Tokyo reports 537 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,245


The Tokyo metropolitan government on Wednesday reported 537 new coronavirus cases, up 284 from Tuesday and 515 down from last Wednesday.

The average for Tokyo over the past seven days stands at 590.3.

People in their 20s (136 cases) and their 30s (104) accounted for the highest numbers, while 86 cases were aged under 20.

The number of infected people hospitalized with severe symptoms in Tokyo was 146, down six from Tuesday, health officials said. The nationwide figure was 1,383, down 46 from Tuesday.

Nationwide, the number of reported cases as of 6:30 p.m. was 3,245. Osaka had the most cases with 591, followed by Tokyo, Hyogo (267), Aichi (270), Saitama (192), Kanagawa (173), Okinawa (162), Chiba (140), Fukuoka (96), Kyoto (61), Hokkaido (57), Nara (57), Shizuoka (57) and Gifu (54).

The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 54.

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Comments would probably increase as well today also

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Numbers slightly higher after the long weekend, but the overall trend remains good. Just under 70m people in Japan fully vaccinated now, so expect cases to continue their falling trend.

No doubt I'll get some downvotes from JT's resident conspiracy theorists.

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Nah - You get an upvote from me @Akula.

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hopefully these numbers will now low enough for the government to do the right thing and end all restrictions on October 1st. I’m sure most will still wear masks and take precautions anyway and with high vaccine take up things are looking good.

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I am happy to embrace and trust these numbers if they include the number of tested. Until that time, I remain very skeptical based on NHK news where they show doctors making house calls well past midnight to homes of COVID patients homes because there are no hospital beds.

My school was closed due to a high school student having COVID-19, today.

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PCR tested in Tokyo Sept. 20th: 2,588 people.

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Time for some positivity, getting back to normal and stop being afraid, it causes stress which weakens the immune system.

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ffsn@7pm. We’ve touched on this before. Some people’s personal hardships have been more difficult than single people’s due to Covid, including separation from immediate family & children. Somethings just can’t be solved by a “pep talk”.

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PCR tested in Tokyo Sept. 20th: 2,588 people.

That is a 25% infection rate! Therefore, if they were testing around 25,000 a day like during the Olympics, that would be around 6,000 infections for one day. Those are similar numbers to a month ago. That is not a decrease at all but an increase.

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Everyone has been hit hard, some harder than others. Doubt Ashley has as much as myself running my own business, I don’t have a salary to fall back and rely on. Positivity helped me get out of that hole, it’s always a good thing and it’s a mindset and way of life open to anyone.

We have witnessed people posting here lose the plot and come out with bizarre theories because of a negative mindset. It makes you fear the worse possible outcome which is unlikely to occur, always be prepared for anything don’t let it take over your life and induce panic and fear.

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I really wish I was naive enough to believe these numbers, but with the low number of tests being done in the city these reports become almost almost useless.

Hopefully COVID is getting under control, but if this is true its more in spite of the government and not thanks to it.

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The number of coronavirus-related deaths reported nationwide was 54.

Still high but graph continuous to point generally downwards

Effective reproduction number at .63

Let's see what the cooler weather brings

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Way to go Japan!

Soon you'll get to zero cases, just like your neighbor North Korea.

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Try to get it down to zero . . .

コロナワクチン ナビ

For Those Seeking Vaccination Sites in Japan,

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People in Tokyo are packed together all the time and yet the number is near zero.

Here's a clue.

If you look in the cdc website you'll find that in k12 classrooms the students aren't considered close contact when a classmate tests positive for sarscov2 if everyone is wearing masks properly

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