the number of cases overall, only to spread them out over a longer time period so that hospitals could cope - I that point was lost on most people. We are no longer in danger of hospitals being overwhelmed, unless the unlikely scenario of a more deadly variant emerges.

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Even the Japanese government realizes this thing is endemic. They are advising people to go out without masks and inviting foreign tourists to come in.

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Per govt situation report as of apr27,

Severity vis-a-vis seaonal flu hasn't changed


It has been suggested that infection with the Omicron variant presents a lower risk of hospitalization or aggravation than the Delta variant. However, analyses to date show that the fatality due to infection with the Omicron variant is higher than that due to seasonal influenza. Although limited data suggest that the incidence of pneumonia is higher than that of seasonal influenza, this needs to be investigated through various analyses. 


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