Japan reports 36,189 coronavirus cases


Japan reported 36,189 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, up 19,381 from Monday.

Tokyo reported 5,302 new coronavirus cases, up 2,530 from Monday and up 2,788 from last Tuesday. It was the first time since April 28 that the number has topped 5,000.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is seven, up one from Monday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 60, down two from Monday.

Other prefectures reporting high numbers were Osaka (4,523), Aichi (2,481), Okinawa (2,266), Kanagawa (1,939), Fukuoka (1,864), Hyogo (1,595), Kumamoto (1,589), Chiba (1,327), Saitama (1,089), Kagoshima (791), Shimane (a record high 755), Kyoto (679), Shizuoka (678), Saga (592), Ehime (a record high 582), Gifu (565), Hokkaido (561), Nagasaki (542), Oita (504), Miyagi (442), Shiga (363), Hiroshima (359), Gunma (319), Yamaguchi (306), Aomori (305), Mie (302), Miyazaki (285), Wakayama (279), Nagano (267), Tochigi (236), Okayama (231), Kochi (223), Tottori (204), Niigata (191), Toyama (184), Ibaraki (181), Kagawa (178), Fukushima (178) and Yamanashi (171).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 20.

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Soaring like an eagle!

0 ( +13 / -13 )

People who couldn't use KDDI stopped staring at their phones and started interacting with each other, leading to the spread. Never talk to a human again, ever.

14 ( +26 / -12 )

Here we go again with another round of hysteria.

15 ( +33 / -18 )

Still half of the daily average from two months ago but defijitrly moving in the wrong direction. Not liking that upswing. Let's hope cases round off and start to fall again soon.

Wouldn't be very surprised if jgov decided to drop all tourism border requirements in the next weeks regardless, as some other countries did when cases were still climbing.

2 ( +12 / -10 )

Once the election is over , no one wants to disrupt that. Japan should go back to lockdown, close the restaurants and bars etc as this is proven to protect the country from COVID . Meanwhile Quarantine should be reintroduced at the borders for foreigners as clearly the current measures don’t work and somehow omicron 4 and 5 have gotten in to the country and are taking hold. Maybe no tourists should ever be allowed even on north Korean style packages. Probably the 1000 or so of those who came in on those tours are responsible for the new wave

-31 ( +6 / -37 )

HUGE JUMP in numbers.

Okinawa is especially troubling.

The next wave is coming soon, and will hit all of Japan extremely hard.

Mask on, stay in!

-33 ( +9 / -42 )

These figures are nothing compared with say the UK, and! Japanese tourists are allowed to come to the UK and take COVID back home with them!!

8 ( +19 / -11 )

@anon9999 but what you're saying? 300 people entered and they certainly weren't in Tokyo. Maybe it is you Japanese tourists who go out, come to our Europe without restrictions and when you return to your xenophobic country you spread the virus. You are doomed to fail ..

9 ( +15 / -6 )

Soar high to the skies above! And it won't change the fact that life has already moved on to most of us.

-1 ( +13 / -14 )

Australia has 36000 cases NEW per Day.

Approaching 10,000 deaths overall {not daily }

We are the "new freedom country "who dont wear masks .

We are strong individuals who reject the mandates of Govt.

We are losers apparently

-7 ( +12 / -19 )

Numbers should be going down because of the elections

5 ( +9 / -4 )

I am back in the office. My train home tonight will likely be packed. Last night I was standing next to a young guy with a deep dry cough every few seconds. I have to suck it up and take coronavirus on the chin again.

0 ( +9 / -9 )

@Reckless Hopefully, the guy with a deep dry cough just has asthma.

5 ( +10 / -5 )

60 hospitalizations in Japan down two and 7 in Tokyo, which is one up from last week. Oh no, the sky is falling. So, basically all the uptick in cases are asymptomatic or minor symptoms. Not sure what all the hysteria is for.

8 ( +18 / -10 )

The resurgence is a global, prevailing phenomenon. In many other countries people don't care about which omicron type. No mask.

6 ( +14 / -8 )

Elvis is hereToday  05:40 pm JST

Yes I will go for beers this afternoon and then hit the hostess pubs later thanks for the advice

You enjoy yourself, you butch, macho, red-blooded stallion!!!!!!!!

Beautiful! Worth a second play.

-11 ( +6 / -17 )

The newer Omicron variants b4 and b5 evade the vaccines AND antibodies from past infections. The vaccine makers are scrambling to produce targeted vaccines against the new variants to combat them. Those who though this was over were premature. Hospital admissions are again on the rise with those in a serious condition, and deaths are likewise again on the rise.

The simple precautions of mask wearing in public, disinfecting and social distancing can help reduce the numbers and takes little effort.

-6 ( +9 / -15 )

Japan still can't accept the fact that the corona virus is not going to stop and keep reporting the figures, the only developed country to do that.

2 ( +9 / -7 )


60 hospitalizations in Japan down two and 7 in Tokyo, which is one up from last week. Oh no, the sky is falling. So, basically all the uptick in cases are asymptomatic or minor symptoms.

Well, yes and no....

There is a two week delay between cases and "serious cases". So we have to wait a while to see how much those numbers go up. Hopefully not so much as to cause panic in our dear leaders.

3 ( +7 / -4 )

Japan still can't accept the fact that the corona virus is not going to stop and keep reporting the figures, the only developed country to do that.

Lol really?

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

The only numbers that really matter are deaths, serious cases, and % hospital beds taken up. These are, and will very likely remain, very low and very manageable.

I hope authorities don’t start to illogically move the goal posts just to be seen to be doing something.

5 ( +9 / -4 )

On the plus side, you didn’t buy your new flamingo mask for nothing. You’ll soon be able to wear it again.. Cool!

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Over it .

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

I don’t understand these numbers lately. The anti everything clan as related to Covid declared Covid dead and gone just a week ago .And how is it even possible that there’s a single patient with severe symptoms? After all , the highly irresponsible minority have also been preaching that omicron is so mild …. Some minor flu …. A head cold …. The sniffles…. “Nothing to worry about.” Just the facts as they pertain to Japan…. Omicron is and has been the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan to date. That cannot be honestly denied or spun …. So don’t even try …. Instead…. Educate yourselves ! The Actual number hospitalizations are drastically higher as well ….

Hospitalizations 172,146

Change from previous day +7,424

And history tells us these numbers are only going up …. Hot weather has driven people inside …. Which in combination with the anti mitigation cultists are the drivers of this surge ….. The election has nothing to do with the dramatic increase in new cases …. If anything, the jgov would want much lower numbers …. Common sense. I also don’t think it’s the foreign tourists…. It’s the domestic foreign naysayers that are the biggest problem …. Spreading patently false information daily …. Downplaying Covid as nothing …. Devaluing deaths as acceptable or inevitable…. Falsely claiming that new deaths are from other causes but the patient just happened to test positive for Covid ….. time for the jgov to enact all these restrictions people whine about that we’ve never had.

-9 ( +8 / -17 )

J-Gov is gonna get start getting twitchy, and when J-Gov gets twitchy planned summer holidays get ruined really quickly.

3 ( +7 / -4 )

Just throwing numbers up here daily does little to inform the public. Right now we need to know more about which variants are in Japan, why such large number of the population haven't had a third vaccination and why RATs(rapid antigen self-tests) are not more freely and cheaply.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

As long as the casualties do remain very low, close to zero, it does not make a difference to have 10000 or 100000. As for other countries, we dot not see any death rate increase for the time being.

4 ( +8 / -4 )

Japan reported 36,189 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, up 19,381 from Monday.

Super high positivity rate, so just imagine what the real numbers are.

Time to lock down the borders at the least.

-13 ( +5 / -18 )


Yes! Thank you! I totally agree with you.

I give you credit, however, for speaking your mind and telling it exactly how it is.

-7 ( +0 / -7 )

May be a good idea to take precautions like wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, avoid closed spaces with poor ventilation, avoid close contact . . . to get the numbers of infected further down . . . .

5 ( +9 / -4 )

Elvis is hereToday  08:29 pm JST

Yeah, let's make stuff up!!!

I know--bothers me too Japan underreports.

-7 ( +5 / -12 )

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