Tokyo reports 534 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,632


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Saturday reported 534 new coronavirus cases, down 28 from Friday.

The average for Tokyo over the past seven days stands at 476.

People in their 20s (159 cases), their 30s (98) and 40s (77) accounted for the highest numbers.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 37, down one from Friday, health officials said. The nationwide figure is 577, down 13 from Friday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases as of 6:30 p.m. was 1,632. After Tokyo, the prefectures with the most cases were Kanagawa (231), Chiba (108), Saitama (96), Osaka (88), Okinawa (74), Aichi (46), Fukuoka (40), Tochigi (37), Shizuoka (36) and Hyogo (34).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 29.

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The 12th 467 cases

The 18th 388 cases

Today 534

That is 67 more than 2 weeks ago and 146 more than last week.

Infection rate of over 6% consistently.

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Good for city of Osaka, they're down to double digits!

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While I agree with you that increased vaccinations is the a key to bringing about an end to the pandemic (and appreciate your optimism), your analysis of the facts seems spotty at best. Hospitalizations and deaths are a lagging indicator and would therefore not be rising in tandem with cases. And Looking at UK hospitalization data, it appears they are already beginning to increase from the recent lows. But this is most likely contributed to the delta variant circulating among the large unvaccinated population. That is concern many people on this board have for Japan. But I am encouraged by the increased vaccination rate.

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Confirmation that the number of cases are being grossly undercounted in Japan will be the rapid increase of Delta and. Delta + variants. How will these variants spread without a large reservoir of virus in the population? Since there is no contact tracing and testing is cursory, we won’t really know, but we can extrapolate by connecting the dots.

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@Antiquesaving Infection rate of over 6% consistently.

Infection rate can only be known if massive random testing was present in Japan. Because they only test the symptomatic, this 6% cannot be called the infection rate.

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The Olympic bound by emotion for the people of Tohoku and the new light of the world post Covid19 can be safety.

LOL...good one.

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The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo is 37, down one from Friday, health officials said. 

Increase by one today decrease by two tomorrow that has been the pattern the whole year with the serious cases. It didn't change with the England variant, we are seeing no change to this pattern with the delta variant. Osaka experienced large spikes with the England variant, okay maybe Osaka people are different from Tokyo people. Plus one today minus two tomorrow it reduces gradually without people taking note. How can the same virus behave differently inside the same country. Tokyo numbers in particular have always defied logic and common sense and it boggles the mind how the vast majority of the people even the so called experts don't see it.

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Soon to increase during the Olympics.

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Whatever goes up must come down the J gov't said...

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Tokyo down since yesterday 28. OK.


Tokyo total cases from last week the 13th to the 19th total 2644

This week 20th to 26th total 3332

Total cases up from last week 688

Total number of people in hospital from yesterday 1385 total in hospital today 1427 and increase of 42

Total increase in those hospitalised in Tokyo up 141 from last week.

So all in all and increase of cases and hospitalisation across the board !

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Probably had it. Asymptomatic, probably. Otherwise I am a miracle in what is the Covid-19 cesspool of Japan.

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This Tokyo Reports .... Headline will be interesting after 1 month.

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Whatever goes up must come down the J gov't said...

Actually, that should be “Whatever goes up must end with the so-called worthless obligatory bow.”

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Sorry last post should obviously say decreases not increases.

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The problem with thinking so much about cases is the fact that most people infected with Covid have very little effects. In my home nation the UK, there is an obsession with cases and controlling them and the movement of the population. It hasn’t worked out very well, as the huge death toll shows despite the lockdowns. What we do see however is the recent huge rise of cases in the UK and when we compare to similar case numbers before vaccines we see severe cases and deaths are drastically reduced.

Lower deaths in Japan are due to many reasons including low obesity rates, low social contacts and a few others. Obesity and Covid is the main killer for non seniors in countries with a high obesity rate.

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8.39pm poster

Severe cases and deaths falling in Tokyo and nationwide. This is happening worldwide as vaccines reduce the symptoms. One good example is the UK, cases grew considerably recently yet severe cases and deaths are a much smaller percent than previously. The evidence shows that Covid is being defeated worldwide and as the amount of vaccinated people increases the threat of serious symptoms to the elderly and the obese are drastically reduced.

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Wish some could tell the difference between cases, severe cases and deaths. It would make discussions much easier. Anyway it’s all under control and life will be normal soon.

Life has been nearly normal for us all the whole time unlike many countries and for that we should be thankful. I’m not trying to put a positive spin on my posts just a realistic view from a rational person who is out and about on a daily basis.

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Good work Tokyo. These numbers seem to have plateaued. The Olympic bound by emotion for the people of Tohoku and the new light of the world post Covid19 can be safety.

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