Tokyo reports 4,562 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 33,205


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Monday reported 4,562 new coronavirus cases, down 3,464 from Sunday and up 178 from last Monday.

By age group, 885 cases were in their 20s, 828 in their 30s and 735 in their 40s, while 615 were aged between 10 and 19, and 776 younger than 10.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 28, one down from Sunday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 465, down 19 from Sunday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases was 33,205. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (3,781), Chiba (1,925), Fukuoka (1,663), Hokkaido (1,551), Osaka (1,449), Ibaraki (1,220), Aichi (1,198), Hiroshima (1,005), Hyogo (991), Okinawa (577), Kyoto (539), Niigata (509), Nagano (506), Shizuoka (492), Okayama (433), Kumamoto (421), Tochigi (415), Fukushima (395), Gifu (394), Saga (382), Kagoshima (378), Mie (364), Miyazaki (329), Miyagi (326), Oita (326), Nara (307), Aomori (281), Ishikawa (273), Iwate (227), Gunma (224), Fukui (197), Nagasaki (192), Shiga (189), Kagawa (173), Yamaguchi (161), Wakayama (160) and Ehime (150).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 34.

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Still high numbers for Okinawa. It is not over.

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Just a special thank you to the person who posted a news link last week in the comments that highlighted omicron having a far lower mortality than earlier strains.

Spring is here and it is great to be able to get out and enjoy life! Hopefully the tourism travel can restart soon too.

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Up and up and up. No freedom in sight. The future is bleak.

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Sadly the fear associated with case numbers continues to place Japan in the dark ages.

2 ( +12 / -10 )

What freedom are you talking about? There have been no meaningful checks on movement sine the start of the pandemic. Just half @sst plastic screens, a million rules, and refusal to acknowledge that this virus is basically aerosol transmitted. So the quasi stuff makes a small dent in the (inaccurate numbers), but as soon as we take our foot off the brakes, up it goes again.

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Precisely Crow ! All this whining about restrictions when we’ve never had any that matter . This calendar year (omicron) have been the deadliest 3.5 months during the entire pandemic. Case numbers stuck on a plateau. Some seem happy to point out the number of those with “severe symptoms” has steadily fallen. I don’t find any happiness in knowing that most of those that had severe symptoms died . It’s like Covid is on cruise control and the 20 % that are the anti everything as related to Covid minority just don’t get it . Complaining about getting on and I’ll ask again …. Precisely what are they talking about? What country are they referring to? It sure isn’t Japan. We’ve been mandate free …. Businesses have survived on corporate welfare…. Which is fine . Those that claim they closed or maybe it’s not the owners claiming they were forced to close …. They’ve all been propped up as well as the vendors who had supplied them. They still do get their monthly welfare payments. I’m in the majority in wishing we could get through this sooner than later but that stubborn minority just won’t join the party ….

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Steven - don’t get what? The SOE is over and mortality of Omicron is low, extremely low for the vaccinated. Most sensible people ARE moving forward.

Thanks by the way for the link last week. Brave of you.

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Nosui….. what link are you referring to? I live in the world of common sense. 27 months of pandemic. 28000 reported deaths. From 1-1-2022 to 4-30-2022 there were 8600 deaths in those 3 months out of 27. I understand that facts are stubborn things . Sensible? Moving on ? Sorry but I never sheltered in place. I haven’t missed a day of work due to Covid or a SOE. Sorry if you were on restriction and couldn’t get out. Now I feel sorry for you. Feel free to catch up to the rest of the majority. Thank you for doing your individual part to mitigate omicron. The deadliest variant of Covid in Japan so far.

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There have been zero lockdowns and zero draconian restrictions in Japan.

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It’s very nice to see people being so honest and level headed here. The irrational posts about government conspiracies to conceal numbers have gone.

Despite case numbers severe cases and deaths will nit go high at this time of year, Omicron don’t work like that.

Weneed to watch out however for a deadlier variant that may yet throw a spanned in the works.

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Steven McCarthy - this is the link you kindly posted last week providing evidence that omicron has a lower mortality than previous strains. Thank you again.

As far as restrictions, there have been several restrictions here both mandatory and “recommended” that have impacted people’s lives. Mask mandates in schools for children continue despite the evidence it is harmful and unnecessary.

The most egregious for me personally is the excessive travel bans and long quarantines. It has shattered the travel/tourism industry in Japan (and abroad) and more importantly kept friends and family apart robbing people of what little time we all have to live our lives as we wish.

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mortality of Omicron is low, extremely low for the vaccinated. 

Omicron has killed and killing more people here than other variants.

In other words mortality is high.

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Restrictions? I won’t say it was egregious for me …. But it sure was depressing…. My mother passed away in July :( natural causes. I and my family knew it was coming on for a while. I couldn’t go to my moms funeral…. Not because of quarantine restrictions specific to Japan. They understood my situation and was only going to require 3 days with a negative PCR test result on that 3rd day. My Japanese employer was also going to allow me the time needed. Until I discovered that I would have a 7 day quarantine upon entry to California… plus 3 days quarantine prior to exit and a negative PCR test result to board a flight. So yes… I clearly understand issues with border controls.

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