Tokyo reports 4,451 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 42,160


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Tuesday reported 4,451 new coronavirus cases, up 1,440 from Monday and up 1,904 from last Tuesday.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is nine, down one from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 158, down five from Monday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 42,160. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Osaka (4,240), Hokkaido (2,400), Okinawa (2,265), Fukuoka (2,251), Kanagawa (2,203), Hyogo (1,823), Saitama (1,474), Chiba (1,154), Shizuoka (1,027), Hiroshima (1,021), Kagoshima (961), Kyoto (835), Gifu (824), Kumamoto (795), Okayama (668), Miyagi (640), Ibaraki (573), Fukushima (509), Gunma (509), Oita (506), Nagasaki (505), Tochigi (475), Nagano (458), Shiga (452), Kagawa (437), Miyazaki (416), Mie (382), Aomori (379), Akita (372), Kochi (366), Yamaguchi (360), Saga (357), Ehime (321), Iwate (308), Wakayama (238), Ishikawa (235), Miyazaki (178), Toyama (178) and Yamagata (168).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths was 51.

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Yup, 1/10 the population, and nearly half as many reported as positive. Doctors will not put "young" people in hospitals, even when they have temps over 42C and are carried into the hospital with breathing difficulties, and get told... quote here "Young people dont need to be hospitalized"

All in the effort to keep hospitalization numbers down, as not to be "forced" into calling a state of emergency.

Now, nearly 175,000 reported positive, out of a population of 1.4 million.

People are literally numb to the numbers, as life goes on. (Just a matter of time!)

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Is something known about the subtypes? If it is BA.4 or .5 would explain the obvious increasing. But maybe a specific genome sequencing is of course already in planning but not set into practice before we all have moved to Musk’s Mars City several generations ahead from now. lol

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These numbers will almost certainly be just the tip of the iceberg. Since Omicron hit, you could probably add a zero to get closer to the true figures.

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OMG it's very alarming! I need to buy more toilet papers...

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Okinawa 2265. Is that a new high? GW residue? Hmmmm

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As a precaution, my wife and I just took our 2nd booster (4th shot) of vaccine . . . . What is Japan doing to get infection numbers down?

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I bought flight tickets for the family to visit Japan in September. Hopefully they still let in spouses of nationals at that point... without herd immunity, who knows where these numbers will fluctuate to down the road. It would seem they'll have wave after wave. At the end of the day, these numbers are quite low considering that Tokyo is the biggest city in the world. Still, when numbers go up or down by 50% on a fairly regular basis, it causes policy changes.

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Still, when numbers go up or down by 50% on a fairly regular basis, it causes policy changes.

Yup, this government gets spooked easily. Kishida saw what happened to his predecessor when he lost control of the situation for a few weeks in August. They'll be ultra cautious in opening up.

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Oh no only 9 people in hospital out of 14 million…the sky must be falling…..

open up…move on…wake up!

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JtsnoseToday  08:14 pm JST

As a precaution, my wife and I just took our 2nd booster (4th shot) of vaccine . . . . What is Japan doing to get infection numbers down?

hopefully not promoting 4th shots with a vaccine that was created using a no longer relevant variant….!!!

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Up again...

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These daily articles again?

Come on. Let it go.

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Several months ago my wife caught COVID from me and she had been fully jabbed as only most people in Japan are now.

Neither I nor my wife had severe symptoms (which were identi) and a mild temperature only lasted 4/5 hours.

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Ramp up testing once and for all …. 

Mass testing is now recognized as a massive waste of taxpayer money.

The UK wasted 45 billion USD on their mass testing program.

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Huge jump in numbers in Okinawa. And most importantly, the positivity rate is very high.

Japan is not going to let tourists flow in for a long time.

People need to wear masks when they go out to do their daily essentials. There is no need to eat at a restaurant or drink in a crowded bar; stay home, and dine and drink in.

Japan needs to adopt a zero covid policy like China; Australia and New Zealand adopted the same strategy and had great success at keeping infection rates low, but now those two countries have some of the highest rates in the world, while China's infection rates are the lowest in the world.

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There was a time; a window, where global prevention could have worked. We are well beyond that now.

Arguments over whose strategy is right, or should we follow science have been rendered mute due to international lack of consensus and co-operation.

I still wear a mask, my friend doesn't. My brother in law had Covid, and was fine. My Sister got it from him and has Kidney complications.

2+2=5 is where we are at.

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The story didn't say there was only 9 people in hospital. It said there was 9 people with severe symptoms. I'm sure there are many more in hospital. And you know for sure there are many at home with severe symptoms and many not as sick. Almost everyone I know has had or has covid. And the only two that ended up in hospital were the two that were unvaccinated. But I do have two friends that lost their parents to covid early on in the pandemic one was only 52 years old.

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But the vast majority of people with more severe symptoms of COVID are those over eighty and or with a comorbidity.

It’s all there in the external link but not commented on much for some reason.

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Insert the “Michael Jackson eating popcorn from The thriller video” gif meme here

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Rising infection rates are a good thing. As we are discovering, this is not going to end until nature runs it's course. Countries like Japan and China, brothers with strict controls are only delaying recovery and spreading out the inevitable misery over a longer period of time. Rip the bandage off and get it over with lest the toll taken in a multitude of other ways becomes far worse than Covid19. Maybe it already is.

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